Tuesday, November 30, 2010


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Puak2 itu bukan sekadar tidur rumah mewah daaa...

Mahligai! Madey dah buatkan mahligai..thee he he

Repair mahligai, repair paip bocor, tiang retak, lampu tak menyala, apa segala RM65 juta Dol..

RM65 juta Dol..

Hilang akal nelayang tangkap ikang nak memahami RM65 juta buat repair rumah.

By Patrick Lee

KUALA LUMPUR: Abandoned housing projects are commonplace throughout Malaysia's property landscape. But for the villagers of Kampung Berembang, this fact comes as a painful truth.

Once home to a few thousand inhabitants, Kampung Berembang in the vicinity of Ampang has been reduced to a shantytown of rude huts, with only 30-odd families left.

With their original houses forcibly bulldozed by the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council in 2006, many of the villagers have had to move to other locations throughout the Klang Valley.

Those who have been fortunate enough to remain have been forced to live in tents for a few years, adding zinc sheets and leftover wood to craft into makeshift houses.

The villagers are stuck between a rock and a hard place. To the northeast lies a YTL cement factory, with its cement trucks rumbling precariously every five to 10 minutes along Jalan Berembang.

A water retention area for the SMART tunnel sits to the north, while to their west are planned quarters for government workers from Sabah.

Even their skyline has been taken away from them, with the whole village dangerously resting beneath high tension power cables.

Understanding The Concept of Education In Islam

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Syed Muhammad Naquib al-Attas

The meaning of education and of what it involves is of utmost importance in the formulation of a system of education and its implementation. Supposing I am asked: What is education?, and I answer: Education is a process of instilling something into human beings. In this answer ‘a process of instilling’ refers to the method and the system by which what is called ‘education’ is gradually imparted; ‘something’ refers to the content of what is instilled; and ‘human beings’ refers to the recipient of both the process and the content.

Now the answer given above already encompasses the three fundamental elements that constitute education: the process, the content, the recipient; but it is not yet a definition because those elements are deliberately left vague. Furthermore, the way of formulating the sentence meant to be developed into a definition as given above gives the impression that what is emphasized is the process. Supposing I reformulate the answer: Education is something progressively instilled into man. Now here we still encompass the three fundamental elements inherent in education, but the order of precedence as to the important clement that constitutes education is now the content and not the process. Let us consider this last formulation and proceed in analyzing the inherent concepts.