Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Babri Mosque: Is Disputed Ayodhya Site The Exact Birthplace of Rama?

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'arguments have been used by Justice Khan to conclude that firstly no temple was demolished for constructing the mosque, and secondly, until the mosque was constructed during the period of Babar in the 16th century the premises in dispute was neither treated nor believed to be the birthplace of Rama.'

Indo Asian News Service

DELHI, Oct 4: Does the 1,500 square yard piece of land where the disputed Babri Masjid once stood support the mansion of Queen Kaushalya, the mother of Hindu deity Ram, and is it the exact place of his birth?

According to Justice S.U. Khan, one of the three judges in the Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court who gave the Sept. 30 Ayodhya verdict, there is a difference between Janamsthan, Janambhoomi and Janamsthal. Translating the words in English, Justice Khan says 'janam' means 'birth', 'sthan' means 'place', 'bhoomi' means 'land' and 'sthal' means site. "No one has used the word Janamsthal (birth site in English)," points out Justice Khan.

The Life Story Of A 100 Ringgit Note

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by Richard Loh

I was having a beautiful dream, sleeping among the other 100 ringgit notes banded in stack of 100, when suddenly the loud noise from the opening of heavy metal door woke me up. The lights were switched on and by now all other denominations notes were wide awake as well.

We were inside a strong bank vault with two armed security guards guarding the opened vault. Inside, all new notes comprising of the various denominations were stacked separately from the old notes.

I was part of the new note, under the 100 ringgit denomination. I was just released yesterday, after being dressed so beautifully in colors with security input and a serial number which I supposed was to be my name, from the authority of Bank Negara to my new owner, the Bank.

Anwar Thrills European Audiences

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By Tunku Abdul Aziz

I have had to come all the way to Brussels and Berlin to discover a side of Anwar Ibrahim that I was wrong about.

Reading the Barisan Nasional-owned newspapers that consistently portrayed him as a “traitor to Malaysia” who exaggerated the situation obtaining in the country given half a chance, I have, I must admit, tended to view him as a self-serving political demagogue who could not care less about the fate of his country as long as he achieved his ambition of becoming prime minister.

The End Is Nigh

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Arsène Wenger's myopia has been replaced by hallucinations

When it comes to being delusional, the Arsenal manager is beginning to make the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail resemble a gritty realist. While the famously invincible guardian of the wooden plank went to great lengths to downplay the lopping off of his arms and legs by King Arthur, he was at least prepared to acknowledge the injuries he'd sustained. In stark contrast, Wenger was unwilling to even countenance the view that his team might have been second best at Stamford Bridge despite all available evidence to the contrary, having apparently hallucinated his way through an encounter in which only he saw Arsenal dominate throughout, keeping Chelsea "on the ropes for long periods". Eh? Eh? Eh?

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