Wednesday, December 1, 2010

PROTONG Terus Maju, Untuk Rakyat M'sia

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Proton Holdings Bhd plans to export Inspira components next year, says managing director Datuk Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir. Inspira, Proton’s latest model, is a mid-sized four door sedan introduced to enhance and strengthen the upper C-segment offering in the line-up of Proton’s models.

PLAN. Baru PLAN. Dah masuh paper, masuk internet. Heboh sana, heboh sini. Baru PLAN.

Tau dah.. tau dah.. thee he he ini kes kena buli dgn Mitsubishi laaa..

Baiknya Mitsubishi bagi free-free acuan buat Inspira..thee he he

Kemudian lagi bertambah baik nak beli spare part..

Cuba laa bagi tau.. thee he he Jepun jajah Malaya ke Malaya yang jajah Jepun ni??

Cuba bagi tau.. sapa dulu meniaga kereta ni?? Jepun atau Malaya?

Gahnya bunyi jual spare-part. Cuba jual kat Zimbabwe dulu laaa..thee he he

Syed Zainal said Mitsubishi Motor Corporation has committed to purchase the components produced in Malaysia for export to other countries, particularly in Thailand, for its Mitsubishi models.

“The export of Inspira components will start next year. We are now finalising discussions on this and also on how to export the model outside the country,” he said at the official launch of the Inspira here Wednesday.