Sunday, October 2, 2011

Rare Earth Plant in Malaysia May be Closer to Opening

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Rare earths mining and processing is difficult, expensive and rarely ecologically friendly. It produces enormous quantities of wastewater, requires vast amounts of energy, uses toxic materials in the refining process and can produce radioactive materials with half-lives of hundreds of years. The United States closed its rare earths mining operations in California’s Mojave Desert in the 1990s because of the environmental cost.
In the 1980s, Mitsubishi Chemical established a plant in an area called Bukit Merah west of Ipoh. For the last two decades, both Mitsubishi and Malaysia have paid the price in terms of deaths of workers from leukemia, and environmental cleanup that so far has cost US$99.2 million and still hasn’t been completed.
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Footie Snapshots

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Lham mounted by Dzeko like lioness in heat.

Massive, massive, massive AC Milan fan.

Ha ha, guess who??

Spell That Name Again?

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Spell-Checker Takes Battering As Okocimski Brzesko’s Dawid Mieczkowski Scores Pathetic Own-Goal vs Slask Wroclaw.

By Chris Wright

Some truly pap ‘action’ from the Polish Cup now, as Okocimski Brzesko defender Dawid Mieczkowski etches his name on the scoresheet after only 36 seconds of their game against Slask Wroclaw, lobbing into his own net from 25-yards – though frankly, we reckon ‘keeper Michal Oswiecimka deserves the lion’s share of the post-match kicking for his feeble attempts to rectify the situation…