Sunday, October 9, 2011

Like Adebayor, TEVEZ Is Another Mancini Victim

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Carlos Tevez upset City fans and the club during the summer when he handed in a transfer request and vowed on an Argentinean chat show to never return to Manchester again describing it as ‘small and wet’.

But the extraordinary scenes against Bayern Munich were something else. There is so much you can take from one play but surely this will be its final straw. As much as City heavily relied on Carlos Tevez last season and probably wouldn’t have had the success they had, had he not played last season, it cannot be condoned and taken lightly this predicament he has left himself in.

TEVEZ Haters Are Hypocrites With Very Very Short Memories

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by Christopher Dryer

Carlos Tevez’s alleged refusal to come on as a substitute in Manchester City’s 2-0 defeat at the Allianz Arena has sparked enormous pontificating throughout the football world.

Pundits, managers and journalists all rush to blurt of the first thing that pops into their heads without knowing all the facts. But could it just have been a clash of personalities between two very fiery characters?

After all Roberto Mancini is no stranger to a good temper tantrum. During his playing days at Sampdoria he threatened to walk off the pitch because he was not awarded a penalty.