Saturday, August 3, 2013

An Indoor Ramadhan

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This Ramadhan, I could ventured outside my home only during the first week. I jogged and I brisked-walked in the evening. Also as usual, I visited the Ramadhan bazaar nearby. The smell, the sight and the cacophony was gladly and unmistakably Ramadhan. The sun shone brightly although sadly it didn't last long.

The following days until this article was written, were cloudy and to make matters worse, hazy. I could not stand the haze. On several occasion before, haze really affected my small kids. There were runny noses for days on end.

As a result of being indoor, I rarely enjoy the hunger and the thirst Ramadhan usually dishes out to us.

If anything to describe this Ramadhan, I'll dub it as a very indoor Ramadhan.

But on the hindsight, we spent less and we wasted less. Being indoor, we were not tempted by the many colourful displayed kuih-muih at the Ramadhan bazaar. We were spared from buying the unneedfuls. Even the ever present murtabak for breakfast did not make it presence this time around. Sugarcane drinks too.

We prepared for our own food in this Ramadhan. But to tell truth, till today we still haven't finish the 5kg pack of rice. We cooked what we what to eat not cooked what we want to see.

As a result, we wasted less. Leftovers were very few. Not many were going to the dustbin.  Even though an indoor Ramadhan is less happening but it doesn't blow a hole in our pocket.

Maybe the haze is a blessing in disguise? Yes to some but no to many.

For as long as the government keep on bowing to the demands of the palm oil producers, I believe a cloudy and hazy Aidilfitri is not that far away. That would be the worst, an indoor Aidilfitri!

Haze is bad for our health and everybody knows that. It is just that it doesn't comes with blood, tears, scream and loud noise, people tend to tolerate it. Now it has became a yearly affair and soon they will make it monthly. Because we seem to be coping up with it very well. And so they think they can shove what-ever-what-not down our throat. To hell with the policy makers, to hell with the palm oil plantation owners and to hell with politician who has vested interest in those bloody plantation! Hope you people get burn up well too!

If not because of the haze, like many fathers I would be bringing my kids outside too. Anyway, we will be heading to our kampung soon and I hope things will be different.

I long for the sounds of the chirping birds in the morning and the green of the kebun getah that greets me when I open the door and walk outside the humble dwelling which belongs to my parents.

Happy Aidilfitri my dear readers, wherever you may be.