Saturday, July 30, 2016

Malaysia Serabut Angkara Mahafiraun

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Artikel ini aku publish tahun lepas.
Bacalah sampai habis tentang penyakit Malaysia ini.

Puncanya Mahafiraun.
Dgn menendang 2 timbalannya , Musa itam dan Anwar serta sorang lagi tokoh berkaliber iaitu Tengku Razaleigh,
yg tinggal hanyalah balaci-balaci Pak Angguk yg tak akan cukup dedak.
Mahafiraun telah mengakibatkan Malaysia ketandusan pemimpin..

Yg Malaysia dapat selepas Mahafiraun ialah kepimpinan telur kerandut di pulas.
Sorang di pulas menantu, sorang di pulas anak badak.

Malaysia’s mess is Mahathir-made

29 July 2015
Author: Dan Slater, University of Chicago

At least embattled Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak is right about one thing. The current mess in Malaysian politics is the making of his greatest nemesis, Mahathir Mohamad, who led the Southeast Asian nation with an iron fist from 1981–2003. What Najib fails to fathom is that Mahathir has not produced this mess by criticising his leadership, but by paving Najib’s path to power in the fashion he did during his decades in office. Mahathir may believe that he can end the crisis by bringing Najib down. But history should judge Mahathir himself as the author of a long national decline that has culminated in this latest crisis.

To be sure, Najib’s fingerprints are all over the current mess. The proximate source of the crisis has been the collapse of Najib’s pet sovereign-investment company, 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB). This has caused Malaysia’s stock market and currency, the ringgit, to plummet in turn. All this has transpired amid credible allegations that the prime minister siphoned an eye-popping US$700 million into his personal bank account.

But this road toward ruin commenced with Mahathir, not Najib. It is vital to realise that Mahathir rose to power in blessed circumstances. Malaysia’s economy had been growing healthily for decades, thanks to the prudent economic management of a highly capable bureaucracy. Governance and tax collection were effective, and debts were few. Natural resource wealth, including oil, was professionally stewarded. A decade of muscular redistribution to the country’s ethnic Malay majority had restored social stability after the race riots of 1969. Incoming foreign investment was copious and about to mushroom even further. Mahathir commanded one of the most cohesive ruling parties (the United Malays National Organization, or UMNO) and coalitions (the Barisan Nasional, or BN) in the world. The regime was authoritarian, but not intensely repressive or disliked in comparative terms. In short, Mahathir was holding a winning hand when he became prime minister in 1981.

Then came the debt. Obsessed with following in the footsteps of Asia’s technological leaders, Mahathir began borrowing heavily to fund his ‘Look East’, state-led heavy-industrialisation program. Privatisation was part of his growth package, but the beneficiaries were businessmen of loyalty more than talent. When the global economy went into recession in the mid-1980s, patronage started drying up. UMNO split, largely in reaction to Mahathir’s strong-armed style of rule. Mahathir’s two most talented rivals, Tengku Razaleigh and Musa Hitam, bolted from UMNO despite their deep personal ties to the party, mostly to get away from Mahathir himself. Mahathir responded by launching a police operation under the pretext of racial tensions, imprisoning and intimidating political rivals, and cementing his autocratic control.

Hence by the late 1980s, all of the defining features of Malaysia’s current crisis under Najib’s leadership were already evident under Mahathir. The regime was increasingly repressive. The office of prime minister was becoming a haven of autocracy. Ethnic tensions had been reopened to political manipulation. The economy was worrisomely indebted. UMNO was shedding some of its most capable leaders. This was the beginning of Malaysia’s sad national decline, under Mahathir’s watch and at his own hand.

Fast-forward a decade and all of these syndromes would recur in even nastier forms. The Asian Financial Crisis of 1997–98 punished Malaysia for the unsustainable dollar-denominated debts it had accumulated under Mahathir’s single-minded push for breakneck growth. Mahathir blamed everybody but himself for the crash. He sacked and imprisoned his popular and gifted deputy, Anwar Ibrahim, largely for his temerity in suggesting that Malaysia needed deeper reforms to regain economic health.

