Monday, September 20, 2010

MAMAKkutty's Blog May Harm Your Computer

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By FMT Staff

KUALA LUMPUR: Former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad's blog has become the latest website to join the “may harm your computer” list.

Satu Malaya dan satu dunia dah tau sebenarnya..thee he he

Apa benda yang kena mengena dgn Mamakkutty semuanya harmful..

Cuma satu yang tidak harmful, tunjukkan gambar Mamakkutty kat budak2 yg kuat meragam..

Gerenti budak2 tak jadi meragam, gerenti budak2 takut..thee he he

Bagi tau kat budak2, " Ini orang tangkap budak2 kuat meragam, hantar ke Kerala!"

Last week, several websites, including news portals, had faced a similar problem rendering them inaccessible to readers.

Mahathir's Che Det blog is one of the most popular online sites in the country and has spawned many controversies -- of late regarding his thoughts on the special position of Malays.

Demolition Man

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Manchester United 3-2 Liverpool

Dimitar Berbatov scored a hat-trick as Manchester United edged out Liverpool at Old Trafford.

The Bulgarian headed the opener three minutes before the break and then scored a stunning overhead kick after 59 minutes. But Steven Gerrard hauled Liverpool level with a penalty five minutes later and then a free-kick on 70 minutes.

However, Berbatov grabbed the winner with a flying header six minutes from time becoming the first United player to net a hat-trick against Liverpool since Stan Pearson 64 years ago.

Indian Govt Appeals for Peace Ahead of Babri Mosque Judgement

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The zealots celebrating the demolition of the mosque.

The mosque was destroyed in 1992 when a political rally developed into a riot involving 150,000 people, despite a commitment to the Indian Supreme Court by the rally organisers that the mosque would not be harmed.

NEW DELHI, Sept 17: India's Union government has made a strong appeal for communal harmony and peace ahead of the judgment in the Babri Masjid-Ramjanmabhoomi title suit case on September 24 by the Allahabad High Court.

Apprehensive that the verdict in the case could trigger tension, the government said if one community was aggrieved, further legal recourse would be open to it.

Bodoh Tapi SOMBONG Melantun-lantun

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1. Malaysia has experienced an 81 percent drop in FDI and is suffering from a disastrous deficit to the extent that subsidies have to be removed.

2. The latest QS Asian University Rankings 2010 shows that Malaysia's premier university was kicked out from the top 200 rankings.

3. But our peanut-brained politician still in denial.

from Malaysia Chronicle

For days now, the media has been filled with remarks and criticism channeled against Lee Kuan Yew, Minister Mentor of Singapore, for his remarks about Malaysia during his interview with New York Times. Despite the fact that he actually shared many mind-striking thoughts, as usual, some Malaysians still chose to slam LKY and blamed him for 'trying to disrupt the unity' in Malaysia.

But let’s call a spade as spade. Malaysia has experienced an 81 percent drop in FDI