Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Semua Tak Ada TELUR

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Who would you like to see Anwar Ibrahim debate with? 

Najib (79.6%)  

Ummi Hafilda (12.1%)  

Khairy Jamaluddin (6.5%)  

Nazri Aziz (1.8%)  

Semua hampesssss...thee he he…

Si Khairy Menantu Ayah dgn Si Nazri Berlengas boleh duduk bawah ranking Ummi.. apa kelessss punya MP..thee he he…
Semua tak ada telur...thee he he…

Cuma Ummi sorang yang ada telur..thee hhe.. itu pun masih belum disenyawakan lagi.. KAH KAH KAH! KAH KAH KAH!

Eh! Iye ke belum ni??? KAH KAH KAH! KAH KAH KAH! 

Arsenal's flair and fragility make them the greatest fun to watch

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Arsène Wenger's side cause excitement to break out in top-team clashes which otherwise fall short of their great expectations

Arseal may not win the Premier League but they are rescuing it. Unless Arsène Wenger's side are in action, a match between members of the elite now leads to a sense of foreboding. When Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United inflicted their 0-0 draw on the public, Luka Modric was prized not so much for creating chances as for looking as if he might do so. By comparison with the others on the pitch the Croat's performance for Spurs gleamed at White Hart Lane.

For the time being Arsenal have to be in action if the great set-piece matches are to warrant the attention paid to them. That has much to do with the fallibility that co-exists with the excellence. The game with Tottenham at the Emirates Stadium in November exposed the unstable if fascinating nature of the line-up. Arsenal led 2-0 at the interval before being beaten 3-2. Click HERE for more 

Another Roberto Carlos Special

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