Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dear GOD, Why Me?

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Arthur Ashe, the legendary Wimbledon player was dying of AIDS which he got due to infected blood he received during a heart surgery in 1983.

From world over, he received letters from his fans, one of which conveyed:
"Why does GOD have to select you for such a bad disease"?

To this Arthur Ashe replied:
The world over -- 50 million children start playing tennis, 
5 million learn to play tennis, 500000 learn professional tennis, 
50000 come to the circuit, 5000 reach the grand slam, 
50 reach Wimbledon, 4 to semi final, 
2 to the finals.
When I was holding a cup I never asked GOD, 'Why me?'.
And today in pain I should not be asking GOD, 'Why me?'

Happiness keeps you sweet….
Trials keeps you strong….
Sorrow keeps you human….
Failure keeps you humble….
Success keeps you glowing….

Only Faith & Attitude keeps you going....
Always keep people in your life that charge your battery, not those who will drain it.
Treasure every encounter, for it will never recur


Why Muslims Should Rethink Palestine

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Ramzy Baroud / Arab News

Thousands of faithful assiduously listened as I outlined the challenges facing Palestine and its people. Cries of “Allahu Akbar” (God is Great) occasionally resounded from a corner of the giant South African mosque. Many whimpered as I described the tragedy that had befallen Gaza as a result of the Israeli siege.

They cheered, smiled and nodded, as I emphasized how the will of the Palestinian people would not be defeated. A few older people at the front simply wept throughout my talk, which preceded a Friday sermon in Durban a few months ago.


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Sorry, KAH KAH KAH KAH! Do not be fooled by the title. I was'nt smuggling anything forbidden, I was smuggling my wife out of Daro, Sarawak.

The story,

It happened in August 2009.

My wife was 8 months pregnant and we both been hurled in a far, far away land in Daro, Sarawak. Away from parents and relatives. Us the newlyweds were expecting our first baby in a foreign place.

Doctors in Daro District Hospital earlier had refused to issue us a release letter stating my wife was fit to board a flight. It meant we were not allowed to fly out of Sarawak, like it or not the baby has got to be delivered in Daro, Sarawak. Period.

Actually with all due respect, we did not looking down upon the ability of the medical team at Daro District Hospital, the facility is superb, the doctors are excellent and the nurses are way too friendly with us. We knew they tried their best to make us feel at home. But then again, home was where our hearts were at the moment.

The baby was due in the fasting month, of all the 12 months we have she has choosen the fasting month! So according to the script, we were going to fast here, then the baby will arrive and we were going to celebrate Aidilfitri here in Daro with my wife still in her confinement period. Howzzat?

Easier said than done.  I knew no nuts about taking care of a new born and a new mother in her confinement period.

What food to eat and what to be avoided. I have to find a 'tukang urut'. I have to find a 'tungku'. I have to get some 'minyak angin' for her too, but what if the 'minyak angin' here did'nt suit my wife?What if my wife got 'angin' all over her body?  How my wife gonna answer the nature's call? Is is OK for her to squat? KAH KAH KAH! After all we have a 'cangkung' toilet in the house.

After much thought and after one too many sleepless nights, we made up our mind. I have to smuggle my wife back to peninsula from Daro, Sarawak. There was no way our baby going to be born here.

Our Zahra now. A beauty.
And we took our chance, and we did everything we can think of to avoid being noticed at the Sibu Airport. But to our own amazement, the journey was fuss-free right from the hotel room in Sibu, in a taxi to the airport, at the checkpoint, though I must admit that  my heart went DUB! DUB! DUB! DUB! everytime I saw an AirAsia official or custom officer. KAH KAH KAH!

Well, the rest they say was history. Our Zahra was born on 25th Sept 2009 at HUSM Kubang Kerian, Kelantan.


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Lagu SUWEY Hari Sabtu!

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Thailand's Got Talent : Bell Nuntrita 2-Voiced Singer

Cilake. Pondan Siam ini memang cun. Sebijik mcm pompuan.
Siap boleh buat dua jenis suara. Cilake!

F***ing hillarious!

Lagu PATRIOTIK Hari Sabtu

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Tanah Pusaka.
Berapa kerat yg tau lagu ini agaknya?

Friday, April 29, 2011

Lagi.. Surat Beranak Barack OBAMA

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Who, What, Why: Why the II in Barack Obama's name?

The US president's birth certificate names him as "Barack Hussein Obama, II". Why does he qualify for the Roman numerals?

When the president released his long-form birth certificate on Wednesday, the focus was on his place of birth, to confirm what most people already knew - he was born in the US.

But it also shone a light on a rarely used part of his name, the II at the end.

The reason for it is, at root, quite simple - the US president has been given his father's name, Barack Hussein Obama. In societies where this is common practice, a method of distinguishing between fathers and sons (and sometimes grandfathers too) is useful.

Forgotten KASHMIR

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Horrific Brutality in Kashmir

Youth and children as young as 10 are tortured and sometimes disappear completely.

"I will never be the same," says Sameer Khan (name changed), a student in his early twenties. Khan at his age has endured plenty. Behind his soft-spoken exterior lies a resilient interior that surfaces with time and trust. In his late teens, Khan was put through physical and psychological torture by the Indian security agencies in the disturbed region of Kashmir.

"I was thrown into a dark room and tortured. They used gun butts to break my back. While I was still in pain, a stream of blood ran through my nose and head… and when it clotted in my left eye, I went blind. An hour later, some policemen came and began to torture my private parts. This was and will be most shameful experience for me for the rest of my life. When electric shocks were given to my private parts, I felt this is the end of world and it was perhaps,” Khan revealed details after a few months.

Sumpah Tiga BARA

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Rahim wakilkan Eskay sumpah laknat bagi semua

Ahli perniagaan Datuk Shazryl Eskay Abdullah bersedia bersumpah laknat dalam majlis bersama Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim bahawa ketua pembangkang merupakan pelaku dalam video seks yang didedahkannya.

