Saturday, October 22, 2011

Top EPL Cheats

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There have been and currently are many players who have been branded ‘cheats’ in the Premier League, some deservedly more than others. There are those cheats who seem to get away with it most of the time and those who are singled out and vilified by opposition fans.

So what constitutes cheating in football? In my opinion the title of ‘cheat’ should go to those players who dive, deliberately aim to get an opposing player sent off, deliberately set out to injure a fellow player or feign injury.

So bearing that in mind here and in no particular order are my Top 5 Premier League cheats, past and present:

Robert Pires (former Arsenal and Aston Villa midfielder) – The hugely talented Frenchman used to wow the crowd at the old Highbury with some wonderful skills and a countless number of goals. But Pires created a reputation for himself as a diver and there were many examples of this that he would not too proud to watch back today.

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Shit Lookalikes

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Andy Schurrle & Freddie Mercury