Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Jangan Lupa Telefon Pengerosee Tabong Hajee

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Dia ingat English Premier League itu macam FAM? 
Boleh kuntau-kuntau. Boleh gosok-gosok. Kah kah kah

Dia ingat QPR itu MAS? 
Boleh buat tunggang langgang, buat rugi berbilion-bilion tiap, tak ada sapa ambik pot.

Telefon la Pengerooosee Tabong Hajeee yg baru. Cuba check balik salasilah. Entah2 moyang dulu naik sama tongkang ke Penang.

Telefon jgn tak telefon. Ajak Tabong Hajeee melabur dalam QPR dan buat tunggang-langgang.

Sepupu-sepapat yg sudah berjaya di dunia korporat

RECORD-BREAKING fine on the cards for Tony Fernandes’ QPRUNDER the new Financial Fair Play rules, Queens Park Rangers (QPR), who is owned by Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, is on course to be hit by a record-breaking fine for overspending on dozens of players in a failed battle to stay in the Premier League.
The Daily Mail reported that QPR could be fined more than £60 million (RM310 million), the biggest in British football history.
Ironically, it will be imposed because of the amount of money QPR is losing — believed to be a huge £80 million for last season — and will compound their financial troubles.
Sources familiar with QPR’s financial situation have disclosed that the club will post losses for 2012-13 of about £80 million.