Shazryl berharap dapat bersama-sama melakukan sumpah itu di Masjid Amru Al-As Bandar Baru Sentul di Sentul selepas solat Jumaat esok.

"Saya juga mempelawa semua pihak yang meragui kebenaran ini untuk turut hadir menyaksikan upacara tersebut," katanya.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gambar MB Dalam GELAP

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You are a liar, Nizar tells Zambry
Tashny Sukumaran | April 28, 2011

Ini la gambar MB dalam gelap. KAH KAH KAH!
You memang kecoh la..
Cakap belit-belit..
Kencing berdiri..

You jangan menipu la..
Semua orang dah tau..thee he he…
Betul ke you suka makan sireh? thee he he…

You jangan menipu la..
Cakap la betul-betul, ambik PhD sekali dengan Harusssaanasini ka?

Jangan la menipu..thee he he…
Jangan la main nyorok-nyorok..

Nampak gigi je putih tu..thee he he…
Jangan la nyorok dalam gelap. KAH KAH KAH!

Woi! Kita orang dah tak nampak ni! KAH KAH KAH! KAH KAH KAH!

The former menteri besar accuses the Perak government of being arrogant for signing a MoU with the Hong Kong company for the rare earth project.

KUALA LUMPUR: Perak Menteri Besar Zambry Abdul Kadir came under fire today for claiming that he had been unaware of the rare earth deal between the state government and Hong Kong-based company Commerce Venture Manufacturing (CVM) Minerals Ltd. 

His predecessor Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin said Zambry “is not telling the truth. As chairman of the investment arm, Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Perak (PKNP or Perak State Development Corporation), it is impossible he did not know. And if he truly doesn’t, he should give up before he destroys the state”.


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Mum jailed for killing her 3 kids


KILLER mum Theresa Riggi who stabbed her three children to death during a bitter custody battle was jailed for 16 years today. Riggi, 47, killed her eight-year-old twins Austin and Luke and her five-year-old daughter Cecilia at their Edinburgh home last August.

The youngsters' bloodstained bodies were discovered lying side by side at their townhouse following a gas explosion at the building, each with eight stab wounds and multiple abrasions and bruises.

American Riggi was found badly injured after plunging from a second-floor balcony in an apparent suicide bid. She also had stab wounds which were believed to have been self-inflicted. Initially, she was charged with murder, but last month she admitted three counts of the lesser charge of culpable homicide on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

She was sentenced today at the High Court in Glasgow after Donald Findlay QC spent more than two hours delivering a plea of mitigation on her behalf. The court heard that Riggi and her estranged husband Pasquale, a Shell UK engineer, had been involved in a legal battle over the children's custody at the time of the killings.

Lord Bracadale, sentencing, said: "You have pleaded guilty to charges of repeatedly stabbing to death each of your twin sons, Austin and Luke, aged nine years, and your daughter Cecilia, aged five years. "The result of these acts is a devastating family tragedy. The father of the children, Pasquale Riggi, and the wider family have been left utterly bereft by the loss of the children.

"And you, who had a genuine but abnormal and possessive love of your children, have lost them and are brought to this sorry pass."

Real Madrid Kena Titik Kaw-kaw

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Champions League

Real Madrid 0
Barcelona 2

There was fighting and faking but not much football until the 88th minute and then there was a moment of rare beauty. With three minutes to go Lionel Messi scored a truly wonderful goal to give Barcelona a huge lead in this European Cup semi-final. Dashing past five players, he sprinted into the Real Madrid penalty area and slipped the ball smoothly past Iker Casillas to double the visitors' lead and raise his total for the season to a remarkable 52 goals for his club.

It was one of the finest goals this competition has ever witnessed, delivered by a player who at 23 is already Barcelona's third-top scorer in history and is now being compared not just to the best players in the world but the finest footballers of all time.

Surat Beranak Barack OBAMA

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Obama Birth Certificate Released By White House

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WASHINGTON -- Per his directive, the White House released on Wednesday President Barack Obama's "long form" birth certificate, the document whose absence has long been at the heart of the conspiracy-riddled discussion over Obama's legitimacy to serve as the nation's commander in chief.

The move came as a surprise to the press corps, many of whom had not shown up for Wednesday's early-morning White House briefing. By the time word had spread that Obama would be making a 9:45 a.m. statement on the matter, however, the top anchors at all the networks had scurried into the briefing room.

Once there, they received a presidential scolding for their concern with "silliness." Obama began his five-minute statement with the complaint that he wouldn't be able to get the networks to break into their regularly scheduled programming for a speech on policy proposals.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Manchester United May Lack Glamour, but..

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Sir Alex Ferguson's players do not catch the eye as do Real's or Barça's but together they seem irresistible

Manchester United may very well win the European Cup again this year, but they would be without hope in the final if glamour were the decisive factor. There can be no prospect of rivalling Barcelona or Real Madrid on that score. This, however, is a situation very pleasing to Sir Alex Ferguson. His approach to winning the first leg of the semi-final in Gelsenkirchen was dependent on organisation and maturity, even if that did not stop the side from being greatly superior to Schalke during the 2-0 victory.

In the broad context of football history, it is still a little odd to witness a painstaking United. Over so long a history, the club has had line-ups with all sorts of characteristics, but the sides that stick in the mind were addicted to risk as much as flair. The apotheosis of that came in 1999, when United reversed the whole course of the final in stoppage time to beat Bayern Munich.

nice piece, go on and

SAIFUL BAUKARI: Wawancara Karipap & Kopi O

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Wartawan: Betol ke boleh kemut non-stop sampai 2 hari? Ini sudah lebey ni, kemut sampai tak berak 2 hari. Apa rahsia?

