Thursday, February 9, 2012


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Artikel ini bagus, tapi dalam Bahasa Inggeris.
Kalau nak terjemah ke Bahasa Melayu pergi ke (sini)

Malaysia's Anti-Opposition Bloggers

Does Kuala Lumpur have a home-grown version of China’s ’50-centers?’

Is Malaysia getting its own version of China’s so-called 50-centers, the legions of Chinese bloggers who monitor websites and reply to criticism of the government for money?

Ahiruddin Attan, the Kuala Lumpur-based pro-government blogger who writes under the name “Rocky’s Bru” says last September he pulled together friends to set up what he calls a small news portal called The Mole with the idea “to give certain balance to the reports of Malaysiakini, Malaysian Insider, Malaysia Today.”

In Ahiruddin’s view, “there are too many anti-establishment, anti-government sites in Malaysia.”

The Malaysian Insider reported last year that the government had provided US$10 million for the project. Other reports circulating in Malaysian political circles say the bloggers have been provided with US$10 million by the United Malaysia National Organization, the country’s biggest political party, and another US$10 million from the Malaysian billionaire Syed Mokhtar al Bukhary to follow the proliferating anti-establishment news organizations that are thronging Malaysia and state the government’s viewpoint.

But, Ahiruddin said in a telephone interview: “That US$10 million is totally crap. There is no truth at all in it. We are really small.” A former editor of a variety of UMNO publications including the Business Times, The Malay Mail and The Sunday Mail, he says he derives his current income from his continuing directorship at the Mail, a Kuala Lumpur-based daily tabloid. To reports that he had bought a Harley-Davidson motorcycle with his new-found wealth, he snorted. The Harley, he said, is 12 years old.

Despite Ahiruddin’s denials, other sources insist that at least 10 to 15 people are involved in the effort, with government support.

Because all of Malaysia’s mainstream media, including newspapers and television, are owned by its ruling political parties the country has generated perhaps the most vociferous opposition Internet news portals in the region, with some, including Malaysiakini and the Malaysian Insider, providing professional coverage of the government.

Although government officials grit their teeth over what the news portals publish, they have adhered to a pledge made by former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad to leave the Internet censorship-free. Mahathir made the pledge in 1995 to promote the international development of his multi-media Super Corridor, which was designed to attract high-tech industry across the globe. In 1998, the government allowed Malaysiakini to begin operations.

The result, along with the proliferation of news sites, most of them anti-government, has been an explosion of readers who gather their news from the Internet. According to Freedom House, a whopping 55 percent of Malaysians had access to the Internet in 2011. And, the NGO said: “In the watershed elections of March 2008, the ruling National Front coalition lost its two-thirds majority for the first time since 1969. In addition, opposition parties won control of five of the country’s 13 states, including those with relatively high Internet penetration rates…Together with the growing popularity of independent online news outlets, the use of the Internet for political mobilization was widely perceived as contributing to the opposition’s electoral gains.”

“Any blog that is registered, we will pick up their story automatically, we only pick up some stories to follow up, to do follow-through,” Ahiruddin said. “Talk about a blog war room is totally crap.”

The so-called “50-cent party” arose in China in 2005 when Nanjing University officials hired students to search bulletin boards for undesirable information and counter it with comments friendly to the Communist Party. The price for each entry was said to be half a yuan (0.8 US cents) although varying prices have been paid by different Chinese organizations.

The result has been a deluge of comments, not only on Chinese bulletin boards but almost any Internet publication across the globe that contains stories about China. Any even-mildly negative story about China on the pages of Asia Sentinel is certain to generate swift and angry replies charging a pro-US bias, calling attention to the once-dominant history of western colonizers in China and decrying US interference in international affairs.

Burial for OIC

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Dr Muzaffar Iqbal,
08 February 2012

This is an urgent notice to all concerned to immediately arrange for the burial of the body called Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), along with its six subsidiary organs, five specialized institutions and organs, and four standing committees. The urgency comes from the fact the stench from this dead body has now become unbearable.

OIC, called “O I See!” by the insiders, has been rotting for quite some time, but it is the Arab Spring which has really brought out its foul smell. This is perhaps because of all the fresh blood of hopeful youth that has been spilled in lands which have not seen an iota of hope for at least three generations, and where even now, tanks, planes, and murderous armies are killing scores of their own people whose only sin is that they want to live in dignity.

Whatever the cause may have been, the urgent need to bury OIC also stems from several other reasons: it was an organization created to diffuse the first real Muslim awakening in the post-colonial era. It was conceived by the self-serving and often self-appointed kings and potentates of the Muslim world at the very beginning of the resurgence of Islamic consciousness in the Muslim mind and it was formally established as Organization of Islamic Conference in Rabat on September 25, 1969. Rabat, let us recall, was then the hub of the most extreme Jewish influence and the immediate cause of its establishment was the criminal arson of al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem.

The next year, it was decided to establish a permanent secretariat in Jeddah. Over the last forty years, the organization grew from its 25 founding members to its present membership of 57 states, all but five of which are autocratic states run by overlords.

In 2005, OIC made a desperate attempt to survive and its third extraordinary session of the Islamic Summit, held in Makkah in December 2005, laid down a “blue print”, really blue with the onslaught of death, but called the “Ten-Year Program of Action”, which envisaged “joint action of Member States, promotion of tolerance and moderation, modernization, extensive reforms in all spheres of activities including science and technology, education, trade enhancement, and emphasizes good governance and promotion of human rights in the Muslim world, especially with regard to rights of children, women and elderly and the family values enshrined by Islam.”

