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Malay History: What’s missing from the textbooks

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by John Doe | CPIASIA

Brunei has always been known to be one of the earliest Muslim Kingdoms in Southeast Asia. They pride themselves in this fact. All their neighbors pride themselves in this too, and of course, since it is fact, it is irrefutable. Right?

Good. Let’s quickly look at some FACTS then:

It is taught in school textbooks that Pateh Berbai, the brother of Awang Semaun and Awang Alak Betatar, discovered Brunei. Awang Alak Betatar subsequently became Brunei’s first Sultan and was known as Sultan Muhammad Shah. Awang Semaun and Awang Alak Betatar were the famous heroes in Brunei during that time.

Sultan Muhammad Shah was the first Sultan of Brunei. He ruled Brunei from 1363 to 1402. He was the first Muslim ruler of Brunei as a result of his conversion to Islam in 1363 for his marriage to a Johorean-Temasik princess. Prior to conversion to Islam, he was known as Awang Alak Betatar.

He sent a mission to China in 1371 by which his name is recorded in Ming historical record as Mo-ha-mo-sha. Sultan Muhammad Shah died in 1402. Sultan Muhammad Shah was the first Sultan of Brunei. He ruled Brunei from 1363 to 1402. He married the daughter of Iskander, a Johorean-Temasik princess introduced by Bal-Paki, her brother-in-law to be.

So far so good… Oh Really?
Read the above again very carefully !! Sultan Muhammad Shah married a Johorean-Temasik princess in 1363. Now, for all those products of Biro Tata Negara (BTN) out there, what year was Malacca formed? 1403. So, there was a Johor king already in 1363? Are you going to argue with Ketuanan Brunei on this? (By the way, he’s more Melayu than YOU!) Also for those who insist that Penang be handed over to Kedah, read the following again and again …

USTAZAH Hillary Dah Kata OK

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Habis kembang segala lubang, segala injap...thee he he…

Habis kembang segala otot dimuka, ditengkok, diponggong...thee he he…

Baru kena pegang sikit dgn 
Hillary, baru Hillary picit sikit...thee he he…

Kena macam gitu pun dah naik stim...thee he he…

Kala mat salleh, kapir, hidung tinggi, pegang picit sikit je... stiiiiiim! KAH KAH KAH!

Dia ni tak tau lagi geli-geleman kena pegang dgn First Lady ni, satu macam! KAH KAH KAH!KAH KAH KAH!

TPM: M'sia negara Islam yang diperakui Amerika

Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, berkata Malaysia diperakui sebagai sebuah negara Islam contoh oleh negara-negara luar serta pemimpin mereka seperti Setiausaha Negara Amerika Syarikat, Hillary Clinton.

"Geli tu memang la geli..
Tapi boleh tahaaaan.."
Timbalan Perdana Menteri berkata, kemajuan ekonomi dan kestabilan politik yang dinikmati oleh rakyat Malaysia hari ini hasil keberkesanan pemerintahan kerajaan yang diterajui oleh BN.

"Ketika saya melawat Amerika Syarikat baru-baru ini, Hillary Clinton sendiri menyatakan kekaguman di atas pencapaian Malaysia dari segi keberkesanan kerajaan, demokrasi yang segar dan pertumbuhan ekonomi yang pesat," katanya. Click HERE for more

Brits cared more for poor Malays than Umno

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Zefry Dahalan | January 19, 2011

REMBAU: The British colonial government was more concerned about the plight of poor Malays compared to Umno, said an opposition leader.Rembau PKR chief Badrul Hisham Shaharin made the accusation after coming to learn about the plight of an 80-year-old resident in Kampung Halt Chembong here. The resident, Hasnah Latif is upset with the amount of compensation she has received from the government, claiming that it is well below market value.

Hasnah’s land and house is among the 40 houses in the village which have to make way for the double railway track project from Seremban to Gemas which passes through the district of Rembau and Tampin. Hasnah claimed that the RM98,000 compensation is not sufficient for her to buy a plot of land and build another new house. “From day one, I insisted that I don’t want money and I told the staff at the Rembau parliament service centre to please replace my land and house, but this did not happen,” she said. Click HERE for more

We Are What We Eat

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Poop - Poo - Stools - Crap - Feces - Faeces and what they can show us, tell us and teach us.
Contents: What Poop color tells you -- What poops floating or sinking characteristics tell you -- Poop size does matter -- What poop texture tells you -- Conclusion on the importance of knowing your poop and knowing the poop of your children.
Yes, just about everything on poop that you didn't know who to ask about and maybe never would.

Just as we can tell much about a dinosaur from it's petrified poop, we can tell much about a human by the poop they poo out.

In spite of the topics weirdness, it is actually quite a serious topic, which can perhaps even save your life.

Knowing how to read your own poop, or the poop of your children, can help you understand what's going on with the intestines, liver and diet.

It may even alert you to some dangerous illnesses that cause blood to appear in the stool.

Poo - Poop - Crap - Stools - Feces - What their color tells you.

Yes, the color of your poop can tell you something about your general health.

Firstly, if your poop is a milk chocolate color, that's the best.

Black poops are warning bells - could be cancer and bleeding up in your intestines. See a doctor fast.

If the poop is too dark, that could again suggest a liver problem.

Yellow poop may suggest your liver is not producing enough bile for digesting food.

Yellow bits in your poop suggest you ate corn and that you are not chewing your food enough.

Green poop may mean your liver is overproducing bile, too much bile. Green poop could also mean you ate salads and green vegetables the day or two before.

Green poop may also mean you are not digesting your food very well - if this is the case your green poop will also contain bits of lettuce, silver beet, spinach or other green food stuffs. Apart from mango and watermelon, most fruits will be fully digested in a healthy digestion system - so if they show up in the poop, you may have a digestive problem.

Whitish, foggy areas on your poop may suggest liver problems - the fat in the food not being broken down fully.

Bright red suggests undigested blood in your stool, such as from internal hemorrhoids.

Dark red in poops suggests bleeding in the intestines which requires medical assessment fast.

Poo - Poop - Crap - Stools - Feces - What their floating or sinking characteristics tell you.

Vegetarians should have floating poop - veges produce gas that get caught in the poop, making the poop lighter than water.

Big meat and junk food eaters will often have floaters too. The poop contains fat, the fat is lighter than water, so the poop floats. This can also mean a liver problem, as the fat is not being broken down fully.

For those of us who eat both veges and meat, expect your poop to sink.

Poo - Poop - Crap - Stools - Feces - Size does matter.

The more you eat, the more you should be pooping.

Ideal poop is 6 to 10 inches in length - 15 to 25cm - pooping two to three out each sitting. Width not so important, as width of poop mostly determined by the width of your colon.

Poo - Poop - Crap - Stools - Feces - What the texture tells you.

Texture of poop is hard to describe. A poop that looks smooth or very rough suggests either poor digestion or poor diet. The ideal poop is in between.

Vegetables make stools soft, but if you have no veges and your stool is soft, then you may have a problem. Without veges the stools should be hard, which is good if you want constipation and resulting hemroids.


Runny poop is a diarrhea and can be caused by a germ (virus or bacteria) or diet or other condition.

If it's a germ causing the runny poop, then keep the fluids up, like flat lemonade and avoid eating anything except dry toast or dry biscuits, like Jatz, which are most likely safe to eat.

If the runny poop is diet based, it more than likely means you are living on cereal just about. High sugar and lots of fiber. So cut down on the sugary stuff and give your body a chance - all that wiping could cause external hemroids.

If your runny poop is not a germ or diet, then you have a condition that requires medical assessment.