Saiful BauKari: Errrr... t/kaseh...memang betol boleh kemut non-stop sampai 2 hari. Toksahkan 2 hari, 2 minggu pun boleh. Apa-apa pun, usaha tangga kejayaan. Saya amalkan KOPI O & KARIPAP beserta senaman. Senaman kemut-kekunci berperingkat-peringkat.

Mula2 cuba dengan sebatang pen dulu. Kemutkan sekuat hati sehingga patah dua. Kemudian kalau dah kompiden try plak sumbat botol sos. Kalau lubang jubor tak jugak rabak2 dan sos meleleh canteeeek, try sumbat lesung batu sekali tengooook...KAH KAH KAH! kemut..kemut..kemut...kemut..!! KAH KAH KAH!

Kalau dah makin hebat,  cuba dengan Dunhill sebatang... KAH KAH KAH! kemut..kemut..kemut...kemut..!! KAH KAH KAH! Keluar asap tak? Kena sampai berasap tau! KAH KAH KAH!

Malaysia Boleeeeeyh!

'Saiful minum kopi, karipap selepas didakwa diliwat'
Hafiz Yatim

Apr 25, 2011. 10:44am

Karpal turut membangkitkan beberapa perkara berkaitan dengan aksi seks tetapi, ini tidak boleh dilaporkan kerana keterangan Saiful itu diberikan secara tertutup.

Tambahnya selepas pelakuan aksi seks tersebut, Saiful makan karipap dan minum kopi dan berada di dalam bilik itu selama minit.

MU Titik Schalke 2-0

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Giggs 67,
Rooney 69

Ryan Giggs and Wayne Rooney give Manchester United easy win at Schalke

NOT bad for a United team which is apparently not fit to be mentioned in the same breath as the sides of 1999 and 2008.

Alex Ferguson's latest incarnation has the Premier League almost in the bag and now they can start making plans for a Champions League Final fiesta at Wembley against either Barcelona or Real Madrid.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Football: Wheelchair Pitch Invasion

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By Chris Wright

Things are a little on tight side down at the arse-end of League Two at the moment, with Northampton’s last-gasp stoppage-time equalizer against Rotherham on Saturday enough to keep the Cobblers out of the relegation zone by a single point with just two games left to play.

Cue minor pitch invasion…

Thankfully, the Daily Mail managed to collar the man responsible, 18-year-old quadriplegic computer programmer Derry Felton, for a quick word after the game:

“I said to my mate, ‘If [Northampton] score I will go on the pitch’, but I didn’t believe that they would. Then they did and it was a bit of a blur really.

“I didn’t know what was happening and then I was in the middle of the pitch and I just thought how did I get here?

“It was just a spur of the moment thing and I never thought it would end up on You Tube or make me famous or anything.

“I don’t know if I would ever do it again, because it just sort of happened.”

HARUM SEMERBAK Namamu Oh Malaysia

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"Sungguh gemilang negeriku
Yang kupuja oh tanah airku
Dimerata dunia harum semerbak
Namamu oh Malaysia
Diseluruh dunia negaraku
Yang berdaulat negaraku

Aman makmur kaya-raya.."

Scorpenes, Altantuya to make waves in France when open court starts May-June
Written by Wong Choon Mei, Malaysia Chronicle

Malaysian civil rights group SUARAM expects its corruption lawsuit filed against French naval arms firm DCNS to move into open court and hearings to begin in May or June.

This will pave the way for Malaysians to finally get access to details of a highly questionable RM6.7billion ringgit submarines deal entered into by their defense ministry in 2002, and kept top secret by Prime Minister Najib Razak.

DCNS was the vendor of the submarines and Najib has been accused of benefiting his close friend Razak Baginda with a 114 million euros commission in the deal.

"There is substantial evidence of corruption and some of it is new information of new corruption uncovered during investigation. Some of this could be sensitive or embarrassing to the Malaysian government but that is part of the process of helping Malaysian taxpayers recover their money lost through corrupt deals,” SUARAM board member Cynthia Gabriel told Malaysia Chronicle.

Malaysian Prosecutor: DNA was Anwar's

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Samples found in former aide's anus came from Opposition Leader, court is told

Prosecutors charged in a Kuala Lumpur High Court today that DNA samples taken from the anus of Mohamad Saiful Bukhari Azlan belong to Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim.

Lead prosecutor Mohamad Yusof Zainal Abidin told the court that samples taken from three items in a cell where Anwar was jailed overnight in July 2008 matched the "Male Y" DNA profile that government chemists had found on swabs in examining Saiful.

"It confirms the unknown contributor Male Y is Datuk Seri Anwar," Yusof said. "This shows there is a prima facie case" that would require Anwar to put on a defense against charges brought against him in the long-running case, which has been dubbed Sodomy II. Anwar was convicted of sodomy and corruption in a 1998 trial and spent six years in prison on charges that were regarded as specious and rigged to remove him from politics.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Maut Kerana Memeluk ISLAM

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Biadab, tiga pemuda bunuh adik kandungnya yang memeluk Islam

KERDASA ( - Tiga orang pemuda bersaudara di kota Mesir, Kerdasa, melakukan pembunuhan mengerikan terhadap adik kandung mereka sendiri yang dengan sadar memilih untuk memeluk Islam.

Mereka (ketiganya Kristen) menikam adik mereka sendiri sampai mati, mencekik putranya dan melukai putri dan suaminya, hanya karena satu-satunya alasan bahwa dia memeluk Islam dan menikah dengan seorang Muslim.

Ketiganya telah ditangkap karena kriminalitas yang mereka lakukan, lapor Tanseerel.

