Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ini Semua MADEY Punya Pasal La

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Ini semua dia punya pasai la..

Politik kucar kacir.
Muhibbah antara kaum dah tak ada.
Ekonomi tahap Zimbabwe.
Agama? Nasib baik tak ngikut Turki.

Apa yang baik Madey ni? thee he he he ada... jangan kata tak ada baiknya langsung.

BAEEEK punya kapor! Tak caya google Barry Wain.

100 bilion beb.. Najib baru nak try 5 bilion.

Madey punya kapor boleh buat 20 menara Najib.

When Malay Leaders Fail

By Hussein Abdul Rahman at Mat Nuar Blog

These Malays who are the leaders in UMNO….they were once decent people. There were once Malays who had the well-being and welfare of other Malays in their hearts. They wanted the Malays to succeed in education, in business and they wanted the Malays to be able to stand with pride amongst the other races in Malaysia. They started their life in politics with these thoughts.

It changed when Mahathir took his place as Prime Minister. This was no ordinary man. He had intellect. He had intelligence. He worked hard and he knew exactly what he wanted and how to go about getting it. He was a man who had the power to do much. If only he had used his power for good rather then for evil.

As he was talking about racial harmony he understood the need of the racial divide to keep the people off balance and he used the racial divide to weave his politics of divide and rule. As he consolidated his hold on his cabinet he understood the need to have Minister who were corrupt, weak of the flesh and susceptible to the lure of money and every other imaginable persuasion so that he could use these weaknesses to exert control over them. Truly Mahathir is a disciple of Machiavelli – adept in using cunning and deceitful tactics in politics!

Menara GATAI

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Najib’s 100-storey tower – by Teresa Kok
October 16, 2010

OCT 16 – Prime Minister Najib Razak’s proposal to build a 100-storey tower in the Stadium Merdeka area smacks of egotism and complete disregard for the need for sustainable urban development in Kuala Lumpur.

Secondly, Najib has not justified how this 100-storey phallic symbol costing RM5 billion might help Malaysia become the high-income economy lauded in his Economic Transformation Plan. This princely sum of RM5 billion would be better spent towards improving public transportation in KL which would benefit the lowest income KL-residents who need support the most.
Apa makna phallic? Phallic ni apa daaa..

Sebatang? Tegak? Mencanak? thee he he

Badak berendam pun badak berendam lah.. badak berendam pun kadang2 sodap!

Firstly, the ad hoc 100-storey tower proposal shows a lack of urban planning that will only exacerbate KL’s existing traffic congestion that is the bane of every KL resident, no thanks to DBKL’s couldn’t-care-less attitude towards their own plot ratio requirements.

Traffic jams are already an everyday occurrence on Jalan Maharajalela and Jalan Kinabalu, what more with the addition of this 100-storey tower in the area. This 100-storey monolith could cause a gridlock situation that would paralyse the entire KL city centre.

We Are What We Eat

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Less Carb for a Younger You

A U.S researcher found that cutting down carbohydrates intake not only provide benefits to health, but also gives longevity to life as it reduces the level of insulin in the body.

Professor Cynthia Kenyon, whose research specializes in ageing, has discovered that the carbohydrates we eat, such as bread, pasta, and cakes, can directly affect two genes that govern youthfulness and longevity.

Based in University of California, Daily Mail reported that her revolutionary work which used a type of roundworm, C.elegans, has found that calories reduction can change the way two key genes behave: it turns down one gene that controls insulin (nicknamed 'Grim Reaper') while another with anti-ageing benefits, 'Sweet Sixteen', switches on.