Sunday, March 20, 2011

Gabriel 'Batigoal' Batistuta

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By Ross Mackiewicz on February 23rd, 2011.

Batigoal: The Career Of Argentina’s Most Prolific Goal-Scorer, Gabriel Batistuta

In the words of arguably football’s greatest, Diego Maradona once said; “He was the best striker we ever had here and were never going to see his like again – we’re not going to see anything like him from anyone, no matter what they’re called. For me he was the greatest goal-scorer that I saw in my life“. He was talking about his compatriot and one of football’s most prolific strikers in its history, Gabriel Batistuta.

The Argentine will be revered for his sublime awareness and killer instinct in front of goal. As a striker he was as lethal as they come and his presence alone within starting elevens always offered a deadly impetus in the final third that had his adversaries quaking in fear. He possessed a stunning right-foot that rippled nets all across Argentina and Italy.