Menurut penyelidikan, seorang perempuan muda Kristen bernama Salwa Adil, telah memeluk Islam pada 5 Maret lalu dan menikahi seorang Muslim.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Shit Lookalikes: Mesut Ozil & A Fugu Pufferfish

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Exhibit 1

Exhibit 2

The mouth, not the eyes!!

Who do we have here, £50-million virgin?

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Just what is a clearly miffed Didier Drogba muttering to his mis-firing strike partner Fernando Torres (or vice-versa)?

Fiorentina - Most Profitable Club In Italy

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Over the years, there have been many reasons for football fans to admire Fiorentina, not least the myriad midfield talents of such creative stars as Giancarlo Antognoni, Roberto Baggio and Manuel Rui Costa and the goalscoring prowess of the prolific Gabriel Batistuta. Others have been attracted to the romance of following a club from Florence, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, while fashion gurus have simply appreciated the distinctive purple of the team’s shirts, which inspired the club’s Viola nickname.

Whatever the supporters’ motives, the current season has so far not been one to remember, especially the disastrous start that left Fiorentina rock bottom of Serie A after seven games with just five points. Since those dark days, there has been a recovery of sorts and a run of 14 games with only one defeat means that the team has climbed into the top half of the table.

Wenger Blames, Blames, Blames, Blames..

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April 17th 2011: Wenger blames referee for Arsenal draw
“We conceded a penalty after 11 minutes when the referee said there was eight minutes of injury time. I don’t see where those three minutes came from and it was no penalty.”

April 10th 2011: Wenger blames grieving Gunners for goal drought after competition exits
“After what happened to us we are in grief and the spontaneous side of your game goes a little bit. That’s why our goals have dried up. This team cares and fights but after what happened to us, it takes time to recover. We have not given up but it’s not as easy for us as it was before.”

April 3rd 2011: Wenger blames international break
“I had not seen most of the players for two weeks and we got them back altogether on Friday morning for the first time, so it was very difficult to predict what would happen. Players have come back from international duty and they are not sharp – half of the team has not recovered.”

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Little FEE, Litttle PEA, HapPEA Day!

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Litttle PEA aka Chicharito

Just for a short time, most of the second half in fact, it appeared there was going to be a departure from the usual script. Manchester United were throwing everything at the Everton goal and not looking at all like scoring, but it turned out the champions elect were merely teasing Arsenal and Chelsea. In the end United didn't even need nine minutes of stoppage time or a debatable penalty to secure the points.

Thank You Emannuel Eboue

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In the 98th minute of Arsenal’s game against Liverpool our title rivals were awarded a penalty. Incredibly, this was 16th penalty of the season and it seemed fairly typical that Liverpool would gift them the win so late on. An Arsenal victory would have meant there were just 4 points between us and them on the same number of games played.

Robin van Persie put the penalty away, 1-0 Arsenal, then spent a considerable amount of time celebrating what he thought was a crucial winner for his team. The referee then added this celebration time on to the allotted minimum amount of injury time, which presented Liverpool with those vital minutes and seconds to go on the attack.

They won a freekick which eventually landed at the feet of Lucas, with his back to goal. Bizarrely, Emannuel Eboue decided to jump on top of him, leaving the referee with no option but to point to the penalty spot. Fortunately for United, Steven Gerrard wasn’t on the field, so he couldn’t throw the game like he did against Chelsea last season. Dirk Kuyt stepped up and with the last kick of the game took the win away from Arsenal.

Thank you Eboue.

Gary Lineker Ter'SHIT' Atas Padang

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Gary Lineker's dirty secret

BBC's Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker has a secret. He once - how to put it politely? - took a dump in the middle of the pitch during a game in the World Cup finals in Italy in 1990. Surprised you didn't notice it at the time? As the man himself says: "Unless you know, you wouldn't know. But when you know, you do know." We couldn't have put it better ourselves. "I was not very well, I was poorly at half-time," explains the great man, who wore the number 10 shirt but now might be better known for a number two.

Anyway, back to Gary. "I tried to tackle someone, stretched and relaxed myself and erm ... " Do go on. "I was very fortunate that it rained that night so I could do something about it, but it was messy. It was the opening game of the 1990 World Cup against the Republic of Ireland. You can see myself rubbing the ground like a dog trying to clean it. It was the most horrendous experience of my life." It did have one upside though – the Irish players were predictably unwilling to go near him. "I have never found so much space after that in my life." Let's hope he remembered to wash his hands before tucking into his post-match crisps.


Litttle Pea, Little FEE

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Keegan Meltdown Voted The Best

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Kevin Keegan Rant (FULL VERSION)

FORMER Newcastle boss Kevin Keegan's meltdown on TV has been voted the all-time top moment of manager madness.

The Magpies famously blew a 12-point lead at the top of the Premier League to finish runners-up to Manchester United in the 1995-96 season.

But Keegan hit the headlines when he finally snapped after United boss Alex Ferguson engaged him in a series of mind games.

Fergie claimed teams were trying harder to beat his side than Newcastle, but after the Geordies had won a match against Leeds, Keegan launched into his infamous rant.

He fumed: "I've kept quiet but I'll tell you something. He went down in my estimation when he said that. We've not resorted to that.

"But I'll tell ya. You can tell him now, he'll be watching it. We're still fighting for this title and he's got to go to Middlesbrough and get something and...and I'll tell you honestly, I will love it if we beat them — LOVE IT!"

But Keegan's passionate outburst failed to spark his troops and the Red Devils went on to seal the championship by four points.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Gebeng Is OK, Lynas Is FINE

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The meaning of Chernobyl
Twenty-five years on, the Chernobyl disaster has more to do with secrecy than nuclear safety, politician argues.

It began as a grey and muddy spring day, like so many others in my homeland. It ended in dread and mourning.

Of course, none of us knew the precise moment when catastrophe struck at Chernobyl 25 years ago. Back then, we lived under a system that denied ordinary people any right whatsoever to know about even essential facts and events.

