Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bali Loses its Farmers

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Farmland disappears at a quickening pace to villas, hotels, restaurants

Bali has lost 30,000 of its farmers in a single year as their fabled emerald terraced rice fields, are being plowed under to make way for villas, hotels and restaurants, according to a survey by the Bali branch of Indonesia's Central Statistics Agency. Some 643,029 farmers remain in the province, down from nearly 68,000, according to the agency's Bali director, Gde Suarsa.

Although critics have long warned that overwhelming growth was ruining an island that has long been cherished as one of the most exotic, spiritual and beautiful places on the planet, over recent months it has begun to appear that the pace of despoliation is picking up. Authorities at the Bali Development Planning Agency warned earlier this month that the island could experience a severe water shortage as early as 2015 if population growth continues unimpeded and groundwater is increasingly drawn from the underground aquifer.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Uncommon Sense With Wong Chin Huat- The Meaning Of Sarawak

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ALL eyes are now on the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) to see whether a general election will be called following the Sarawak elections. But although BN retained its two-thirds majority in Sarawak, it suffered a decline in the popular vote. Meanwhile, political rivals DAP and Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) increased their seats from six and one to 12 and three respectively.

The Nut Graph asks political scientist Wong Chin Huat about the implications of the Sarawak election results in the latest installment of his column Uncommon Sense.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Republic of Silva

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Only one of the Brazilian brothers will start at Wembley but both believe Manchester United can hurt Barcelona

Luiz Henrique da Silva giggles at the question: how do you spot the difference between Rafael and Fábio? The big brother, who came to England to look after the Brazilian twins, seems genuinely puzzled by how, as in the lyrics of the chant that echoes around Old Trafford, when the boys run down the pitch, one can't say which is which. "When they were babies it was hard, and my mom managed to feed Rafa or Fábio a bottle twice," Luiz Henrique says. "But now they are totally different in the way they look and behave."

He observes how Fábio moves his arm oddly when he runs and the chickenpox spots and scars on Rafael's face. But uncertainty remains in the Manchester United dressing room, with even Sir Alex Ferguson confusing the duo. Fábio says: "There was a match where he came to me in the dressing room and started to tell me off, but calling me Rafael. He still gets us confused, but it doesn't matter. Sir Alex knows everything about football and he loves the Brazilian style. He is crazy about Cafu, our idol."

Red Nev

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By Steve Anglesey

Everyone involved in football has a favourite Gary Neville moment, a player who polarised opinion like no other in the game over the past two decades.

For Manchester United fans there are too many to choose from, although his provocative badge-kissing in front of Liverpool fans after a last-gasp winner at Old Trafford five years ago must be near the top.

For Liverpool fans, their favourite moment was always the chance to relentlessly goad Neville, a self-confessed Scouse-hater, whenever he set foot on enemy territory at Anfield.

For Manchester City fans, the sight of Neville being robbed of the ball in humiliating fashion by Shaun Goater, who then scored in a 3-1 win at Maine Road in November 2002, is one they will cherish.

Shit Lookalikes: Marlon Harewood & A Mini Boglin

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Arsenal help Barca in bid to beat Man United

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Arsenal are doing Barcelona a huge favour by allowing them to use their training ground.

Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola and his players flew to England last night because of fears about the ash cloud affecting air travel before the Champions League final on Saturday.

Arsenal have put aside recent rows surrounding "tapping up" storms over Cesc Fabregas to allow them to use London Colney on Wednesday night and Thursday before facing Manchester United.

Swansea City will also use Arsenal's Hertfordshire HQ on Sunday ahead of Monday's play-off final at Wembley. http://www.mirrorfootball.co.uk

A Tribute To Roy Keane

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I was recently profiled on the blog of Norman Geras (link here), Professor Emeritus of Government at the University of Manchester and author of Marx and Human Nature, amongst other works. Bear with me here, this isn’t some massive self-promoting ego trip, it turns out that Mr Geras, having moved to Manchester from Zimbabwe (then Southern Rhodesia) in 1962, is a big United fan. Come on, he wasn’t going to choose City, was he?

Norm normally blogs on political and philosophical matters, such as this superb piece he did recently, putting forward the case for the spread of Western liberal democracy, by force where necessary (link here). However, his blog also has the odd piece on United, one of which I would like to share below. Written by Morris Sheftel in 2005 (link here), it is a tribute to Roy Keane, in my eyes arguably the greatest player in United’s history, and a man people would be foolish to write off as a manager. Hope you enjoy it.