Mahathir didn’t pull Malaysia out of its crisis with economic reform or adjustment, but with more and more borrowing and spending. This was possible because Malaysia was still sitting on the fiscal reserves it had been amassing for half a century, since the British colonial period. Mahathir grandiosely claimed that his imposition of capital controls had saved the economy. But capital flight had basically run its course by the time controls were implemented. Mahathir imposed them to facilitate political repression as much as economic recovery. The spectre of anti-Chinese riots in neighbouring Indonesia was then callously manipulated to keep ethnic Chinese voters in the BN fold in the 1999 elections.

Hence even before the turn of the millennium, Malaysia was hurtling down the very trajectory of decline we are witnessing in the current crisis. Like Mahathir, Najib assumed autocratic control over the economy and embarked on reckless borrowing and investment schemes, especially 1MDB. Like Mahathir, Najib unleashed a torrent of repression under antiquated security laws to protect his own position amid rising criticism from civil society and from within UMNO. Like Mahathir, Najib has recklessly played the ethnic and religious card as his position has weakened. And in consummate Mahathir style, Najib has now even sacked his deputy, Muyhiddin Yassin, for questioning Najib’s repression of the media in response to the 1MDB scandal. In sum, Mahathir has nobody to blame more than himself as he watches Najib drive Malaysia even further into the ground.

Neither Najib nor any of his current plausible replacements appear capable of reversing Malaysia’s decades-long decline. Herein lies perhaps Mahathir’s worst legacy of all. By forcing the three most capable politicians beside himself out of UMNO during their prime, Mahathir ensured that only relative lightweights would command leading positions in Malaysia’s most powerful political institution. If Malaysia is to exit this crisis on a path to restored health rather than steeper decline, the political and economic reforms first demanded in the reformasi movement of the late 1990s will finally need to put in place: either by a new generation of leadership within UMNO, or by Malaysia’s repressed but resilient political opposition.

Dan Slater is associate professor in political science at the University of Chicago.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Dari Jerman Singgah Ke Krabi

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Kalau Najb & the gang bersuka ria di Hollwood, lebai2 pula berjala-jalan sambil berkerja di Krabi,
para walaon boleh gigit jari.
Kah kah kah kah !

Wala'on & Candunya

Dol, dgn rasa rendah diri & tawadduk, marilah kita bersangka baik.
mereka itu ke Krabi dgn menggunakan duit poket sendiri.
Pergi pun cuma nak bas lompat-lompat balik hari..kah kah kah !
Makan minum di blanja Datuk Bandar Krabi.

Nak buat meeting di Pantai Irama, Bachok, kadang2 air pun tak ada.
Nak buat di Gua Musang, cuaca makin panas, hutan banyak gondol.
Kalau buat di Lojing, sejuk sgt la bro... berlaga-laga la lutut & ketar dagu EXCO-EXCO kita.
Brrrrr... brrrrr..kah kah kah !
Lagi pun Loji ng dekat sangat, apa barang! kah kah kah !
Tak usik  pakai duit ke rajaan negeri pun.
Duit kerajaan negeri nak digunakan utk menolong mangsa banjir yg belum ada rumah & makan pun tak menentu.

Dol, lu cakap senang.
Kalau mereka tak ke Krabi, tak kan nak prgi Temerloh kot?
Patin Temerloh gemok2, tak best, banyak air.
Kah kah kah kah !

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

4 Tempat Ketum Tak Boleh Tumbuh

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Kalau FELCRA pun nak tanam, silakan.
Kalau FELDA yg dah rasa2 nak bengkrap tu pun nak tanam ketum, silakan.

Cuma, ada beberapa tempat yg ketum tak boleh ditanam.

1. Pasir Mas
2. Kuala Nerus .
3. Temerloh
4. Marang.

Kalau nak tanam jugak kat Marang, kena buat hospital sekali.