So we were kept in the dark about the radiation leaking from the shattered reactor at Chernobyl – and blowing in the winds over northern Europe.

But the more bizarre fact about the Chernobyl disaster, we now know, is that Mikhail Gorbachev, general secretary of the Communist party of the Soviet Union, was also kept in the dark about the magnitude of the disaster.

Indeed, it may be this very fact that finally condemned the old system to the dustbin of history a mere five years later. No regime built on limitless self-delusion is capable of retaining a shred of legitimacy once the scale of its self-deception is exposed.


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NATO's Sarajevo Moment

In the early 1990s, the Western powers stood by idly while the Muslims of Bosnia were murdered, raped, thrown into concentration camps and ethnically cleansed in the hundreds of thousands. This disgraceful passivity in the face of atrocities of WW II imagery occurred in the immediate aftermath of the democratic world's historic triumph in the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union. It took more than three years before the United States and its allies were stirred into action -- thanks largely to Bill Clinton being pushed into an untenable corner by then French President Jacques Chirac. The ensuing intervention was quick and decisive. The air campaign and subsequent occupation of Bosnia cost America not a single casualty.

History now is repeating itself. Valiant Libyans who are fighting for their freedom from a tyrant are being left pretty much to their own devices. Civilians in Misrata are being subjected to death by a thousand cuts similar to what was the fate of Sarajevo's citizens. The Libyans of Suwarah already have been cleansed. Opponents of the regime in Tripoli are suffering systematic abuse across the country. Benghazi seems destined to be cast as Sarajevo in this recasting of the Bosnian tragic drama.

Mukhtar Mai, Remember?

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Pakistan: Acquittals in Mukhtaran Mai gang rape case

Five of six men charged over a village council-sanctioned gang rape in Pakistan have been acquitted by the Supreme Court.

The court upheld the decision of a lower court, which included commuting the death penalty of the sixth man to life imprisonment.

The victim, Mukhataran Mai, hit world headlines after speaking out about her ordeal in 2002. She has since become an icon for women's rights in Pakistan.

She said she now feared for her life.

Mukhtaran Mai was her clear and unambiguous self when she spoke minutes after the verdict, the BBC's Shoaib Hasan in Pakistan said.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

SHIT Look-alike

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"Ho ho ho ho ho!!
See ma.. no glasses!"


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ber'E-MAIL' la kamu, sebelum kamu di'e-mail'kan!

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"Apa ni? Org nak bagi e-mail free pun komplen?"
"Korang jgn jadi bodo la, ambik je la e-mail free ni.."

"Bukan korang tak tau berapa Yahoo!, Google, 
charge utk satu e-mail? Mahal tau..!"

"Wei org kampung, org Felda, ber'e-mail' la kamu, 
sebelum kamu di'e-mail'kan!"


Troubled firm to spearhead Malaysian Email Project

Is the government once again bailing out UMNO cronies?

The Malaysian government has handed a RM50 million (US$16.5 million) contract to a nearly-moribund company to set up a citizen email service that probably isn't needed, raising new questions about Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak's vow to clean out cronyism from the United Malays National Organization.

The contract, announced Tuesday by Najib, was awarded to a firm called Tricubes Bhd., one of 12 companies listed by the Malaysian Stock Exchange as eligible to seek help from the Corporate Debt Restructuring Committee to reform its debts because of its "poor or adverse financial condition."

Miskin, Buta Huruf dan PUAKA

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Aku tak ada perangkaan kadar kemiskinan dan buta huruf di Sarawak. Cumanya, aku terfikir keputusan PRN Sarawak baru-baru ini ada kena mengena dengan kadar kemiskinan dan kekurangan ilmu pengetahuan penduduknya. Kalau aku sebut buta huruf sekali lagi, sure melenting orang Sarawak.

Satu Malaya dah tau PUAKA itu telah menang besar lagi. PUAKA itu telah mengekalkan kuasa ditangannya dengan undi-undi luar bandar/pendalaman. PUAKA itu jadi raja lagi walaupun telah menyebat merembat harta pusaka orang Sarawak dengan banyaknya. PUAKA itu tak heran langsung undi di bandar tidak lagi memihak kepadanya. Tapi bagi aku, lagi menghairankan bagaimana orang Belaga (kawasan empangan Bakun) masih memilih parti PUAKA itu?

Inilah untungnya bila rakyat tidak diberi jadi pandai. Biar moyang, datuk, bapak, anak, semua sekelian dalam keluarga sekadar tahu ABC sahaja. Air batu campur. Tak payah belajar tinggi-tinggi. Macam mana nak belajar tinggi-tinggi, negeri kitak penuh hutan kata PUAKA. Nak pergi sekolah susah, naik bot turun bot boleh mati lemas. Boleh dibaham buaya. Masuk hutan keluar hutan, baru sampai sekolah. Silap hari bulan masuk perut singa.

Baik kitak tak payah pergi sekolah, kata PUAKA.

Inilah untungnya bila rakyat tak diberi jadi pandai. Boleh sumbat apa saja dalam mulutnya.

BN bagus. Baguuuuuussss... PBB Bagus. Bagussssss. Apam Lebanon baek. Baeeeeekk!! Pilihlah parti cap PUAKA. Satu pulau dengan tupai-tupainya sekali pakat ramai-ramai memilih PUAKA. Itu pasal sejak dari zaman Madey MamakKutty lagi, harga buku di Kinokuniya boleh buat beli beras 90 kilo. Mahal. Supaya orang tak beli, tak mampu nak beli. Baik orang beli beras. Kalau sepanjang hayat asyik beli beras, tak pernah membeli buku, jadi bodohlah jawabnya.

Bodohkan mereka, nescaya lambat-laut akan ku cucukkan hidung mereka, kata PUAKA.

