Tuesday, January 3, 2012

SAYUR Pun Dirembat

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Betul ke our country has gone to the dogs?

Habis macamana?

1. Harapkan tukang jaga hal ehwal agama, 
tukang jaga hal ehwal agama kantoi mencelup tangannya kedalam tabung zakat. Celup dalam-dalam. Ambik bukan sikit. Sikit atau banyak bukan persoalan. Itu wang zakat.

2. Dulu guru-guru dihormati. Sekarang, "nak kena beluti??"
Siswa UPSI bertangan kosong, sedaplah dibeluti, disepak terajang. Moga-moga kena laknat dan sempitlah lubang kubur makhluk-makhluk berseragam itu.

3. "Yaaaaag, jom kita bela lembu. Nak tak yaaaag?"  kahkahkah..."Lepas tu kita pegi melancong, kita beli Mercedes, kita beli kondo, kita bukak restoran kat Spore".... "Guna la nama you dan anak-anak, nak tak yaaaaaang?" kah kahkah kah!!!! 

Mampuih kita. Mampuih!!!! kah kah kah kah!!!

Usahkan juta-juta, pagi tadi sayur yg aku beli di NSK bernilai tak sampai RM12.00, aku tinggalkan sekejap dalam raga motor sementara aku pekena kopi O, pun kena rembat! Sayur pun kena rembat? Berak warna orenlah si perembat, sebab ada banyak karot dalam beg plastik tu. Kah kah kah!!! 

Indeed our country has gone to the dogs.

Kalau Shahrezat gembala lembu, and she lets her cows out.
Madey al Mamakkutty ini gembala apa?

MARADONA. Hand of God, Nose of Coke, Belly of Pot, Hair of Mullet.

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There’s only one Diego Maradona and if this clip doesn’t serve to make your hangover worse, we’ll give you your money back. Novak Djokovic loked impressed anyway…

Maradona plays tennis by greekgoalsellas


The last Jew in Afghanistan

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By Zan Azlee
January 02, 2012

JAN 2 — (Last week, I received news from my friend and fixer, Ahmad Bilal Raghbat, that his father, Abdul Baqi Raghbat, an adviser to the Afghan Ministry of Tribal and Border Affairs, was assassinated by the Taliban in his hometown of Kandahar. May God bless his soul.)

I had heard rumours that there was a Jew, apparently the last Jew in Afghanistan, living in Kabul when I was planning my trip there. I knew that I had to make sure I meet this person. Pursuing the story about the last Jew wasn’t meant to be a scoop since it’s been reported before.

But what I was really interested in was to just meet him and listen to his story first hand and to shake his hand myself. So, when I finally arrived in Kabul, and all the 9/11 anniversary hype had died down, I told my fixer, Ahmad Bilal Raghbat, that I wanted to look for Zebolon Simantov.

We walked around Flower Street where Simantov was reportedly living and started asking the people there if they knew of such a person. After a few false alarms, we finally found a restaurant owner who just pointed to a flight of stairs at the back.

We walked up one floor and marched through a narrow and dusty corridor. We arrived at a pastel-coloured wooden door. I knocked. A slightly overweight, middle-aged Caucasian-looking man opened the door. I asked him if he knew Zebolon Simantov.

“Yes, that’s me,” he said in Pashto, which was translated to me by Bilal.