Thursday, December 30, 2010

MADEY Jumpa NAJIB Di Paris

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Mahathir and Najib were in Paris where they made friend with a French guy named Jean Paul.

They used to go all over Paris with him (he was a good guide and translator for them) when suddenly one day Jean Paul disappeared.

Mahathir and Najib went to the police and lodged a complaint about the disappearance of their good friend.

The police asked Mahathir and Najib if they could give some vital clues about Jean Paul that would make finding him easier.

Mahathir says: " Jean Paul was handsome and not tall."

Police: "All Frenchmen are like that... give us something more specific!!"

Najib says: " Jean Paul had blue eyes and was very fair."

Police says: "C'mon guys, all Frenchmen have blue eyes and they are fair, tell us something more specific!"

Mahathir and Najib almost chorused and said: "Oh yes... now we remember, Jean Paul had two holes in his ass!!!

The Policeman gets really interested now, "Now that's something very specific - but tell me, how do you know this?? Did you guys see his assholes??

Mahathir and Najib: " No we didn’t see the assholes, but wherever we went with Jean Paul, everyone was overheard saying, "Here comes Jean Paul with the TWO assholes!!"