Saturday, January 22, 2011


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Najib’s Nubiles vs Blair’s Babes and Gaddafi’s virgin soldiers
Written by Mariam Mokhtar, Malaysia Chronicle

It is nice to know that Prime minister Najib Abdul Razak is joining the international arena of ‘women’s power’, just like UK’s Tony Blair, Libya’s Gaddafi and Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi.

Former British PM, Tony Blair had 101 female Labour Party MPs in his administration after the 1997 general election. They were known as “Blair’s Babes” and were full of hope and high expectations.

Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian prime minister, is fond of young and pretty women. He manages to appoint them as ‘ministers’ and one former topless model and beauty queen became equal opportunities minister in his new cabinet. Silvio has at least four women ministers. His opponents have criticised him for selecting young, attractive female candidates—some with little or no political experience—to represent the party in the European Parliament elections.

When it comes to personal protection, Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi is normally flanked by 30 blue-uniformed females, all supposedly virgins, dangling their guns from their shoulders as they give him 24-hour protection. All wear nail varnish, perfume and lipsticks, and sport trendy hair styles.

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