Sunday, January 9, 2011

Saki Baki Dia La Ni

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Laugh, and the world will laugh with you.

Cry, and you'll be only shedding crocodile tears.

Free Press Comments Put Malaysian Reporter in Hot Water

UMNO-owned mouthpiece seeks to muzzle truth-teller

Utusan Malaysia, the flagship Malay-language newspaper of the United Malays National Organisation is seeking to fire Hata Wahari, one of its leading journalists, for defending the independence of the press and calling for moderation in reporting on Malaysia's tense race relations.

Hata, a 16-year veteran reporter with Utusan who was elected president of the country's National Union of Journalists in September, is expected to face a disciplinary hearing on Jan. 17 into charges that he tarnished the newspaper's image with statements he made calling for press freedom that he issued to independent media between Sept. 21 and Oct. 14 of last year. HERE

Malaysian Official Denies Rape Allegations

Communications Minister Rais says allegations were inspired by opposition parties

Information Communication and Culture Minister Rais Yatim today denied an allegation that he had raped his Indonesian maid in 2007, describing the accusations as “wild” and inspired by bloggers and opposition political parties

"I refute the allegations, whether they are about raping any individual four years ago or any other allegation, raised by bloggers on the Internet or by any political entity," he said in a statement sent to Malaysiakini, the independent Malaysian website. HERE

Malaysian Coroner's Explosive Ruling

The 2009 death of an opposition aide in custody was neither suicide nor homicide, the coroner rules.

An explosive and confusing verdict by Malaysia's Coroner's Court has kicked off a furor in Kuala Lumpur. Azmil Muntapha Abas Wednesday ruled out both homicide and suicide in the death of an opposition party aide whose body was found in July of 2009 on the fifth floor roof of a building next to Malaysia's Anti-Corruption Commission.

Azmil returned an open verdict into the death of Teoh Beng Hock, raising a whole new series of questions beyond the one of how the 29-year-old aide to a Democratic Action Party opposition leader died. Teoh was being questioned on the 12th floor of the MACC building in the middle of the night before his body was found atop the adjacent building. HERE

We Are What We Eat : WHAT Are You Eating?

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Nak Jadi Hapa, Daaa...

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Dicedok dari blog

Si Mamat baru menikah tiga bulan. Satu malam isteri senak perut. Esok bawa ke klinik. Periksa sana sini, Doktor kata mengandung.

Balik Mamat buat kenduri pulut kuning. Selepas itu berbeka-beka (merancang) jika anak lelaki nak suruh jadi apa,kalau anak perempuan nak jadi apa.

Mamat yakin anak lelaki, maka dia pun merancang masa depan anaknya. Pertama akan dinamakan Ketuanan Melayu. Tapi setiap rancangannya, ada-ada saja timbal balik dan kontra.

Mau jadi peguam - sekarang selalu hujah melalut.

Nak jadi speaker- tak pandai baca peraturan.

Nak jadi orang undang-undang - fasal selalu berubah.

Nak jadi ketua hukum, itu undang-undang kanda yang bikin.

Nak jadi orang taat setia – kebal dan istimewa sudah dirampas.

Nak jadi setiausaha - ramai yang pertikai.

Nak jadi ulama, ramai jadi pengampu.

Nak suruh jadi peniaga –harga barang selalu naik.

Nak suruh jadi ushawan - tak tahan dengan rasuah.

Nak suruh jadi orang politik- cakap jadi kupang tembaga.

Nak suruh berjuang ketuanan, ramai sangat nak jadi tuan.

Mamat pun tanya isteri, habisnya mau jadi apa? Jawab isterinya:

Jadi tukang angguk kan senang.

Jadi tukang ampu, kan selamat.

Akhirnya selepas kenduri pulut kuning, mereka pun baca doa selamat. Mamat tidak pasti bila Ketuanan Melayu akan lahir.