Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shaving Ryan's Private

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Ryan Giggs named by MP as Imogen Thomas injunction footballer

Manchester United's Ryan Giggs has been named in Parliament as the footballer at the centre of the 'superinjuction' Twitter row involving reality TV star and model Imogen Thomas.

Parliament, the judiciary and the media were on a collision course tonight as Giggs was named even though judges refused to lift the gagging order. Click HERE for more

Naming Private Ryan: MP outs Giggs as love-rat

Ryan Giggs’ desperate bid to keep his name out of the papers over an alleged secret affair with Imogen Thomas was doomed from the moment he threatened to sue Twitter users for outing him.

The married dad-of-two sparked a furious ­backlash with tweeters bombarding the social networking site in their thousands to name him. Click HERE for more

Giggs' agent: This is incredible - I can't believe it

In a sport dogged by sordid tales of infidelity and sex scandals, Manchester United star Ryan Giggs was a breath of fresh air.

There were no photographs of this dedicated professional stumbling out of nightclubs, or clutching the arm of a wannabe WAG.

Giggs, 37, appeared to be the perfect family man, a devoted husband and father-of-two in the twilight of his playing career – an ideal role model and “ambassador” for the game. Click HERE for more

Why United's dream pro Giggs is now facing his biggest test: Oliver Holt opinion

Maybe it’s because he’s a dream of a footballer, or maybe it’s because he has only ever been courteous and accommodating when I have met him, but I feel a lot of sympathy for Ryan Giggs.

Until I was told he had taken out an injunction several weeks ago, I had no idea whether he was married or not. Click HERE for more

Only The Good Die Young

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Saya sakit jantung la!
Saya pun sakit jantung jugak.

Jom pi IJN.
Kita orang kenamaan, mesti ada keistimewaan.
Di IJN ramai pakar.
Free woooo!

It Was Giggsy

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Affair with model: Paper names football star

A Scottish newspaper has claimed it has identified the footballer at the centre of a legal injunction.

The Sunday Herald published a full page headshot of a football star, (a veteran star of a top English Premier League) on its front page - merely covering his eyes with a black bar, which features the word 'censored'.

The newspaper's actions come after a player obtained an injunction to prevent details of an alleged affair with former Big Brother contestant, Imogen Thomas, being published.

Technically, the newspaper is free to publish the footballer's name, as the injunction does not apply in Scotland.

However, most publications have not exploited this opportunity because of the possibility that copies would be sold south of the border.

In an editorial, the newspaper defended its decision by saying: "We believe it unsustainable that the law can be used to prevent newspapers from publishing information that readers can access at the click of a mouse.