Saturday, May 7, 2011

Embarrassing To Be A Part Of Arsenal Team

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“I would understand if Cesc leaves,” Sagna said. “He has been here at Arsenal for a long time and he wants to win trophies. As professionals we want to be successful and win cups and titles but we haven’t won a thing for six years. It’s embarrassing to be part of a team that hasn’t won a trophy for six years. We failed. It’s not the manager’s fault, it’s the players’. Some people say Arsene Wenger’s not doing well, but he doesn’t play. We know we are not a bad team. We have the quality to finish first, but we lost. This is the fault of the players – we have failed.”

Shit Lookalikes: Ken Bates & An Elderly Vampire

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Brechin City Made Famous By Sir Alex Ferguson

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Sir Alex Ferguson believes his Manchester United players will not allow Barcelona's reputation to inflict "a sense of terror", after safely navigating a passage to another Champions League final against the side that beat them in Rome two years ago.

"I wish it was Brechin City or someone like that because at the start of the season, if you were looking at getting to the final, you'd think: 'Steer clear of Barcelona,'" Ferguson said. "Their performances are there for everyone to see but we've done our job well, Wembley is a neutral ground and we'll be well prepared.