Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ikan Masin Pun Ada HARGA

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By Joseph Tawie

KUCHING: Dayaks who form about 30% of Sarawak United People’s Party membership will not support the decision of the party to leave the Barisan Nasional, as they need development projects from the BN government.

Susah mencari ikan masin.. mahal

Lagi susah nak beli ikan masin..

Lebih senang membeli Dayak dari membeli ikan masin.. thee he he

Itu pasal si Taib Mahmud tak mau2 mati lagi.. seronok duduk di Sarawak..

Bawak 3 dozen beer, satu rumah panjang boleh conquer!! 

“This is an indication given to me,” said Jerip Susil, chairman of SUPP Bengoh branch.

X-rated Tackler

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Arsene Wenger has launched an attack on the “dark side” of Paul Scholes.

The Arsenal chief hailed Scholes as one of the best players in the history of the Premier League, but also claimed his X-rated tackles meant he was “not a fair player”.

Wenger’s stinging assessment of Scholes will not impress Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson, who has been singing the praises of his veteran midfielder all week.

van der Vaart: Only United Equal to Real Madrid

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Rafael van der Vaart is one of the players who could exit Real Madrid this summer to make way for Jose Mourinho’s new players.

The talented Dutchman has claimed that the only club that wouldn’t be a step down after the Spanish giants in Manchester United, claiming he would find it difficult to turn down an offer to play for Sir Alex Ferguson.

“I could never play for another club in Spain and the truth is that if you are leaving Real Madrid, there is only one club you can join that is not a step down – and that’s Manchester United,” he said.

Arsenal 6-0 BLACKBURN

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Whoooooops... Blackpoooooooool! Sorry..

England forward Theo Walcott netted a hat-trick as Barclays Premier League new boys Blackpool were brought back down to earth with a 6-0 thrashing at Arsenal.

Black what? Blackpoooooooool..

Excuse me, come again?

The 21-year-old was a controversial omission from Fabio Capello's ill-fated World Cup squad, only to be welcomed back into the England fold following the dismal display in South Africa.