Saturday, October 1, 2011


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I think after sampling various kind of nasi ayam from numerous stalls offering one, I have perfected the art of buying nasi ayam. Over the years, we (me and my wife) know which stall offers tastier soup, juicer chicken, thicker ketchup, fresher lettuce so on and so forth.

Whenever we fancy nasi ayam for lunch or dinner, we take the route very least travelled i.e it involves three different stops to three nasi ayam stall.

Normally, we would first stop at d'Santap which situated near the golfing range at Jalan Genting Klang. Here we found the soup is much better than the rest. Not so much Ajinomoto. You know la Ajinomoto can cause severe baldness! Ha ha. So at the d'Santap we got our soup and ketchup fix.

Then we will proceed to one unnamed stall along unnamed road nearby Pasar Uptown Setapak. Here the nasi is excellent. The grain is longer and softer. Like Gardenia ads, 'You can eat it on its own' la, you know what I mean? I believe the stall owner is using better grade of rice for this purpose. The sambal also good, not sweet like those Kelantanese sambal my wife use to dish out for me. You know la lots of sugar means lots of fat will be stored around your midriff.

Our last stop will be at Medan Selera Melawati, here the chicken cuts is the best from the rest. It seems juicer and less oily. I've been frequenting this stall since the price was RM2 per pack, now it has ballooned to RM4! But people will keep on coming if your stuff is that good. Legend has it that once upon a time, 800 birds were sold per day. You do the Math, one bird means 8 pack of nasi ayam. 8 x 800 birds? That was during the sudden influx of Indonesian labourer to Taman Melawati and the surrounding area. Though these days the number of customers has dropped a bit, business remains as usual. So here we have acquired our last ingredient (the lettuce also fresher here) of our own Nasi Ayam Perfecto Mix!
Licking good!

Eating nasi ayam is like eating nasi lemak. You know it is not good to consume it on a regular basis, but the temptation...

But then again, our motto is 'EAT NOW, WORRY LATER!!'


~Libang Libu~