Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tubuh Tanpa Aura

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oleh Azizi Hj Abdullah

Surinam kukenal ketika aku berpeluang ke Negara Surinam 10 tahun yang lalu dalam siri lawatan bersama sasterawan dan budayawan mencari Melayu di seluruh pelusuk dunia. Aku temuinya di Universiti Surinam dalam majlis suaikenal bersama penuntut di universiti itu.

Lima hari aku bersama rombongan mencari Melayu dan hari terakhir itu dia menangis dan hampir memeluk aku kerana dia terpaksa berpisah tapi kerana lima hari itu kami terlalu rodong dan suntung.

Surinam berusia 35 tahun, lahir di Changloon Kedah hasil perkongsian Mohd. Kabil dengan seorang pensyarah Sains Sosial bernama Sarini-Sarini warga negara Surinam di UUM. Hasil perkahwinan itu lahirlah Surinam, Mobudu Surinam. Sehabis kontrak ibunya pulang ke Surinam. Bapanya ikut bersama. Dia dalam usia belum setahun, belum pandai menyebut nasi-ubi atau babi di bawa ibu bapanya ke sana. Ketika usianya dua tahun ibu bapanya meninggal akibat kemalangan jalan saya.

American Hypocrisy and Change in the Arab World

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Dr Muzaffar Iqbal

It is too late in the day for euphoric jubilation; time is ripe for a down-to-earth, realistic, and clear understanding of what has suddenly appeared in certain parts of the Arab world. This must be done even at the expense of losing elation one naturally feels at the shaking of tyrants who have held a very large segment of the Muslim world in their fists for over five decades now.

To be sure, what erupted in Tunisia is proving contagious, but even in Tunisia, the ultimate goal of change of a repressive system is still far from visible. There has been change, for sure, but it is a change of faces, not of system. This is more apparent in Egypt, where the euphoric declarations of victory before victory are still hanging in the air.

First there was the surprise, then the shock and blood, with over 130 people dead. During the surprise phase, Hillary Clinton declared the unequivocal support of her country for the regime which has acted as US surrogate in the region for over thirty years. When blood was spilled and people were able to overcome the fear which has oppressed them for a generation, the United States of America started to shift gears.

Irans Islamic Revolution Gave Birth to New Era Assad

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NEW YORK, Feb 1: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has hailed Iran's Islamic Revolution, saying it has launched a new era in the Middle East.

"It is a new era, but it did not start now. It started with the Iranian revolution [in 1979],” said Assad in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, which appeared on the US daily on Monday.

“What is new is that it is happening inside independent countries in the Arab world," he underlined.

Assad's comments came after Tunisia's recent revolution ended the 23-year-long rule of the country's President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and sent him fleeing to Saudi Arabia.

Turkish Role in Arab Unrest Put Under Microscope

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Fulya Özerkan / Hurriyet

ANKARA, Jan 31: Amid the ongoing unrest across the Middle East and North Africa, eyes are turning to Turkey as experts debate whether Turkey’s recent rise on the global stage, its stable democracy and strong economy have contributed to the outbreak of protests.

Violent protests in Egypt, one of the largest countries in the Arab world, are targeting President Hosni Mubarak, as street fighting between demonstrators and security forces has claimed the lives of at least 125 people, according to reports.

“Turkey always has a positive image in the region and its rising influence has led to some sort of jealousy in the Arab world, which is one of the reasons for the current transformation process,” said Professor Semir Saliha, a Middle East expert from Kocaeli University. He said since 2002 the Turkish government has been sending positive signals to the region in the name of democratization, reforms, human rights and participation in politics.