Monday, July 16, 2012

Share the wealth son!

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Mario Balotelli's mum gets job as £6-an-hour office cleaner to make ends meet 

Manchester City star's mum Rose polishing desks and living on the estate from Shameless while he polishes his medals and enjoys his £120k-a-week wages. 

The mum of multi-­millionaire footballer Mario Balotelli has a new job to make ends meet... working as a ­CLEANER at an office block. And while the ­Manchester City and Italy star drives to work in his £120,000 Bentley Continental GT, skint Rose ­Barwuah’s more modest mode of transport is the Number 11 bus. 

 She is scraping a living doing evening shifts as a Mrs Mop at the ­offices of a car lease company for close to the £6-an-hour minimum wage. On Thursday Rose flashed her pass to the bus driver as she made her way for her evening’s work at the block of ­offices on the outskirts of Cheadle, Greater Manchester. Before heading into work, she made a short stop-off at budget supermarket Aldi on her way to Lex Autolease. 

 She later traipsed back to the stop before getting on the Stagecoach bus back to Cheadle village. Rose, 46, who gave Mario up for ­adoption when he was two, moved to the ­Manchester area last ­Christmas to be close to the £120,000-a-week striker. She lives on an estate in ­Wythenshawe, which was used to film Shameless, the Channel 4 comedy about families living on the dole in council houses.

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