Sewaktu aku menumpang di Sarawak dulu, aku pernah terdengar satu peribahasa yang amat celaka, "lagi mudah membeli Iban dari membeli ikan masin". Menyedihkan. Nampak sangat suku Iban ini sengkek tiada umpama lagi. Ikan masin pun dah jadi lebih berharga dari Iban. Walhal Sarawak tanah Iban, bukan tanah untuk Melanau PUAKA sahaja.

Inilah untungnya bila "Balak diutamakan, Iban dimiskinkan." Anak Alfred Jabu bawak 3 lori beer masuk hutan, satu Sarawak punya Iban sudah kaw-tim. Inilah kerja PUAKA selama 30 puluh tahun memerintah, meranapkan sosio-ekonomi Iban dan lain-lain suku yang bergantung pada hutan.

Tabur pasir dalam periuk nasi mereka, lambat laun Iban ini akan ku cucuk-cucuk hidungnya, kata PUAKA.

Tapi PUAKA ini lagi hebat, bukan sekadar pasir tapi segala macam racun ditabur. Sampai kehari ini Iban masih lembek tak boleh nak bangun-bangun berdiri diatas kaki sendiri. Inilah suku yang satu masa dahulu pahlawan memenggal kepala musuh, tapi kini tunduk merangkak dengan kepala agung yang PUAKA hulur. Bukan banyak pun kepala agung yang PUAKA ini hulur. Tapi disebabkan miskin, dengan RM50 mewahlah sekejap dengan ikan masin. Maka terpangkahlah undi untuk PUAKA.

Paling palat lagi, sudah lah hutan adat Iban ditebang, balak dijual haram sekupang tiada habuan untuk Iban, tanah dijadikan ladang sawit, Iban si tuan tanah adat asalnya kini jadi kuli batak ladang sawit PUAKA. Kena perah kena pulas.

Memang celaka amat PUAKA ini. Mana perginya bomoh-bomoh power suku Iban ini? Kasi santau sama ini PUAKA!!!

Apa? Bomoh Iban pun dah kena penangan kepala agung??? KAH KAH KAH KAH KAH!!!!

~ LibangLibu

PERNAH Baca BISMILLAH Sebelum Makan?

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Pernah tak?

Ini persoalan remeh. Leceh. Tapi cuba menung-menungkan sejenak. Pernah tak? Dari pagi, ketengahari kepetang kemalam. Makan, mencekik, menyumbat dan melantak. Semua balun. Burrrrrp! Kenyang. Sebut Alhamdulillah? Kah kah kah kah kah! Bismillah pun malas nak sebut, inikan nak pulak sebut Alhamdulillah. Ptuih!

Gerenti ramai diantara kita akan mengatakan, mestilah baca Bismillah, kitakan orang Islam. Orang Islam baca Bismillah sebelum makan. Kalau tak baca Bismillah setan iblis akan makan dulu, setan iblis akan kencing berak atas makanan sebelum masuk perut kita, setan iblis akan kacau makanan dengan najis sebelum masuk perut kita. Mak kita suruh baca Bismillah sebelum makan, ustaz kita marah kalau tak baca Bismillah sebelum makan. Baca Bismillah penting wooooo....

Lunch-chow laaaaa.. jgn nak kencing. Cuba ingat-ingatkan balik, bila last kita baca Bismillah sebelum makan?

Sure ada pulak yang kata, kami baca 'dalam hati'. Bab ini lagi haru, dok main dalam hati. Kalau baca Bismillah boleh 'dalam hati', try la 'makan dalam hati'. Boleh? KAH KAH KAH!

Agak-agaknya inilah punca utama masalah kegemukan yang melanda masyarakat Melayu kita. Macam mana nak slim? Makan tak baca Bismillah, kunyah tak lumat, tak hadam, mencekik banyak bukan main dan lemak makin berkumpul tiap hari.

Cuba tanya Bik Mama yang gedebab, "lu makan ada baca ka?" Hadiahnya 'smack-down' separuh nyawa!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Friday, April 15, 2011

PUAKA Yang Lupa Asal Usul

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Inilah Kg Sebako, Pulau Bruit, Sarawak. Nampak cantik dari udara, hijau sejauh mata memandang. Aku pernah menumpang disini buat beberapa ketika dan berpeluang berkongsi payah jerih hidup di pulau yang terpinggir dari dunia luar.

Majoriti penduduk di kampung ini adalah dari suku Melanau yang beragama Islam. Sesuku dengan PUAKA. Sudah tentu umum akan mengatakan alangkah bertuahnya suku Melanau memandangkan PUAKA ini adalah dari kaum kerabat mereka juga. Lunch-chow! Sikit haram pun PUAKA ini tak pedulikan sukunya di kampung ini.

PUAKA ini hanya pedulikan tanah di pulau ini yang luas terbentang untuk dijadikan ladang kelapa sawit. PUAKA ini tak peduli sisa ladang kelapa sawitnya mencemar sungai dikampung ini, sedangkan sungai itulah satu-satunya sumber air dikala kemarau. Dan dari sungai itu jugalah pelbagai jenis ikan dan udang boleh ditangkap buat makan tengahari.

PUAKA ini tidak peduli suku-sakatnya telah berpuluh-puluh tahun tidak pernah merasa air paip. Berpuluh-puluh tahun suku-sakatnya ini mandi, memasak, membasuh dan basuh berak dengan air hujan. Di sekeliling kampung setiap buah rumah pasti terdapat tong biru besar untuk menadah air hujan. Dimusim kemarau beramai-ramai menceduk air sungai yang tercemar untuk kegunaan harian, tiada pilihan.

