Friday, October 15, 2010

S'pore Sibuk Cari Duit, Pegi Mampos La Summit

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Wanita Pertama yang hadir adalah dari Albania, Afghanistan, Chile,
Congo, Gambi Ghana, Guinea Bissau,
Iran, Jamaica, Mali,
Mauritius, Mozambique, Nigeria,
Paraguay, Seychelles, Soerra Leone,
Sri Lanka, Sudan dan Zambia,

semua gemuk hitam dan kuat makan!

Pompuan pompuan tu datang sebab nak makan free..thee he he
Ini semua pompuan2 dari negara dunia ketiga..
Negara2 yg rankingnya bawah 1Malaya..
Singapore mana mau mari.. 1Malaya apa kelas daaa..

SINGAPORE ranks fourth globally and second in Asia Pacific in terms of average personal wealth, according to the inaugural global wealth report by Credit Suisse Research.

Average wealth per adult in Singapore has grown strongly in the last decade, rising from US$105,000 (S$137,100) per adult to over US$250,000 in 2010, supported by a period of strong domestic economic growth and asset price increases.

Singapore's two-fold increase in average wealth per adult has also been accompanied by a 7 per cent slide in average debt.

From a macro perspective, the report finds that the global wealth currently held by 4.4 billion adults has increased 72 per cent since 2000 to reach US$195 trillion.

Who Created this SOB?

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Who feed this SOB?

Who protect this SOB?

How he can stay that long?

Where this SOB stashed all his cash?

When do you think the last time this SOB really work for the people?

Why is that so difficult to topple this SOB? 

When do you think we can see this SOB bites the dust?

Again, who created this SOB?


The desecration of the huge Rejang (also known as Rajang) river by wasted logs and driftwood has raised the alarm, throughout Malaysia, about the environmental degradation that has been taking place throughout Sarawak during chief minister Taib Mahmud’s three decades in power.

Even though TV3 and RTM have tried to suppress the news of this ecological and economic disaster, photos and eyewitness accounts have drawn an enormous audience. Shocking photos posted on Hornbill Unleashed drew more than 10,000 views, and many angry comments, over a couple of days.

Katak Pun Boleh Terlebih GULA

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Katak pun boleh kena kencing manis sekarang ni (katak ni lepas operation kerat tangan)

Macam mana tak kena kencing manis.. suka duduk lama2, org suruh bangun tak nak bangun

Macam mana tak kena kencing manis..bontot besar, pendek tak mau naik tinggi dah..

Macam mana tak kena kencing manis.. muka dah naik 2 talam, lemak sana sini...hee thee hee

Kalau kaki asyik kebas, kerat kaki tu ganti dengan kaki katak!!

Disgusting or not, no apology given (read more HERE)

Indeed, Nizar is not the only lawmaker who has called for a motion of censure against Ibrahim Ali. MP for Shah Alam Khalid Ibrahim had immediately ticked him off, accusing him of trying to encourage the Malays to disrespect the minority races.

Other lawmakers also described his behavior as “disgusting”. But the portly Ibrahim is unfazed and refused to make any apologies for his behavior.

He told reporters he had diabetes and he did not stand because his leg was numb.