Monday, October 4, 2010

Ryan Giggs Is BLACK. Seriously.

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This is Djemba-Djemba.
"So good they named him twice" ~ Sir Alex

Errrrr... mixed race. But he still have gallons of his rugby player father's blood in his system. No wonder he runs like Usain Bolt!

He grew up as Ryan Wilson, most people think of him as white, but he's mixed race – his father, the former Swinton rugby player Danny Wilson, is black.

Ryan Giggs: Nice guy finishes first

He's Britain's most successful player, but we know nothing about his life. He's worth £24m, but lives within a mile of where he grew up. Is Ryan Giggs the last good man in Premier League football?

Danny Wilson
'I still feel I can do things, there's still unfinished business.' I'm waiting for Ryan Giggs when I notice a great white handlebar moustache strolling down the corridor. "Hello, Harry," I say. Harry Swales, Giggs's 84-year-old agent, is unmistakable. We chat for a good few seconds before I notice that Giggs is standing next to him; tanned, handsome, ski-slope cheeks, one of the most recognisable faces in world football – and somehow invisible. He looks like a little boy, polite and obedient, out for the day with his eccentric grandad.

Giggs has had a remarkable career. Having won a record 11 Premier League titles with Manchester United and countless other trophies, he's Britain's most successful footballer. At the ridiculously old age of 35, years after most wingers have hung up their boots, he was voted footballer of the year by his fellow players. Last December, at the even more ridiculous age of 36, he was named BBC sports personality of the year.

Danny Wilson holds young Ryan Giggs
Giggs has a surprisingly complex identity. He grew up as Ryan Wilson, playing for Manchester City Boys and captaining England Schoolboys, and ended up as Ryan Giggs, making more appearances for United than any other player and captaining Wales. Most people think of him as white, but he's mixed race – his father, the former Swinton rugby player Danny Wilson, is black.

His father has been a huge influence on him. "He was my first hero. I never really had footballers I worshipped – I loved Bryan Robson, Mark Hughes, people like that – but watching him perform for three or four years every Sunday home and away, he was so talented. Going to training with him, he was someone I looked up to." But he also despised him – Wilson was an aggressive bully to Giggs's mother, and walked out on the family when Giggs was 15. In his autobiography, Giggs described the welter of emotions as he carried his father's bag to the station for him for the last time – loss, hurt, anger.

A year later he changed his name from Wilson to his mother's, Giggs. Was that a big decision? "Yeah, it was. I'd always been Wilson through school. United were in Italy for a youth tournament and I'd just had my passport done, and the referee came in and he read out all the passports, and he read my name out and I said, 'Yeah, that's me' and everyone just went, 'What?' " Was he disowning his father by changing his name? He ums and ahs. "No, not really. Not really. It was more that 'I'm with my Mum' than a statement to my dad." Today, he is extremely close to his mother and rarely sees his father.

D D Yay! D D Yay!

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It's D D Yay Drogba!!

Not D D Yer Drogba..

Liverpool 1 - 2 Black Magic Woman

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Again, choose Liverpool!

Hah hah hahahahahaaaahhahaahahaha! Choose Europa League.

The Lighter Side of Darth Vader 2

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The Lighter Side of DARTH VADER

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Stay Put NUTTER, Stay Put

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“How can you explain why Spain won the World Cup and Barcelona beat Chelsea in the Champions League? Football is not only down to physique. It’s down to intelligence, technique, mobility – there is not one way. That’s what makes it interesting. I feel anyway we should not make an obsession of one player of Chelsea because they have a few who can score goals. What is important is that we have the ball, that we dominate the game and that we are efficient defensively. We can do it. But we still got beaten by Chelsea!!” ~ Arsene Wenger


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Why it's going to be a Drog of a day for Arsenal fans

You have to go back over five years to find a goalless draw between Chelsea and Arsenal, who meet this afternoon at Stamford Bridge.

In the thirteen matches since then, Carlo Ancelotti’s men have won nine, drawn two and only tasted defeat in two other games, so the odds are heavily stacked on a home win today.


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I Could Have Joined Gunners and Won Nothing

DIDIER DROGBA believes it was his destiny to sign for Chelsea - not Arsenal.

So, boy, doesn't he owe fate a big thank you?

The Drog came close to joining the Gunners in 2002 when he was an up-and-coming starlet in French football.

But Arsene Wenger failed to seal a deal and two years later the Ivory Coast striker was putting pen to paper in a £24million transfer at Stamford Bridge instead.

Just Stay TUNED

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There will be plenty more to come.