Monday, October 3, 2011

Ukay farking Boulevard, Ulu Kelang 68000, Selangor.

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This is Ukay Boulevard. Ukay fucking Boulevard.

Ini pulak artist impression of Ukay fucking Boulevard at night.
Cantik. World.
Macam kat Europe, kalau menengok kat gambar la.
Banyak tempat kita guna nama Mat Saleh.
Mont, Casa, Height, Precint la, Sierra la.
Asal-usul Ukay fucking Boulevard ini ialah kampung setinggan.
Kampung Setinggan Batu 8, Ulu Kelang.
Setelah penduduk dihambat, disodok, dihalau, dibangunkan bangunan tinggi, sori la nak guna nama Melayu.

Lemang Asli Pak Ali tak dapat pun satu lot kedai Ukay fucking Boulevard.
Pakcik Banjar supplier air soya entah terpelanting ke mana.

Hilang identiti Melayu. Satu persatu.
Ketuanan Melayu Perkasa Broheng Ali ialah ketuanan Melayu peluk tubuh,
Ketuanan Melayu gosok dagu,
Ketuanan Melayu selok kocek garu telor!
Kah kah kah!!!

Ini rupa tapak asal Ukay fucking Boulevard
Rumah khemah seorang penduduk setinggan Batu 8
yg tidak mendapat pembelaaan disini

~Libang Libu~

The OLDEST Living Thing in the World?

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La Llareta (up to 3,000 years old, Atacama Desert, Chile)

Welwitschia Mirabilis (2,000 years old; Namib Naukluft Desert, Namibia)

Underground Forest (up to 13,000 years old; Pretoria, South Africa)

The oldest living things in the world (OLTW) is a project in process by the American photographer Rachel Sussman in which she searches, visits and photographs "continuously living organisms 2000 years old and older". She also says: 'I am trying to create a means in which to step outside our quotidian experience of time and to start to consider a deeper timescale." It's also interesting to just read about this different living things as they all are somewhat odd and extraordinary. 

Zam zam ala Kazzzam!

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'Flying carpet' of conductive plastic takes flight.

A miniature magic carpet made of plastic has taken flight in a laboratory at Princeton University.

The 10-cm sheet of smart transparency is driven by "ripple power"; waves of electrical current flex a thin, 10cm sheet, driving thin pockets of air from front to rear underneath.

The prototype, described in Applied Physics Letters, moves at speeds of around a centimetre per second.

Improvements to the design could raise that to as much as a metre per second.

The device's creator, graduate student Noah Jafferis, says he was inspired by a mathematical paper he read shortly after starting his PhD studies at Princeton.

He abandoned what would have been a fashionable project printing electronic circuits with nano-inks for one that seemed to have more in common with 1001 Nights than 21st-Century engineering. 

Electricity Rules

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Don't Forget To Take the Sun Into Account in Your Design (Photo)

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Kalau tak paham-paham jugak
Kalau tak nampak jugak apa benda dalam gambar diatas
Entah la, aku pun tak tau la nak kata apa.
Try minum air stokin!

~Libang Libu~