Saturday, June 4, 2011


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By Ben Steinson

“Do you do judo?” Asked one intrepid reporter.
“No, I don’t do judo, but I do do voodoo,” came the reply from the languid Roberto Carlos as he sipped his ice-cool margarita.*

Roberto Carlos is arguably the world’s greatest-ever left-back with a CV boasting 125 caps for Brazil, almost 600 appearances for Real Madrid, as well as appearances for a host of Europe’s top clubs – not to mention the meagre haul of one World Cup, three Champion’s Leagues, four La Liga titles and he was runner-up in 1997’s World Player of the Year Award (losing out to Ronaldo during his leaner years, this point will be important later) – not bad for a farmer’s son.

As impressive as those stats are, RC will be forever remembered for scoffing at Newton’s laws of the universe and bending what is likely to be the most amazing free-kick of our lifetime into the back of the net – the hapless Barthez is still standing in the mouth of the goal wondering how it was possible, he also cancelled his subscription to the Encyclopedia Britannica after losing faith in modern science.