Friday, January 4, 2013

Deepak Main Taik Lagi. Lari! Lari!

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Kah kah kah!


Terbaru dari Asia Sentinel, Deepak-tauke-karpet buat hal lagi. Seketul seketul dia bagi. Macam-macam dia kata.

Dia sebut tanah.
Belikan barang kemas.
Dia terbitkan buku.
Altantuya. Balasubramaniam.
Raja Ropiaah. Awan Megah.

Macam-macam dia sebut. Seketul seketul keluar.

Deepak sekali lagi melambungkan bergumpal-gumpal taik ke kipas siling. Taik dah kena kipas siling. Taik dah merata-rata. Habis satu rumah kena taik. Semua kena taik.

Tapi yg syoknya, semua diam. Semua bagaikan redha.

Senyap. Tak ada sekor pun hunus keris. Kurang-kurang sinsing lah lengan, pun dah ok.... Kahkahkah!

Muslims are trying to take over the world one baby at a time

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Swedish politician calls for curbs on Muslim birth rate

STOCKHOLM, Jan 3: An outspoken local Sweden Democrat politician who previously argued “negro” is not a racist term, has generated headlines again by calling for a law to cap the fertility rate of Muslims around the world.

Annika Rydh, municipal party secretary in Älmhult, southern Sweden, blogs about her work and often links to Islam-critical articles.

Recently, she linked to a film entitled "Muslim Demographics" that claims Muslims are trying to take over the world one baby at a time.

"It's a global problem," Rydh wrote on her blog, according to anti-fascism magazine Expo.

"We can't tackle this locally. The international community needs to act by having some kind of restriction, like the one-child policy in China."

Yet, BBC News has previously revealed that the film she posted on her blog refers to incorrect birth rate statistics.

The anti-immigration party's spokesperson, Martin Kinnunen, said Rydh's comments do not represent any official party line on how many children women should have.

He declined to comment on his colleague's decision to link to the film.

"I don't comment on rumours," Kinnunen told Expo.

Rydh has found herself under fire before. In 2011, she faced flack for saying that the word "negro" was simply descriptive rather than a derogatory term.

"It shouldn't be an insult to be called a negro. There is the red race, the yellow race, and then there's me, who is of the white race," Rydh told the regional SmÄlandsposten newspaper.

"A negro is a negro. There is nothing demeaning with that."

The blog also links to articles on other sites with headlines such as "If it doesn't suit you, go home", which complains about asylum seekers' concerns about conditions at asylum centres in Sweden.

Another link entitled "The mollycoddling is so tiresome" argues that authorities spend too much money on underage asylum seekers who come to Sweden without a parent or a guardian.

In March 2012, Rydh attacked Metro columnist Lisa Magnusson and accused her of heaping blame on rape victims when foreign-born men commit rape.

"Yet again it's the victim's fault!" exclaims Rydh.

Yet Magnusson's column does not discuss any role of the victim, but instead argues that war-damaged migrants should receive psychological support in order to prevent potential crime.

Following the publication of Expo's article, Rydh removed the post from her blog.

"Not being able to promote thinking about an existing problem is very strange to me, but because so many saw it as offensive, I decided to remove it," Rydh wrote.

Rio Ferdinand Recalls Time Eight Hooded Men Turned Up At His House

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As with most old duffers, Rio Ferdinand now spends most of his days in a cardigan, gathering the kids around the fireplace, doling out the Werthers Originals and telling tall tales of his salad days: about the time he accidentally invented Pritt-Stick while interned in a Japanese POW camp, about the time he beat Hitler in a bare-knuckle boxing match on a visit to Peckham, about the first time he saw a pineapple in England and about the time a gang of eight hooded men turned up outside his house in the dead of night demanding that he sign a new Manchester United contract.

*Sigh* Those were days.

Yep. Rio has revealed that – like Wayne Rooney a few years back – he was confronted by a masked gang calling themselves ‘The United Boys’ (how macho!) outside his house eight years ago when rumours began surfacing that he was stalling on his contract negotiations and about to move to Chelsea after being photographed in a London restaurant with Blues’ chief exec Peter Kenyon.

Rio himself told Four Four Two magazine:

[I was asked to come to the front door but could not see anyone on the security monitors] so I go to the side door and grab a big bit of wood, jump on the side of the wall and I’m just about to scream ‘raaaah!’ when I see there’s a massive group of people, with hoodies and caps covering their faces.

“I just thought, ‘I’m going to get served up in a moment, so go bananas and they’ll think you’re a nutter!’

“Then one of them said, ‘We’re the United boys, fucking sign your contract,’ and I was like, ‘What you talking about? I’ve only just started negotiating two months ago, what you worrying about?”

“Basically I went to see my agent for half an hour and Kenyon was with him. Someone’s taken a picture and made out like we’re having a bloody meal together. So I’m saying to these guys, ‘If I’m going to do a deal with another club, do you think I’d be doing it in broad daylight?’

“One of the neighbours had called the police by then and they got off when they heard the sirens.”

Intimidation seems to be the way that United’s lunatic supporters fringe conduct their business.

Back in 2010, a 30-strong mob reportedly made up of members of the United’s notorious ‘Men In Black’ firm descended on Wayne Rooney’s mansion in Prestbury with a banner reading ‘Sign For City And You’re Dead’ when the striker was wobbling over signing a new deal at Old Trafford.

Child support claim rankles sperm donor to lesbian couple

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KANSAS CITY, Kansas (Reuters) - A Kansas man who donated sperm to a lesbian couple so they could have a child said on Wednesday he is shocked the state is now trying to make him pay child support.

William Marotta, 46, donated sperm to Jennifer Schreiner and Angela Bauer under a written agreement that he would not be considered the father of the child nor liable for child support. A daughter, now 3, was born to Schreiner.

But in October, the state of Kansas filed a petition seeking to have Marotta declared the father of the child and financially responsible for her after the couple encountered money difficulties.

Marotta will ask the court in a hearing January 8 to dismiss the claim, which centers on a state law that the sperm must be donated through a licensed physician in order for the father to be free of any later financial obligations. Marotta gave a container of semen to the couple, who found him on Craigslist, instead of donating through a doctor or clinic.

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