Name for a change?

This attempt remained unsuccessful, but on June 28, 2011, when its body was already in death convulsions, it made another attempt: it tried to resurrect itself by changing its name to “Organisation of Islamic Cooperation”. This, however, proved to be futile and it died in violent agony. Since then, its body has been waiting a burial. Can someone please hurry up and dig a grave.

The decaying body has become so nauseating that one does not even have time and patience to write an obituary. But something should be said, lest it takes revenge and sends back the potentates who established it into the world in the form of ghosts. This is not merely a joke: the ghost of that terrible man called Hafez al-Assad is already wrecking havoc in Homs.

According to the last reports (as of February 7, 2012), Syrian military assault on Homs has maimed and massacred hundreds of people, following the defeat of a UN Security Council resolution, because of dual veto by China and Russia, the United States has shut its embassy in Damascus and Belgium and Britain recalled their ambassadors.

The current massacre in Homs is nowhere close to the Hama massacre of February 1982, when the Syrian army, under the orders of the Hafez al-Assad, conducted a scorched earth operation against the town of Hama under the direct supervision of Assad’s younger brother, Rifaat al-Assad, who now lives in London in luxury. Then at least 20,000 people and as many as 40,000 Syrians were brutally murdered by the father of the current ruler.

One must also remember the Black September Massacre in Jordan, “the single deadliest act by any Arab government against its own people in the modern Middle East”, and countless “lesser” massacres which continue to happen throughout the Muslim world. One must also remember that OIC never uttered a word against these massacres as it has never uttered a single word about the current round of massacres in Yemen, Libya, Egypt, and Syria.

Over the span of its existence, OIC witnessed various ups and downs; it had many storms in many cups of tea. Its potentate members, who represented no one but themselves, used to come together in grand gatherings to bolster their egos. In one of the sessions, Gaddafi is said to have blown smoke of his cigar on the Amir of Qatar, and finally he paid the price for it. But many escaped justice in this world, although nothing can save them from the justice of the Most Just.

Its most unforgivable crime is that it successfully diffused the Islamic fervor of two generations and sucked up all hopes of a pan-Islamic future. It destroyed hope throughout the Muslim world when that hope was still in its nascent state. It blew out the candle when light had just started to flicker after a long night of colonial rule.

The body of this deadly Organization, even in its new incarnation, does not deserve anything, but just so that one can at least protect future generations from its stench, it must be buried along with all of its parts including the sitting and standing committees, one of which is in Islamabad.


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"Tak sama, lain. Berapa kali I nak ulang, mentekedarah duit AP,
 tak sama dengan merembat duit lembu" (disini)

Ayat ini kita dah agak akan keluar dari dinosour ini. Ayat ini kalau dibawak ke kampung orang asli Temoh boleh la.. kah kah kah kah!!!

Ayat ini lahir akibat menanggung derita kena tendang dari Wanita UMNO oleh Shahrezat dulu.

Pompuan ini mana boleh kalah, kalau boleh dia nak mengetuai Wanita UMNO sampai mati dan remote kontrol dari dalam lubang kubur.

AP ka lembu ka, sama la. Dua-dua mengapur dan merembat.

Jangan lupa, dengar lagu Ahmad Jais - burung tiong, ingatlah Rapidah Aziz.

"Anak tiong, tiong juga
Manakan sama anak kedidi"

"Anak tiong, tiong juga
Mana nak sama anak-anak Madey Kuti"

"Anak tiong, tiong juga"
"Mana nak sama anak menantu Rapidah Aziz"

"Tepok-tepoklah tangan mari menari
Duit kita anak beranak dah berlori-lori"

Kahkahkah!!! Sebelum kata ponggong Madey itam, sebelum kata ponggong Shahrezat itam,
check dulu lah ponggong sendiri!

~Libang Libu~

Saya sayaaaaaaang sgt
kat anak menantu..........

Micro pig grows into monster pig

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Trusting Janey Byrne thought she'd bought a trendy micro pig — then watched her balloon into this 108kg monster.

Janey, 43, forked out £350 for porker Meeka after the breeder who sold her said she'd never get bigger than a springer spaniel.

But three years later the hulking beast weighs the same as a rugby forward and is 5ft long and 2½ft high.

She also costs around £200 a month to feed and scoffs at least ten bags of apples and carrots a week.

Janey said: "Every time friends visited they were taken aback by Meeka's size and asked if I was sure she was a micro pig. At this point, I still believed she was — just one with a weight problem."

Knee-height micro pigs are fully grown at two years and weigh 2st — a vet revealed Meeka was in fact a Vietnamese pot belly. The Leicester-based breeder who sold her is refusing to answer Janey's calls.

But despite everything, the receptionist, of Laughteron, Lincs, is refusing to get rid of her giant pet.

She said: "At first, her size was a bit of a shock and my husband Dave thought she'd eat us out of house and home. But I knew he'd come round because it's impossible not to love her.

"When Dave gets back from work he loves snuggling up on the sofa with Meeka and watching TV.

"We both like to lie next to her and cuddle her. At first I was disappointed she wasn't a micro — now I wouldn't change her for the world."