Sunday, December 19, 2010

Macam2 Tempat Boleh PERGI

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HRP kepada Pakatan: Beri kami 15 kerusi parlimen

Hindraf-Parti Hak Asasi Manusia (HRP) telah memberi kata dua kepada Pakatan Rakyat supaya memberi laluan kepada parti kaum India itu bertanding satu lawan satu dengan BN di 15 kerusi parlimen dan 38 kerusi negeri dalam pilihanraya umum akan datang.

Thee he he he.. ada ati.. ada ati nak jadi MB tuu..thee he he

Apa natang
HRP ni? HaRamzadeh Pokeymek ka?

Pergi lah Mam..

Pergi lah Lan Cheow..

Pergilah Jahanam..

Ndak kerusi pegi laa mintak kat Sami Veloo..thee hee he

Jgn laa mintak kat Pakatan..

Ini sure kes terlebih makan sireh.. jgn makan sireh byk2.. maboook!!

Dalam surat yang dihantar hari ini kepada ketua umum PKR Datuk Seri
Anwar Ibrahim, penasihat DAP Lim Kit Siang dan presiden PAS Datuk Seri Hadi Awang, setiausaha agung penaja HRP, P Uthayakumar berkata jika Pakatan tidak memenuhi permintaan parti itu, gabungan itu akan berdepan dengan pertandingan tiga penjuru di kawasan berkenaan. (KLIK sini untuk artikel penuh)

Same Ol' ArseNIL

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Same Old Arse
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Durian Democracy

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"hang golek atas aku, hang hancoq,

aku golek atas hang, hang hancoq leboq.. KA KA KA

Now that Najib the peddler of durian diplomacy knows what his admirers across the narrow sluggish waterway really think of him, a view no doubt shared by many in his own backyard, I wonder what other great plans he has in mind to develop with Singapore. They have even implied that he is connected with a deed most foul."

Singapore redefines braggadocio — Tunku Abdul Aziz
December 18, 2010

DEC 18 — Four years ago, on October 18, 2006, I wrote an opinion piece from my 30th-floor office in the UN Secretariat, New York, for the New Sunday Times. The title, “Singapore is simply a neighbour too far”, I thought fairly described my assessment of the state of our relations with neighbouring Singapore. It upset a great many Singaporeans; it also made many realise that “what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.”

A Singaporean behaves too much like an insecure lover, forever seeking assurance that she is the fairest of them all and that she is much admired and loved. The insatiable craving for praise and adoration would, in normal circumstances, point to a serious flaw in the national character. This much I remember from the child psychology lectures I attended in college all those long years ago. How else can you explain their supercilious behaviour towards us, the Japanese and Indians, all falling into the category of “stupid?”

Singapore is not an unknown quantity to us in Malaysia. In a sense it is of us, but not part of us. Forget the so-called historical ties that are supposed to underpin our relations because they amount to nothing in practice.

To view them through rose-tinted spectacles as is our wont would distort even further a relationship that has never been known for its convergence of views on even the most pedestrian of issues. Rather, it has always had all the makings and attributes of a potentially protracted and acrimonious future.

Singapore has no time for sentiments; emotion is anathema to its national make-up. So, do not use that tack because it simply will not wash with it. Singapore is brutally clinical and rarely takes prisoners in any engagement with it.