Senang ambik ubat.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Sapa Dah Pergi Beraya Dgn Haron Din?

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Ketua turus panglima briged merah-merah taik ayam telah beri amaran.
Cakap betol2 la. Syawal ka syahwat?
Tahun depan pun ada jugak Syawal.
Tiap-tiap tahun ada Syawal. Tiap-tiap hari ada syahwat.
Kah kah kah!

Serupa lah dgn boss dia yg nak menyaman WSJ hari Selasa.
Dah berapa ribu hari Selasa?
Kah kah kah!!!

Perbuatan ini namanya 'Eskimo Pissing'.
Kencing deraih kampung sebelah boleh dengar.
Serupa orang Eskimo kalau kencing keluar air batu.
Berdentum-dentam dia punya riuh.
Kah kah kah!!!

Sempena kita masih bersyawal ini, sapa dah beraya dgn Haron Din?
Bagi tau kat dia, kuasa asing dah campur tangan hal negara kita, suara Mursyidul Am perlu utk rakyat jelata.
Kuasa asing dah menyebok bab 1MDB.
Kah kah kah!!

Satu lagi jangan lupa, Mursyidul Am kata PAS nak bungkus tikar bantal dari Selangor.
Kata nak buat lepas raya.
Kah kah kah!!!

Haron Din ni kat mana?
Jangan lama sangat beraya di alam ghaib.


Saturday, July 23, 2016

Madu Tualang Jelajah Dunia

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Tu la Dol,
dari dulu dah aku bagi tau.  Tapi lu tak mau percaya.

Dari dahulu lagi aku membawa berita gembira bahawa tiada madu yg berupaya menjungkit Levi's, Dockers atau Gajah Duduk lu sebagaimana Madu Tualang.

Sekarang apa macam? Orang putih sendiri mengakui power tak power Madu Tualang Malaysia.

Kalau teringin, klik gambar botol di sebelah kanan tu  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(artikel ini dicedok dari Freemalaysiatoday)

Msia’s highly-beneficial Tualang honey featured on Fox News

Researcher of natural remedies Chris Kilham talks about the "risky business" of harvesting the honey and how the potent potion cures a string of ailments.

PETALING JAYA: The numerous health benefits of Malaysia’s rare and highly prized Tualang honey was featured on Fox News yesterday with researcher Chris Kilham detailing the arduous task of harvesting the honey from deep within the country’s rainforests.

Kilham, who researches natural remedies and teaches ethnobotany at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, spoke highly of Tualang honey, named after the tree from which the bee hives hang.

According to Kilham, Tualang honey is known to fight inflammation, stabilise blood sugar levels as well as heal infected wounds and respiratory problems.

“It (Tualang honey) shows anti-tumour activity. It shows profound anti-inflammatory activity. In terms of skin, the wound-healing properties seem to be as good as Manuka Honey, which is a New Zealand honey which has always been kind of a medical standard,” said Kilham.

One teaspoonful of the “power-packed, protective” Tualang honey in a little water will effectively deliver health benefits to the body, it has been claimed.

Tualang honey is expensive compared to others but only because the harvesting process is somewhat nightmarish. Honey hunters usually scale some 76 metres up the Tualang tree, sometime even higher, to gain access to the one hundred or so bee hives hanging from its many branches. Incidentally the Tualang tree is so tall, it often shoots up head and shoulders above others in the rainforest and can be spotted from far off.

Asian honey bees known as Apis dorsata, the world’s largest, work these hives and the hunters, according to Kilham, “get the hell stung out of them…” in the course of smoking out the bees and gathering some, not all, of the honey the bees have painstakingly collected.

The gathered honeycombs are then passed down by rope to assistants on the ground who place these in buckets to be carted back home. It is believed up to 450kg of honey can be obtained from a fully laden Tualang tree when rainforest flowers are in full bloom from the months of May to Sept.

Tualang honey can be purchased online as it is not readily available in stores.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

1MDB Berada Di Tumpat, Kelantan Sekarang.

