Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hop Hop! HOORAY!!

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Ibrahim Ali's Datukship Revoked by Kelantan Palace

"Eleh...aku tak heran laaa. Nanti Raja Kiribati nak bagi pingat kat aku."

KOTA BARU - The Kelantan palace has revoked the datukship of Malay rights group Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali and former state secretary Wan Hashim Wan Daud.

Ini pingat 'Run Walk Hop' Kiribati Island

Apa ada hal kena tarik..thee he he Broheng Ali dah hello kat Raja Kiribati..

Raja Kiribati akan menganugerah kan Broheng Ali dgn gelaran 'Ghajo Segalo Ghajo Segalo Katok'!

Padan muka...thee he he

Dalam bahasa Hindi - इंटरफ़ेस मैच

Bahasa Hebrew - התאמה של ממשק

Bahasa Inggeris - 'match interface'!!... thee he he try google!

'Match interface'? apa pasal 'match interface'.. thee he he

Ini 'match interface' tak? thee heh ee

The revocation of Ibrahim’s datukship on Wednesday came several days after he visited the former Sultan of Kelantan Tuanku Ismail Petra, according to The Star.

After the visit on Friday, Ibrahim was quoted by the media as saying that the former Sultan was very happy to see him and that he remembered about their shared experience years before.

Homo Sapiensis Broheng Aliingis

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PERKASA Stung by Speech on Primitive Men

By G Vinod

KUALA LUMPUR: Perkasa today demanded an apology from MCA youth chief Wee Ka Siong for his reference to “primitive men” masquerading as national heroes.

Harapan ayahanda..

Reti basa terasa pulak..thee he he ingatkan badan gemuk pendek, kulit muka tebal macam kulit katak puru, tak terasa apa2..

'Primitive men' ni macam jakun laa.. tak ada tamadun..thee he he

Lain kali, kalau orang suruh bangun.. jangan laa duduk membesarkan ponggong..thee he hee

Kalau orang suruh diam seminit, jgn la buat bangang bercakap kat hand-phone..thee he he

Kalau orang suruh diam, jgn laa bercakap kuat2, sendawa laa, kentut laaa.. nampak sangat jakun.. thee he he

Tak kan nak tunggu Madey bagi arahan baru nak dengar..thee he he

Madey sekarang ni nak batuk pun dah tak berapa lalu.

Wee, who is the MP for Ayer Hitam, stood to lose crucial Malay votes if he was referring to Perkasa or Malay rulers, Perkasa youth chief Arman Azha Abu Hanifah said.

Wee made the remark in his address to the MCA Youth annual general assembly last Saturday. He did not specify whom he was referring to.

Time, Money, Health Lost in Jakarta's Traffic Jam

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 Jakarta choking traffic crawl.

KL not any better laa... haha
Jakarta Post

JAKARTA, Oct 11: Jakarta’s unprecedented traffic congestion sees millions of cars burning gas as they sit stationary, and millions of residents choking their lives away in plumes of thick pollution every day.

And yet there is no solution to this problem; either around the corner or on the horizon.

Adithya Permana Mulya, 28, said recently that his weekly fuel expenditure had doubled because of increased traffic congestion.

Ernesto Rafael Guevara de la Serna

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I am not a big fan of Che Guevara but I am very much aware of his influence on South Americans during his heyday. Furthermore this is a man who has risked his limbs and his life for his beliefs.

Just like Malcolm X he died young. Never to see the fruit of the struggle. 

An article below by Syed Zahar is worth reading. (LibangLibu)

by Syed Zahar

It’s been forty-three years after his death by way of execution in October 9, 1967, though the name and image of Ernesto "Che" Guevara’s (birth name: Ernesto Rafael Guevara de la Serna) are still very much alive and well. To others, 'El Che' is nothing but a spokesman of a failing ideology and a ruthless executioner who did not afford others a legal process but, to some, he is a selfless hero who had lived, fought and died for what he believes in. Nelson Mandela has referred to him as: "An inspiration for every human being who loves freedom". There’s no denying the story of Che’s political struggle has captured the popular imagination so much that his image has become an iconic symbol of counterculture worldwide. College students throughout every continent still have posters of El Che and don T-shirts emblazoned with the late Latin American revolutionary’s face.

.As one of the most recognizable and influential revolutionary figures of the twentieth century, Che, however has been described in a bibliography by Robert J. Scauzillo as “more a symbolic representation of these struggles than an intellectual or philosophical leader”. In fact, according to Latin American Historian, Marc Becker, since the 1960s specific parts of Che’s thought (particularly his foco theory of guerrilla warfare) have become discredited. Scauzillo also concluded that Che’s martyrdom “has been given more importance than what he accomplished in his lifetime.”