PUAKA ini juga terus membiarkan suku-sakatnya bergelap tanpa api elektrik. Tak payah elektrik, penduduk kampung perlu tidur awal buat anak. Budak-budak sekolah tak payah menelaah diwaktu malam, tidur awal. Tak perlu belajar pandai-pandai, sebab nanti bila pandai akan cuba melawan PUAKA. Sehingga kini Kg Sebako masih bergelap tanpa bekalan api elektrik. Berak lah dalam gelap, lumat ponggong digigit nyamuk 'rengit'. Gatal bisa gigitannya, ya Tuhan.... sampai ketulang!

PUAKA ini tidak peduli suku-sakatnya ini terputus langsung dengan dunia luar bila musim tengkujuh tiba. Ombak tinggi ganas menggila. Bekalan terputus. Telur, ikan masin dan salai lumek jadi sajian utama. PUAKA apa peduli, dia dah ada apam Lebanon! Jangan jatuh sakit di musim tengkujuh, jangan mati dan jangan beranak. Kalau terasa mahu beranak juga, pujuklah bayi supaya masuk ke dalam rahim kembali. Hospital terdekat nun di Sarikei, 3 jam perjalanan dengan bot. Tapi diwaktu ombak mengganas, tiada juragan gila yang mahu turun membelah lautan.

PUAKA ini memang lupa asal usul. Yang dipedulikan sangat buat masa ini hanyalah apam yang baru dikutip dari Lebanon.

Telah sampai masanya suku Melanau di Sarawak menghumban PUAKA yang lupa asal usul ini kedalam tong sampah sejarah. Tidak ada untungnya menyokong pemimpin bertelinga satu, bermulut dua dan lidah bercabang tiga.

Humbankan dia bersama-sama apam Lebanonnya, biar tercekik lemas dan mampos!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

PUAKA Ini Telah Terlampau Kenyang

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Bumi Sarawak telah hampir 2 tahun aku tinggalkan setelah menumpang disana selama 10 bulan. Aku ke sana menemani isteri yang sarat mengandung. Dalam empoh 10 bulan itu aku telah ke Kuching, Sibu, Sarikei, Pulau Bruit, Kg Sebako dan akhir sekali Kg Baru, Daro.

Sarawak amat luas, sekiranya boleh diangkat Semenanjung Malaysia ianya boleh dimuatkan di dalam bumi Sarawak dan masih ada kawasan berbaki.

Sarawak kaya dengan hasil semula jadi. Paling menonjol ialah petroliam dan pembalakan. Tapi kenapa Sarawak begitu ketinggalan jauh dibelakang?

Aku boleh buat kesimpulan bahawa ini angkara PUAKA yang amat bijak dan secara tersusun dan tanpa disedari telah memperbodohkan warga Sarawak selama lebih 30 tahun untuk mengaut kekayaan Sarawak untuk diri dan kroni-kroninya. Apa sahaja yang dibuat oleh PUAKA ini hanyalah untuk terus memperbodohkan dan menyusahkan hidup warga Sarawak. Lagi bodoh lagi bagus, boleh terus dipijak-pijak kepala. Lagi susah melarat merempat lagi bagus, senang dicucuk hidung.

Mula-mula sekali PUAKA ini terus membiarkan sistem pengangkutan awam terus macam haramjadah, baik jalan darat mahu laluan air. Pengangkutan udara agak baik, tapi berapa kerat yang mampu naik belon? Pengangkutan awam yang macam haramjadah inilah yang membataskan pergerakan warga Sarawak. Pergerakan yang terbatas sudah tentu akan membataskan maklumat terkini. Maka kekal warga Sarawak dibawah tempurung.

Sepanjang aku menumpang di Sarawak, siksa benar untuk mendapatkan surat khabar. Biasanya suratkhabar lambat satu hari di Daro, lambat seminggu di Pulau Bruit dan lambat 12 jam di Sarikei. Anda mahu cari Rocket, Suara Keadilan, Harakah? Jangan mimpi, baik pesan dengan kawan di Semenanjung terus. Maknanya, kalau PM kita dah mati, rakyat Sabah dan Sarawak lah paling akhir mengetahuinya melalui suratkhabar. Rata-rata suratkhabar di Sarawak saban hari menayang muka PUAKA ini, cantek punya propaganda. Memang niat PUAKA ini tidak mengizinkan warga Sarawak membaca. PUAKA ini tidak mahu warga Sarawak terbuka mindanya.

Selama 10 bulan aku diam di kawasan-kawasan pendalaman di Sarawak. Di kawasan-kawasan bumiputera tinggal dan bekerja mencari sebijik nasi. Aku telah merasa memasak dengan air hujan, membasuh dengan air hujan, mandi junub dengan air hujan dan basuh berak dengan air hujan. 53 tahun merdeka tapi masih ada rakyat Malaysia basuh berak dengan air hujan. Tak cilaka ke PUAKA ni?

Bekalan api letrik Sarawak dibekalkan oleh Sesco, disini tiada TNB. Dalam kepala aku, menatang Sesco ini pastilah kepunyaaan suku-sakat PUAKA ini, itu pasal PUAKA ini tidak membenarkan TNB masuk ke Sarawak. Pun begitu, bukan semua kawasan dapat menikmati kemudahan elektrik, hanya kawasan bandar dan segelintir kawasan pinggir bandar. Penduduk kawasan pendalaman boleh lah berdoa siang malam pagi petang supaya matahari tak akan terbenam tiap hari, supaya tak bergelap. Memang cilaka PUAKA ini dia tak kasi anak-anak tempatan menelaah pelajaran untuk jadi pandai.

10 bulan aku diam dikawasan pendalaman bumiputera dan aku memahami betapa peritnya kehidupan bagi warga tempatan. Harga barangan makin melambung, sumber rezeki makin sempit. Hutan sudah ditarah PUAKA untuk dijual balaknya. Habis balaknya, hutan diganti dengan hutan kelapa sawit. Sisa sawit ini mengalir melalui sungai dan terus ke laut, mencemari alam di sepanjang laluannya. Membunuh segala flora dan fauna yang selama ini menjadi sumber rezeki penduduk pribumi Sarawak. Cilaka sungguh PUAKA ini.