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Gambor ini aku dapat setelah aku Google 'wan em di bi'.
Kah kah kah kah!!!

Tak sangka pulak ada orang yg bernama Wan Emdibi.
Kah kah kah kah!!

Nasib baik Tumpat ini di Kelantan, kalau Tumpat di Marang, kompom ramai lebai-lebai nak bagi komen.
Kah kah kah kah!!!

Sebenarnya, lebai2 tu menggigil-gigil nak bersuara tentang 1MDB. Bukan mereka tak pandai, mereka pandai. Cuma tak sepandai Rafizi la. 
Kah kah kah!!!

Lebai2 tu takut kalau menyuarakan pandangan, restu tak dapat, sakit badan bisa-bisa macam makan sotong berlebih-lebih la. 
Kah kah kah!

Dah la restu tak dapat, disuruh pulak U-turn. Selepas U-turn, nasib tak baik kena sapu balik ayaq lioq.
Kah kah kah!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Makin Pening Mat Maslan

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Sesaknya jalanraya kita bukan sebab jalan kontot.
Bukan sebab kereta banyak.
Bukan sebab teksi cabuk.
Bukan sebab bas buruk dah nak roboh, selalu mampus enjin.

Jalan kita sesak sebab jaringan laluan keretapi masih macam Zimbabwe.
Cuma kapalterbang shj yg OK sebab Najib dah beli baru 2, 3 bijik.
Kah kah kah!!!

Habah kau lah yg berjambol RM40-00 sejam.
Ayam Siam pakai kasut pun tak sampai RM25-00 sejam.

Makin luruh rambut Mat Maslan tak tau nak bagi sapa trofi Bangang Perigi Buta tahun ni.
Kah kah kah!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Beza Celah Thai Dengan Celah Jerman

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Kalau dah bodoh,
main-main je depan Pos Opis K Nerus,
jgn di pos bodoh tu ke Temerloh.
Kah kah kah!!

Dol, kalau lu pergi wall PJ PAS Ganu ni skrg, gambor airpot Thai tu dah tak ada.
Gambor airpot Thai dah di delete nya.
Kah kah kah!!

Lebai ni sebetulnya, tak kenal mana satu airpot Thai, mana satu airpot Jerman.
Mudah2an satu ari, dia akan kenal pulak mana satu rupa celah Thai, mana satu rupa celah Jerman.

Tak payah pergi Temerloh pun
Kah kah kah!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Jin Tanah Pun Dah Ada Dalam PAS

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Cuba tanya walaon, berapa ekar kau dapat?
Sudah la walaon, usahkan kacang tanah ,
cacing tanah pun kau tak dapat.


Wala'on & Candunya

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Kalau Tak Jem, Bukan Rayalah!

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Kami membantah sekeras-kerasnya pembinaan lebuhraya yg akan menyingkatkan masa perjalanan ke Pantai Timur.

Kah kah kah kah!!!!

Tiap-tiap tahun, dimusim perayaan, tak pernah perjalanan aku ke rumah mak mertua di Kelantan mengambil masa bawah 8 jam.

Paling teruk kami kena, 14 jam tersengguk-sengguk.


kau bayangkan 14 jam duduk dalam kereta, nak terberak terkencing termuntah semua ada. Lu bujang tak apa la. 

Memang thrill. Kah kah kah!

Dah berpuluh tahun orang Kelantan ke niaya macam ni. Apa ada hal. Dah kematu pun. Alah bisa tegal biasa.

Seasoned travellers ke Kelantan memang suka jem. Tak jem tak ada feel nak raya. Kah kah kah!!!

Di sini Libang Libu ingin mengucapkan selamat hari raya kepada semua pelawat blog & istimewa buat pelawat dari Pantai Timur, "padan muka kita kena jem".

Kah kah kah kah!!

No. 2, 5 tahun.
No. 3, 1 tahun.
No. 1, 7 tahun.