Friday, March 25, 2011

The Crusaders Are Back

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by Dr Muzaffar Iqbal

Mercifully, it was Vladimir Putin and not Osama bin Laden who characterized the UN resolution number 1973 as “defective and flawed”, even though he could have stopped it by using Russian veto power. “It allows everything,” he said, “it resembles medieval calls for crusades.”

Regardless of this characterization and regardless of the reasons given by Britain and France, the two “great powers” responsible for massacres across the Muslim world as well as desecration of almost the entire Muslim world during the last three centuries, this UN resolution really takes us to a new level of Western shrewdness and a new level of “international” coalition against Muslims. It has achieved what no previous resolution was able to.

Also for the first time, we have “Muslim” support for West’s aggression against a Muslim country in this naked form. Imagine, upstarts like Qatar and UAE sending “their” planes to bomb Libya! Imagine a whole array of potentates and dictators “helping” Libyans get rid of their dictator!


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Then. Spencer Elden, the baby.

THIS multi-million selling poster grew out of one of the most famous album covers of all time.

The sleeve to Nirvana's 1991 album Nevermind showed a baby swimming towards a dollar bill on a fish hook. The comment on our obsession with wealth was dreamed up by lead singer Kurt Cobain, who killed himself in 1994.

Spencer Elden, now

Spencer Elden, the baby, is now 20. His parents were paid just £125 for him to appear in the shoot, taken by their friend Kirk Weddle.

Artist Spencer is embarrassed that so many millions have seen his private parts. He said: "It's creepy."

Spencer Alden


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one eye infant, no nose, survived for 24hours

A baby boy with one eye in the center of his forehead and no nose was born in India last week. He survived only one day.

Doctors were shocked when they delivered the infant by cesarean section from the 34-year-old mother, Veena Chavan.

Dr. Ashok Anand, professor of gynecology at the hospital, told reporters, "The child must have possibly suffered from cyclopia." Click HERE for more