Remembering George Best

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There was a tiny, insignificant incident in one of the first matches I saw George Best play for Manchester United that has always haunted me, in some ways more than than the many moments of genius I witnessed in his brilliant subsequent career.It occured in March 1964 against Fulham as United were desperately trying to keep alive a faltering campaign to win the league title, having recently unexpectedly lost both a Cup Winners Cup quarter final against Sporting Lisbon and an FA Cup semi-final against West Ham in successive matches. There was a packed Good Friday crowd in Craven Cottage hoping to see further humiliation heaped on the mighty Reds and the Londoners had a strong team with top-quality players such as Bobby Robson and the great Johnny Haynes. It was the latter who gave Fulham the lead with a perfectly struck volley past Dave Gaskell after ten minutes at which point United stirred themselves into action with surging passing movements.David Herd cracked in an equalizer from a Bobby Charlton corner and then Denis Law was suddenly put through, one-on-one against Tony Macedo in the Fulham goal, and with a shimmy of the hips slotted the ball home and wheeled away, arm raised in imperious salute. At 2-1 up after half an hour United looked in complete control and surely one more goal would settle it and secure the vital points. But then came the moment I’ll never forget.

With United pouring forward and carving openings almost at will, Bobby Charlton, who was notionally on the left wing, had switched to the middle, while the skinny 17-year-old George Best had crossed over from the right to take his place out wide on the left, where he was trying to get the jump on full-back George Cohen, the World Cup winner of two years later. Bobby swept one of his glorious 50 yard passes out to Best, who had suddenly found acres of space, all alone on the touchline, while Denis Law hurtled into the box towards the near-post, waiting for the ‘inevitable’ cross from which he would surely strike the killer blow. But then the most amazing thing happened. George completely mis-controlled the impeccably flighted ball from Bobby in an elementary error, allowing it to dribble miserably over the line and out of play. Denis screeched to a halt, gesturing angrily with his outstretched hands, palms splayed pleadingly to show where he’d wanted the ball played, while Bobby looked tense, giving George a withering look, as if to say, ‘For Christ’s sake, concentrate!’ But it was the look on the George’s face that I’ll never forget, a mixture of shy embarrassment, disarming naughty-schoolboy grin, disquieting little boy lost, and then chin-up defiance,all so characteristic of the Georgie Best the world came to know – and love- over the next five years.
George didn’t let his awful mistake throw him and he never tried to hide, but in the end Fulham equalised in the last few minutes through their own teenage winger, 18-year-old Steve Earle, and United’s tilt at the championship took a mortal blow.Bill Shankly’s Liverpool were eventually crowned champions and United were runners-up, four points behind.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Berapa LAMA Mau? kih kih kih Melecet kang?

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Premature ejaculation drug sells out

Priligy, touted as the world's first drug to treat premature ejaculation, sold out just one month after its launch in Singapore.

The first batch of pills was made available in March and was meant to last three months.

But it was cleared out last month as demand was much higher than expected, said a spokesman for American-based manufacturer Janssen, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson.

However, the company declined to reveal the exact number of pills sold.

The pills, which come in packs of three and are prescription-only, have since been restocked. Patients are advised to take one pill one to three hours before sex, and no more than one a day.

Priligy works by increasing levels of serotonin, a chemical involved in controlling ejaculation.

While it is said to triple the time a man can sustain an erection, it does not cure premature ejaculation.

A pack goes for between S$80 ($187) and S$90 (RM210), which means each pill costs as much as S$30 (RM70). This is comparable to other established sexual enhancement drugs like Viagra, which treats erectile dysfunction.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Berzikirlah Sampai LEKUK-Lekuk Tempat Bersila

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Ulamak 1


Pernah tengok ulamak ini pakai serban?

Ini fighter.

Penjara dah rasa.
Cota dah rasa.
Air kuning pedih gatal dah rasa.
Asap peritkan mata dah kena.

Abg Mat tak berzikir sampai lekuk-lekuk tempat bersila.
Berzikir sampai lekuk-lekuk tempat bersila, tak dapat balik duit komisyen kapal selam.
Berzikir sampai lekuk-lekuk tempat bersila, tak boleh turun harga tepung, gula, petrol.
Tak payah berzikir sampai berbuih-buih mulut.
Ingat buih boleh isi dalam tangki kereta?

