Saturday, November 20, 2010

Jangan Fikir Dua Kali, BALUN.

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Tapi jgn balun biawak ni, walaupun lidah dia bercabang..

Walau pun lidah dia bercabang, biawak tak cakap belit-belit..

Time bercakap kepala biawak ni tak goyang-goyang..

Kaki tangan tak laaa naik sama bercakap..

Kalau bercakap ramai-ramai, biawak ni tak laaa bercakap macam sampai nak karam.....thee he he

History and ethnic sentiments — Chandra Muzaffar
November 15, 2010

NOV 15 — It is a pity that the announcement about making history a requirement for obtaining the Sijil Peperiksaan Malaysia (SPM) was made at the general assembly of a political party. Rightly or wrongly, it has given rise to accusations that it is a politically motivated move, or that it serves some hidden ethnic agenda.

Memang byk sejarah..thee he he kalau tak, muruku pun kita tak kenal

Dah berpuluh tahun pun asyik kena auta dgn Samy Vellu.. thee he he tak kisah pun.

Sejarah memang hebat.. 25 tahun la 1Malaya dah kena kapor Madey.. thee he he

1Malaya mana pernah berPMkan Melayu? Cuba belek2 sejarah betol-betol.

Itu la pasal.. kalau jumpa mamat Chandra nama Melayu ni dalam hutan..thee hehe

Balun dia dulu.. dia ni lagi bahaya dari ular.

In fact, the reactions to the announcement reveal how deep ethnic sentiments are in our society today —- so deep that those articulating a certain view are perhaps not even conscious that their position reflects a subtle ethnic bias. The vast majority of non-Malay politicians, media commentators and academics, for instance, have demanded that the history syllabus should incorporate the contributions of all communities to the development of the nation.