Sunday, February 6, 2011

Omar Suleiman: US-Israel Most Trusted Man to Replace Mubarak

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Leela Jacinto / France24

On January 29, when embattled Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak named him vice president, Omar Suleiman emerged from the shadows of Egypt’s extensive security-intelligence apparatus to become a pivotal international figure. But for many analysts and followers of US-Mideast policy, Suleiman was already a familiar figure. And not all of them felt reassured by the new appointment.

Suave, sophisticated, and fluent in English, Suleiman had been the country’s spy chief since 1993, when he took over as head of Egypt’s powerful General Intelligence Service (GIS) – or “Mukhabarat” as it is commonly known in Egypt.

A Soviet-trained, former army man, Suleiman looked set to fill the “shadowy intelligence chief” mould when he took over the GIS.

Day 13: Millions Gather for Day of Martyrs As Ikhwan Talks

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CAIRO, Feb 6: Millions of Egyptians have taken to the streets to honor hundreds of protesters killed during the anti-government rallies over the past days, as Egypt's leading opposition group Ikhwan Muslimin joins talks to end the stalemate.

In Cairo, tens of thousands of people are massing in Liberation Square for what they have dubbed the "Day of Martyrs."

The protesters are flooding into the heart of the city for the 13th consecutive day despite heavy military presence.