Ini baru betul punya fighter.
Subuh Abg Mat berzikir atas sejadah.
Tengahari berzikir atas jalanraya!

Aziz Bari: Nasha akan terima kesan lebih parah bila Tuan Ibrahim bertanding

Pengumuman Naib Presiden PAS, Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man untuk bertanding jawatan Timbalan Presiden dalam pemilihan parti yang akan datang dijangka memberi "kesan yang lebih parah" kepada penyandang yang mempertahankan jawatan, iaitu Nasharuddin Mat Isa, berbanding dengan seorang lagi calon iaitu Mohamad Sabu, kata Profesor Abdul Aziz Bari.

Pertandingan tiga penjuru dijangka berulang dalam pemilihan parti pada Jun 2011, setelah tiga orang pemimpin memperolehi pencalonan yang mencukupi mengumumkan kesediaan untuk bertanding jawatan Timbalan Presiden. Dalam pemilihan pada tahun 2009, pertandingan tiga penjuru antara Mohamad Sabu, Husam Musa dengan Nasharuddin Mat Isa akhirnya memihak kepada penyandang, meskipun jumlah undi yang diperolehi kedua-dua orang "pencabar" lebih daripadanya. Klik DISINI Untuk Baca Lagi

PAS Needs More Warriors If It Wants To Replace UMNO
Thursday, 26 May 2011 06:25

KUALA LUMPUR -- PAS needs more "warriors" than religious leaders if it wants to unseat Umno in the 13th general election.

Political analyst Prof Dr A. Aziz Bari said that PAS led by its president Abdul Hadi Awang needed to undertake more transformation in the party by bringing forth more "warriors".

"The party should not be looking for 'tok imam' but 'warriors' and 'fighters'. It should not be delusional but offer alternatives to the people. If PAS still wants to discuss on how many ulama to be placed at the top party leadership, what's the use?

Hitler Punya Gila

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Kajian menunjukkan Hitler cuba untuk memenangi Perang Dunia Kedua dengan tentera berbicara dengan ANJING, menakjubkan.

Haiwan peliharaan menggonggong-gila-kekasih percaya binatang hampir secerdas manusia dan berharap mereka akan belajar untuk berkomunikasi dengan tuannya SS.

Beliau mendirikan sekolah untuk melatih mereka untuk bercakap, membaca dan mantra dalam keyakinan mereka boleh bertindak sebagai penjaga kem konsentrasi - membebaskan lebih banyak tentera untuk melawan.

Bintang murid di sekolah berhampiran Hanover, Jerman, adalah Rolf terrier Aire-lembah. Dia menepuk keluar huruf-huruf abjad dengan cakarnya dan dikatakan telah berspekulasi tentang agama dan PUISI belajar.

Dia dilaporkan meminta seorang bangsawan mengunjungi: "Bolehkah anda mengibas ekor anda?" mutt lain adalah dikatakan telah mengucapkan kata-kata "Mein Fuhrer" ketika ditanya siapa Hitler - sementara yang lain suara ditiru manusia untuk kulit: "Lapar Beri aku kuih!" dalam bahasa Bahasa Jerman.

percubaan menggelikan lain melihat saintis disebut uji komunikasi telepati antara manusia dan anjing.

Kisah aneh anjing berpendidikan Jerman kini telah terperinci oleh Dr Jan Bondeson, pensyarah senior di Cardiff University School of Medicine, di Anjing buku Amazing Nya: Sebuah Kabinet Canine Curiosities.

Dr Bondeson, 49, berkata: "Ini benar-benar hal luar biasa Ada beberapa percubaan yang sangat aneh terjadi di Jerman masa perang tentang komunikasi anjing-manusia ..

"Ini adalah wawasan menarik menjadi segi tidak diketahui sampai saat Nazi Jerman, tetapi tidak ada bukti itu pernah datang ke berbuah."


Shaving Ryan's Private 3

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Imogen thought Giggs would marry her

BIG Brother beauty Imogen Thomas believed cheating Ryan Giggs wanted to MARRY her, The Sun can reveal. The model, who had a six-month affair with the Manchester United legend, was "100 per cent certain" he would leave his wife Stacey for her.

