Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ref Costs Arsenal The Title!

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It takes two to tango. Luiz-and-Rooney.

First, Andrei 'Ass-saving' Arshavin was pushed off balance by Titus Bramble in the box as he struck the ball from a few yards out. The push was enough to see his shot go wide and a penalty should have been awarded.

Then, Andrei 'Ass-saving' Arshavin beat the offside trap but was wrongly flagged for offside.

Piers Morgan, world famous Goon, was quick on Twitter after the final whistle today. “Another disgraceful decision, clearly onside. Ref is costing us the title.

I’m sure he, like all Arsenal fans, was very sympathetic towards United when the ref was costing us the title on Tuesday. I share this level of sympathy for them today. All together now, awwww!!!.

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by Ollie Irish