Monday, February 28, 2011

Can You Live With These?

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The first text message said: "Mommy, I got buried." About 40 minutes later: "Mommy, I can't move my right hand." Then, a brief call from New Zealand's earthquake rubble to parents in the Philippines pleading to send help.

After another harrowing hour in a crumpled building, when she sent a half-dozen more texts about increasing pain, continued shaking and overwhelming smoke, came the final one: "Please make it quick."

That was the last the Amantillo family heard from 23-year-old student Louise Amantillo, who is among dozens of foreigners missing after their language school disintegrated in Tuesday's collapse of the prominent CTV building in Christchurch. Click HERE for more

Remember BOSMAN?

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Broken Bosman is still suffering

THANKS to him, Wayne Rooney earns £200,000 a week - but Jean-Marc Bosman today lives on benefits and anti-depressants.

Bosman's five-year court battle ended in 1995 with an historic ruling by the European Court that shifted the power from clubs to footballers.

It allowed players to work freely within the European Union and walk away for nothing at the end of their contracts.

Players have since been able to run down their contracts and pocket huge signing-on fees or force their clubs to cough up sky-high amounts to extend their deals.

Yet skint Bosman pockets just £630 a month from the Belgian state, as he never reaped the rewards for his personal crusade.

Melaka Memang OK

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KM Melaka: Ok bagi utamakan penyokong BN
Aidila Razak
Feb 27, 11
"Jika ada orang minta bantuan cari kerja, saya akan berinya kepada penyokong BN, perkara yang sama jika rakyat minta jalan-jalan dibina.
Ini perkara biasa kerana kebajikan bermula di rumah,” kata Mohd Ali sambil tersenyum sinis.

Melaka ada STAR, Sekolah Termengandung Ali Rostam

Negeri lain tak ada..thee he he…

Kalau rasa dah nak terbarai, datanglah ke Melaka..thee he he…

"Sapa kata ada budak sekolah kena sondol di Melaka?
Sapa kata yg menyondol tu Pak Montori?
Sapa kata kena sondol sampai mengandung, sampai beranak?
Lain kali kalau nak beranak, pegi la STAR.."