A friend said: "Imogen was in love with him and she thought he loved her." Beauty queen Imogen has told how she kept trying to end her secret romance with married Giggs - but he would not let her go.

She said: "I called it off a million times but he kept coming back.

I’m gutted
Says Ryan Giggs's dad

CHEAT Ryan Giggs's dad broke a 20-year silence last night to tell the soccer star: "I'm disappointed in you." Gutted Danny Wilson, 55, said: "I didn't think Ryan was like that.

"He is an iconic footballer who has achieved fantastic things. I had him on a pedestal. I'm immensely proud.

"But I am deeply disappointed at what Ryan has done, particularly as he has a young family.
"I'm sad for the effect it's going to have on them. His mother will be devastated."

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shaving Ryan's Private

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Ryan Giggs named by MP as Imogen Thomas injunction footballer

Manchester United's Ryan Giggs has been named in Parliament as the footballer at the centre of the 'superinjuction' Twitter row involving reality TV star and model Imogen Thomas.

Parliament, the judiciary and the media were on a collision course tonight as Giggs was named even though judges refused to lift the gagging order. Click HERE for more

Naming Private Ryan: MP outs Giggs as love-rat

Ryan Giggs’ desperate bid to keep his name out of the papers over an alleged secret affair with Imogen Thomas was doomed from the moment he threatened to sue Twitter users for outing him.

The married dad-of-two sparked a furious ­backlash with tweeters bombarding the social networking site in their thousands to name him. Click HERE for more

Giggs' agent: This is incredible - I can't believe it

In a sport dogged by sordid tales of infidelity and sex scandals, Manchester United star Ryan Giggs was a breath of fresh air.

There were no photographs of this dedicated professional stumbling out of nightclubs, or clutching the arm of a wannabe WAG.

Giggs, 37, appeared to be the perfect family man, a devoted husband and father-of-two in the twilight of his playing career – an ideal role model and “ambassador” for the game. Click HERE for more

Why United's dream pro Giggs is now facing his biggest test: Oliver Holt opinion

Maybe it’s because he’s a dream of a footballer, or maybe it’s because he has only ever been courteous and accommodating when I have met him, but I feel a lot of sympathy for Ryan Giggs.

Until I was told he had taken out an injunction several weeks ago, I had no idea whether he was married or not. Click HERE for more

Only The Good Die Young

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Saya sakit jantung la!
Saya pun sakit jantung jugak.

Jom pi IJN.
Kita orang kenamaan, mesti ada keistimewaan.
Di IJN ramai pakar.
Free woooo!

It Was Giggsy

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Affair with model: Paper names football star

A Scottish newspaper has claimed it has identified the footballer at the centre of a legal injunction.

The Sunday Herald published a full page headshot of a football star, (a veteran star of a top English Premier League) on its front page - merely covering his eyes with a black bar, which features the word 'censored'.

The newspaper's actions come after a player obtained an injunction to prevent details of an alleged affair with former Big Brother contestant, Imogen Thomas, being published.

Technically, the newspaper is free to publish the footballer's name, as the injunction does not apply in Scotland.

However, most publications have not exploited this opportunity because of the possibility that copies would be sold south of the border.

In an editorial, the newspaper defended its decision by saying: "We believe it unsustainable that the law can be used to prevent newspapers from publishing information that readers can access at the click of a mouse.


Monday, May 23, 2011


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Cakap la betol-betol.
Nak buat duit, cakap la nak buat duit.

Masa muda kulit tengah tegang,
Ke hulu ke hilir menayang susu thee he he he

Dah tua kulit dah mula melayut,
Pelupuk mata dah mula kendur tak terbotox botox.
Nak kehulu ke hilir lagi menayang susu, tak laku. Thee hehe he he
Susu dah layut dan labuh.

Sekarang nak buat filem dakwah. The he he he he
Filem dakwah aplancau??
Kah kah kah kah kah kah!!!!

Ziela Jalil Berdakwah Melalui filem
Kesabaran Ziela menyampaikan dakwah melalui seni

Mengimbau sejarah awal penglibatan penerbit yang berusia 41 tahun ini, Ziela Jalil, pernah terlibat secara langsung dalam dunia lakonan sejak di bangku sekolah lagi. Ketika itu usianya baru mencecah 16 tahun.

