Tuesday, November 23, 2010

On Equality, Human Fraternity and Gandhi

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Neither I am not a big fan of Gandhi nor I dislike him but, often times I heard people saying the day Gandhi died, Hamka cried. ~ (LibangLibu)

On Equality, Human Fraternity and Gandhi

Tariq Ramadan

Equality between men is an ideal. Religions, philosophies and political ideologies have made the equality of human beings the essence of their teachings, principles or systems.

Individuals must be treated with equal dignity and fairness. And yet a journey through societies and nations is all it takes to convince us that we still have a very long way to go: political philosophies have been elaborated, Declarations and Charters have been drawn up, ratified and signed, and laws have been passed, but the reality of inequality and discrimination is obvious to all. Universally.

Whilst equality is a de facto legal principle, we cannot avoid the conclusion that the law is not enough to establish it. Before we talk about laws and rules, we have to discuss and evaluate the very idea of humanity, and of its unity and diversity.