Monday, November 22, 2010

Madey tells Malays: To be given handicaps is to ensure fairness

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Dr Madey
I am not ashamed to admit that I cannot compete with the Chinese and Indian students when studying medicine. They had much better results than me and the other six Malay students for entry into the Medical College.

"I cannot compete with the Chinese and Indian?? Indian???"

thee he he he dah tua-tua pun masih tak mengaku.. thee he he

Mengaku saja laaa...1Malaya dah tau.. 1Malaya tak kisah pun, PM 1Malaya tak ada sorang pun orang Melayu..

Mengaku laaa, 1Malaya memahami.. Tak suruh pun mengaku duduk rumah pakai kain pelikat...thee he he

It is not shameful to lose out against them. Simply to catch up with them we need handicaps. To be given handicaps is to ensure fairness, not discrimination.

I would like to apologise to the students and others for failing to turn up to give the talk I had agreed to. I would also like to thank those who sent get well messages, fruits and flowers while I was in hospital in Melbourne.(read more HERE)