Sunday, February 19, 2012


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Pembangkang sanggup sokong Israel!, kata Madey al Mamakkutty (sini, di Malaysiakini).

Baiklah, sebelum kita membaca artikel di Malaysiakini itu, apa kata kita baca dahulu warkah berahi mintak sedekah Madey kepada Ehud Barak. Mintak dana. Madey mintak dana dari Israel kerana nak menang berlawan dgn PAS.

Kehadapan saudara yg diingati selalu Encik Ehud Barak,

Terlebih dahulu izinkan saya mewakili parti UMNO, Barisan Nasional, Kerajaan Malaysia dan seluruh rakyat Malaysia mengucapkan berkalung-kalung tahniah diatas perlantikan saudara sebagai Perdana Menteri Israel yg baru. Maafkan kami atas kelewatan mengucapkan selamat maju jaya dalam apa juga bom yg saudara nak letupkan.

Saudaraku yg dikasihi, tidak berapa lama lagi saya akan ke PBB bersama balaci saya Hamid Balaci. Sukacita kiranya dapat Hamid Balaci ini ditemukan dgn David Levis supaya perkara mencari dana untuk pilihanraya kami yg akan datang dapat dibincangkan. Kami percaya dgn watak kejam lagi tidak berperi-kemanusiaan saudara itu pastinya membolehkan kami menjadi peminta sedekah dan meminta-minta dari Dana Clinton. Saudara harus fahama kami sedang berlawan dgn PAS dan kami tak mau kalah. Kalah tak masyuuuuuuuk la!

Saudaraku yg dikasihi, perlu diingat kami dgn bangangnya telah menandatangani perjanjian dgn US yg mana membolehkan mereka menggunakan kem-kem tentera kami bila-bila masa dan berapa lama. Buatlah macam mak bapak depa punya. Tapi US kena la bantu kami dari segi kewangan dalam nak berlawan dgn PAS ini. Harap saudara dapat meng'kabel'kan perkara ini kpd Madeleine Albright yg juga sesuku Yahudi Laknatullah seperti saudara.

Saudaraku yg dikasihi, besarlah harapan saya sekira dimasa-masa akan datang ada usaha untuk mewujudkan hubungan diplomatik KL-Tel Aviv. Pun begitu, saya kena dulu buli, beli dan kelentong kaw-kaw ahli parlimen Malaysia dan rakyat Malaysia supaya depa tak mengamuk sakan. Dalam hal ini saya juga amat menghargai langkah-langkah yg telah diambil Jabatan Negara US.

Saya mewakili parti UMNO mengakhiri warkah ini dgn ribuan terima kasih.

Yg benar,
Madey al MamakKutty

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~Libang Libu~

Welcome Modric!

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Modric keen on Man United switch

Luka Modric has turned his back on Chelsea – and will head to Manchester United if he moves this summer.

The £40 million-rated Croatian midfield star is believed to have told pals he’s glad he didn’t quit Tottenham for Chelsea last summer especially after watching the turbulence and instability at Stamford Bridge under new boss Andre Villas-Boas.

Chelsea made two bids for Modric last summer which were both turned down by Spurs chairman Daniel Levy who insisted Modric stayed.


Zlatan Ibrahimovic Whispers Sweet Nothings In Thierry Henry’s Ear

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What’s French for ‘want to cuddle up and watch Miss Congeniality later’?”

Either that or Ibra didn’t say a word, he just lightly nibbled Henry’s earlobe.


Keano: Captains Like Bruce And Cantona Didn’t Have An Ego

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Roy Keane, who won more trophies with United than any other captain, has talked about the importance of captains. Looking back to the likes of Pearce, Bruce and Robson, Keane was impressed with how little ego they had about their role and instead their focus on setting a good example to their team mates.

7 Health Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

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1. Sleep problems: Amy Korn-Reavis, respiratory therapist and sleep technologist, cautions you should not ignore sleep-related issues. "I have been working in this field for a long time. I believe one of the things people do not talk to their physicians about is their sleep problems," she says. "If a person has heart issues, diabetes, or high blood pressure and they have issues sleeping, snoring, or high levels of fatigue, they should talk to their physician about it."

If you don't know where to begin and are suffering from the conditions mentioned, Korn-Reavis suggests using an Epworth sleepiness scale or a Berlin questionnaire and discussing the results with your doctor.

2. Vaginal discharge: Alyssa Phillips, physician assistant and bone marrow transplant survivor, knows firsthand what an abnormal vaginal discharge can tell you. "I didn't ignore or delay seeking medical attention when I began having a watery vaginal discharge that I thought was just a routine bacterial infection," she says. "Turns out, it was a really rare and aggressive type of cervical cancer called Large Cell Cervical Neuroendocrine Cancer." She was in Stage IV at the time of her first symptom and seeking medical care immediately saved her life.

3. Constipation: Almost everyone is constipated these days. Did you know each of us should be having one to three bowel movements a day to be at our best? "When we go several days without [going number two], it could indicate a blockage, tumor, or prolapse in the colon," says Dr. Kathy Gruver, author of The Alternative Medicine Cabinet. "This should be checked out by a physician."

4. Headaches: Although we're all familiar with the occasional headache, it can sometimes also indicate a serious problem like a brain tumor or meningitis, says Dr. Gruver. If your headache is accompanied by a fever, stiff neck, or vomiting or lasts an unusually long time (more than a few days), it should be investigated, she says.

Other symptoms that require medical attention: A severe headache that comes on suddenly; a headache accompanied by slurred speech, vision problems, trouble moving your arms and legs, loss of balance, confusion, or memory loss; a headache that gets worse over a 24-hour period; a headache that occurs with a head injury.

5. Tooth and facial pain: Dr. Gruver has had several clients who have had facial pain and were misdiagnosed. "They went from dentist to dentist to find out they ultimately had shingles in the facial nerve," she says. "Because it wasn't treated quickly, it led to painful and permanent neuropathy in the face. It could have also lead to blindness."

6. Diarrhea: It's gross-no one wants to talk about it, but you should if you're experiencing diarrhea for longer than a few days. This could indicate a serious problem, like a parasite, Crohn's disease, cancer, pancreas or gall bladder problems, and more. Dr. Gruver points out that simply taking anti-diarrheal medicine is not the solution.

7. Acid reflux: One in four people in the U.S. suffer from acid reflux, but just because it's so common doesn't mean you should ignore it, says Dr. Carson Liu, board-certified surgeon. "Acid reflux can cause heartburn, dental erosion, and asthma-like symptoms when stomach contents are aspirated into the lungs," he says. Plus, it can lead to esophageal cancer.

"Popping a few pills doesn't seem like a big deal, so the quick fix is the go-to for the vast majority of people suffering from the condition," he says. This quick fix is only masking the condition. Acid reflux is a progressive disease and becomes wore as the anti-reflux valve in our esophagus deteriorates. Talk to your doctor about the best treatment for you.