Monday, June 6, 2011

Wikileaks On Father of Pakistans Nuclear Bomb

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The Hindu

CHENNAI, May 25: In return for his “freedom” from de facto house arrest in 2009, Abdul Qadeer Khan (pic), the father of Pakistan's nuclear bomb who was accused of running a proliferation ring, agreed with the Pakistan government to a stringent set of conditions that restricted his movement and curtailed his interactions, ensuring that his release remained by and large symbolic.

The conditions, never publicised before but much speculated about as they were ordered to be kept secret by a court in Pakistan, are contained in a U.S. diplomatic cable. Obtained by The Hindu through WikiLeaks, the cable also reports Pakistan Interior Secretary Kamal Shah assuring the U.S. Ambassador that the court decision provided legal cover to the government in dealing with the disgraced scientist, as his previous detention had no legal basis.