Sudah lama sangat PUAKA ini berkuasa di Sarawak. Sepatutnya dengan hasil bumi yang dimiliki, Sarawak adalah antara negeri terkaya di Malaysia bukan antara yang tercorot. PUAKA ini dah kapur semua.

Aku harap sekiranya aku kembali menziarah bumi Sarawak dimasa akan datang, besarlah harapan aku bukan PUAKA ini yang memegang tampuk kekuasaan Sarawak. PUAKA ini telah mati lemas dikepit apam Lebanon.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Libya: Who WINS?

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Curtis Doebbler / Al-Ahram

Watching the Western media, one would think that the Libya crisis was a domestic uprising in which the West felt morally obliged to help and came to aid of ordinary citizens. But a closer look than we are allowed by the "controlled" Western media shows a much different picture.

Rather than the result of a spontaneous show of public participation, the conflict besieging Libya may have been a classic expression of neo-colonialism. The West, especially the United States and its Gulf allies, rather than embracing the peoples' expression of participation in Egypt and Tunisia contrived events in Libya to be able to control these expressions and ensure that they did not result in these people or any other in the region being able to decide how to govern themselves.

Before the situation in Libya erupted, Western countries were investing heavily both in Libyan oil and in removing Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. The two goals were not incompatible for them as they were both driven by the capitalist motivation of greed. They could not let the oil flow by them without taking their share and, they thought, if they can replace the colonel with a Western puppet they can increase their profit as well as their control over the source of this profit.

We Are What We Eat - why-you-need-to-detoxify-24-hours-a-day?

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Leo Galland, M.D.

Leo Galland, M.D.

Posted: March 2, 2011 08:52 AM

I want to change what you think about detoxification.

Let me explain.

When I talk about detoxification, I don’t mean making an appointment to get your colon cleansed or going on a fast.

Because detoxification is not some part-time gig.

Detoxification is a full-time job for your body; a natural, ongoing process that happens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

And with all the toxins and stress in the modern world, it is a lot of work.

You know that we are all exposed to toxins in the air we breathe, water we drink, and products we use. (1)

But are you aware that how well, or how poorly, your body is able to detoxify will in a large part determine how well or sick you feel?

I have observed that exposure to environmental toxins can promote a wide variety of ailments.

My observation is confirmed in the New York University Medical Center guide Staying Healthy in a Risky Environment, which lists a vast number of symptoms and conditions that can be impacted by environmental factors.

Here are just some of the symptoms and conditions that can result from environmental toxins, from the NYU guide:


Coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath

Eye, ear, nose or throat irritation,

Chills or Fever,

Dizziness or vertigo,


Hair loss,

Skin rash,

Infertility of women and men,

Liver disease,

Neurological dysfunction, such as loss of memory or concentration, or confusion,

Weakness or fatigue,


and cancer. (2)

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How the Richest "1 Percent" Keep Rewarding Themselves for Epic Failure

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Linda Keenan
Janine R. Wedel

The personal and the political are today in perfect alignment. Virtually all U.S. senators, and most...[House] representatives...are members of the top 1 percent....are kept in office by money from the top 1 percent, and know that if they serve the top 1 percent well they will be rewarded by the top 1 percent when they leave office. By and large, the key executive-branch policymakers on trade and economic policy also come from the top 1 percent. When pharmaceutical companies receive a trillion-dollar gift--through legislation prohibiting the government...from bargaining over price--it should not come as cause for wonder....Given the power of the top 1 percent, this is the way you would expect the system to work.

No, this was no April Fool's Joke, said the outraged Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell. Transocean, which owned and operated the doomed Deepwater Horizon rig, put out filings April 1, stating that it had actually had its "best year in safety performance" and was rewarding its executives with bonuses. Never mind those pictures of viscous Gulf water and oil-slimed wildlife. Only after The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, among others, eviscerated Transocean did the company announce that the safety bonuses would instead go to families of the workers who died in the rig explosion. Lest you think this is a full mea culpa, Forbes' Jeff McMahon points out that 5 executives will still get $650,000, bonus money that is not attached to safety goals.

Surely without the hue and cry these executives would have gotten away with it. Their attempt to snatch personal gain from the jaws of epic defeat is just the latest assault on common sense by the "1 percent", as economist and Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz describes America's super-elite in a new Vanity Fair piece called "Of the 1%, By the 1%, For the 1%."

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

We Are Not Being Told The Truth About Libya

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Johann Hari

Johann Hari

Most of us have a low feeling that we are not being told the real reasons for the war in Libya. David Cameron's instinctive response to the Arab revolutions was to jump on a plane and tour the palaces of the region's dictators selling them the most high-tech weapons of repression available. Nicholas Sarkozy's instinctive response to the Arab revolutions was to offer urgent aid to the Tunisian tyrant in crushing his people. Barack Obama's instinctive response to the Arab revolutions was to refuse to trim the billions in aid going to Hosni Mubarak and his murderous secret police, and for his Vice-President to declare: "I would not refer to him as a dictator."

This isn't the distant past. This is a few months ago. Yet now we are told that these people have turned into the armed wing of Amnesty International. They are bombing Libya because they can't bear for innocent people to be tyrannized, by the tyrants they were arming and funding for years. As Obama put it: "Some nations may be able to turn a blind eye to atrocities in other countries. The United States of America is different." There was a time, a decade ago, when I took this rhetoric at face value. But I can't now, because I have looked too deeply into the real actions behind the honeyed words.

The best guide through this confusion is to look at two other wars our government is currently deeply involved in -- because they show that the claims made for this bombing campaign can't be true.