Sunday, October 16, 2011

10 Most Impressive EPL Players thus Far

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No. 10. Gabriel Agbonlahor, Aston Villa: Looked completely washed-up last season due to the prominence of Villa’s Bent/Downing/Young attacking triumvirate. Restored to the side after seeing his competition flogged over the summer, Gabby has already scored more in seven games this season (4) than he managed during the whole of the last campaign (3). The rest are here...

The Circus That Is TEVEZ and the Good News He Is Coming To Malaysia

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In the words of Didier Drogba, "you are a f@#!$&g disgrace!"

Tevez is a good player. Hardworking and he risks his balls on the pitch. Small wonder he is the favourite to the stands. Be it at the Old Trafford or Maine Road.

But recent development has created a furore in the footballing fraternity. Some people in England are baying for his blood.

Scholes knows better, been there done that. He has sympathy for Tevez and he knows how it feels to be given  a turn-around by the gaffer. Tevez was City's top scorer last season, but why is he warming the bench these days? He is a world class footballer and every world class footballer wants to play no matter how many tons of money they have. Was Mancini trying to get back to Tevez for handing a transfer request previously?

Tevez has been gagged from speaking to the press, fined two weeks' wages and the possibility of being banished to train with the reserves like Robbie Savage opines. That will punish him to the core.

Neil Warnock wants him out of England. That's it, Tevez wins. Ha ha ha. And he can play in Malaysia!!

And he can see majestically built but empty stadiums purposely constructed to pay hefty electricity bills. He can get his arse sore laughing knowing a stadium roof collapsed months after completion. And he can enjoy playing in the rain because our pitch will be like a 'sawah padi' due to poor drainage.

Worse, he will scratch his head knowing that football here is governed by people who got nothing to do at all with football. People who are better rest in the armchair at home scratching their scrotum! Ha ha ha!!

~Libang Libu~

Top 10 Football Superstitions

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10) Gary Lineker
The jug-eared former penalty box predator and BBC TV's face of the World Cup never, ever struck a ball towards goal during the pre-match warm-up, fearing it would 'use up all his good shots'.

9) John Terry
The Chelsea captain has revealed that he has “about 50” superstitions, which include listening to the same Usher CD, using the same urinal at Stamford Bridge and taking the same seat on the Chelsea team bus. He also claims to have used the same shinpads throughout his career before he misplaced them after a Champions League tie with Barcelona in 2005. "Those shin-pads had got me to where I was in the game,” Terry revealed.

8) Roy Hodgson
Baggies boss Hodgson claims that during a winning run he would wear the same clothes, right down to his socks and underpants. Woy's stint at Liverpool turned out to be one of the most expensive of his career as he was forced to get a new suit for virtually every game.

7) David James
As befits a goalkeeper, England's current No.1 has a couple of odd pre-match 'must dos'. Bristol City's resident artist and philosopher has admitted to not speaking to anyone before kick-off. as well as waiting for the urinals to empty of players before he enters and spits on the wall. Classy.

6) Bobby Moore
England's 1966 World Cup winning skipper would never put his shorts on until the rest of the team had done so. His fellow West Ham and Three Lions colleague Martin Peters caught onto Moore's unique superstition and would wait for him to put on his shorts... before then dropping his own. Moore responded by removing his shorts once again and waiting patiently for Peters to pull his up. Footballers, eh? Such larks...

5) Malvin Kamara
Former Huddersfield striker Kamara recently conceded that in an attempt to maintain his goalscoring form, he would watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory to “get him in the right mood.” After netting a less than impressive three goals in 45 appearances, the player was released and now plays his football for non-league AFC Guiseley. Maybe give James and the Giant Peach a try Malvin?

4) Romeo Anconetani
Former Pisa president Romeo Anconetani, renowned for his eccentric ways, had an unusual pre-match superstition. Before every one of his side’s games the Italian would throw salt onto the pitch. And the bigger the game, the more salt he would throw. In one particularly important match against local rivals Cesena, Anconetani distributed a staggering 26kg of salt on the pitch. Maybe the Wembley groundsman should try it?

3) Neil Warnock
During a winning run, the QPR gaffer will stop his car at every set of traffic lights on his way home. Even if they are green. You'd be thrilled if you were following him home, wouldn't you?

2) Sergio Goycochea
Former Argentinian goalkeeper Goycochea will be best remembered for how he dealt with the dreaded penalty shoot-out. The South American stopper would urinate on the pitch to calm himself before the commencement of the spot-kicks. He said: “If you have any natural urges, you have to go on the field. I was very subtle and nobody complained.”

1) Carlos Bilardo - The Nuttest!
If you thought Argentina legend Diego Maradona was bonkers, then how about this from one of his predecessors as coach of the national team. Bilardo guided the Albiceleste to World Cup glory in 1986 in remarkable fashion. He banned his players from eating chicken, believing it brought bad luck, carried a statue of the Virgin Mary to every match and insisted that newlywed brides were the key to success. And they were among the more normal of his superstitions...

During the group stages in Mexico, the Argentinian bus broke down on their way to a match - resulting in the team having to take taxis to the game. The Argentinians duly won, resulting in Bilardo making a direct correlation between the mode of transport and the victory. And that meant the team continued to flag down taxis before each game for the rest of the tournament.

But Bilardo's bonkers beliefs didn't end when he left international management. During his time as coach of Estudiantes La Plata in 2003, a Brazilian woman wished him good luck ahead of a crucial game. After winning the match 4-1, Bilardo then instructed club officials to track down the woman before each game, and he would call her in order to secure any luck that might be going spare.

Minted Pea: CHICHARITO Agrees New Deal

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Dicedok dari:

Manchester United have handed Javier Hernandez a new five-year contract worth a reported £80,000 a week.

The young Mexican striker had been linked with Real Madrid after a sensational debut season at Old Trafford, which saw him score 20 goals.

However, the man dubbed Chicharito has now agreed the new deal which moves him into the higher rank of earners at the champions, and commits his long-term future to United.

Luis "La F**king Pistolero" SUAREZ

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Look-alike. Suarez is a centre-forward who plays for Liverpool.

Evra: Suarez racially abused me

Patrice Evra last night accused Liverpool striker Luis Suarez of ­racially abusing him.

The FA have confirmed they have launched an investigation into the Manchester United star’s allegations.

Evra claims that Suarez called him a racially offensive name “at least 10 times” during the 1-1 draw with ­Liverpool at Anfield.

An FA spokesman said: “The FA have been made aware of an incident that is alleged to have occurred during the Liverpool versus ­Manchester United ­fixture at Anfield. Read more...