Tidak meletakkan harapan yang tinggi, Ziela hanya sekadar ingin mencuba nasib dan mengisi waktu lapang ketika cuti persekolahan. “Pada tahun 1986, saya menghadiri uji bakat untuk menyertai ‘band girl’ untuk filem ‘Mr Os’ arahan A R Badul, sekadar untuk suka-suka sahaja.

“Selepas saya terpilih, saya dijemput untuk menghadiri majlis untuk artis-artis yang dipilih dalam filem itu bersama artis lain. “Saya ditemani oleh ibu saya pada waktu itu dan saya tidak mengetahui bahawa heroin untuk filem itu adalah saya,” ujarnya.

Selepas membintangi filem itu, namanya semakin menjadi perhatian malah mendapat banyak tawaran lakonan seperti Kembar Siam, Perawan Malam, Ujang, Konstabel Mamat dan banyak lagi. “Untuk filem pertama saya mendapat bayaran RM3,500 dan pada ketika itu nilainya sangat besar.

“Saya tidak sabar untuk menanti cuti sekolah kerana ketika itulah saya akan berlakon,” katanya yang turut popular dengan imejnya yang seksi.

Alhantuya BLOW...

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"Sumpah saya tak kenal pompuan Mongol itu"
thee he he… thee he he…

Blow punya blow..punya blow.
Kesian Alhantuya, datang mai jauh jauh.
Sorang pun tak ngaku kenal.
thee he he…

Sapa nak ngaku kenal kalau dah dibuat bola
Boleh pass-pass.

Sapa pun tak mau kawan kalau dah jadi macam Saiful BauKari
Depan belakang boleh..

Blow punya blow..punya blow.
Alhantuya sendiri yg meletup!

Altantuya blows hot again on Najib Razak
Written by V Vijay, Wong Choon Mei, Malaysia Chronicle

In 2009, from the streets of delightful Paris, a sewer burst open, disgorging its contents of vile corruption and waste into, of all places, the hallways of Malaysia's administrative capital, Putrajaya. We write, of course, of the expose of the Armaris submarine contract, by the journalists of La Liberation.

The article written by Arnaud Dubus would detail the remarkable corruption of the Armaris submarine deal and would reveal the chilling nature of the murder of Altantuya Shariibu by two policemen. Raja Petra, a well known Malaysian blogger, would shock his audience by signing an affidavit implicating the current Prime Minister and his wife in that murder.

Raja Petra has since retracted his claim, by saying that he only wrote what he was told. The curious timing of his retraction, coinciding with both the Sarawak elections and the upcoming open court hearing on the Armaris contract in France, has given rise to speculation that he has been turned.

Mari Meneka Gambar Dan Namakan

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Malaysia Spends RM 1.5b For Booze
By Christina Tan

Malaysia has been named by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as the world’s 10th largest consumer of alcohol despite its small population and size.

Statistics by the international body this year also showed that Malaysians spent over US$500mil (RM1.5bil) on alcohol with a per capita consumption of seven litres.

Deputy Women, Family and Community Development Minister Heng Seai Kie said the problem of alcohol consumption in the country was getting serious.

“Alcohol is not only causing a lot of health issues but is also contributing to a significant number of accidents,” she said in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday.

Heng was speaking to reporters after launching booklets and seminars on “Promote Healthy lifestyle: Reduce Alcohol Harm” organised by the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (KLSCAH).

The event was supported by IOGT International, a worldwide community of non-governmental organisations, and the National Association of the Prevention of Drug Abuse (Pemadam).

She said the ministry, through the National Population and Family Development Board, would hold a campaign to create awareness on the danger of alcohol abuse.

She said 10 seminars would be held nationwide this year.

They would be conducted in Mandarin, Malay, English and Tamil and were aimed mostly at those from the Chinese and Indian communities which had a high alcohol abuse rate.

“The public has to understand that alcohol is not part of our culture and it will bring harm if it is abused,” she said.

Earlier, in his speech, KLSCAH secretary-general Yong Yew Wei said the Road Safety Council estimated that drinking and driving caused 30% of road accidents nationwide, with 38% of these resulting in fatalities.

“A study also shows that absenteeism from workplace among alcoholics is 16 times higher than others,” he said, adding that non-governmental bodies played a vital role in promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Published May 22 2011