Sunday, August 8, 2010

Was Torres "waiting" for Barca move?

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Liverpool’s Fernando Torres was “waiting” for a move to Barcelona just days before the striker publicly stated his intention to stay at Anfield, according to Mundo Deportivo.

Now... who needs Fiberglass if they could have El Nino?

Only One Team Could Tempt Me: Fabregas

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YOU cannot blame Cesc Fabregas for having his head turned by the greatest football team on the planet.

The Arsenal captain has never made a secret of his deep love for Barcelona or his ambition to go back there one day as one of the Nou Camp's top stars.

Kop to pip Arsenal to another midfielder

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Liverpool are winning their battle with Arsenal for Shaun Wright-Phillips.

The England winger has been told he can leave Manchester City for about £7million. But Arsenal are unwilling to pay him more than the £65,000 a week he earns at City.

Ozil the New DEVIL?

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Red Devils plot bid
OZIL: Manchester United target
By Greg Gobere, 07/08/2010

SIR ALEX FERGUSON looks ready to put together a bid for German World Cup star Mesut Ozil.

The Manchester United boss was in the stands at Craven Cottage yesterday as the Werder Bremen ace took on Fulham in a friendly.

Ozil, 21, has also been monitored by Arsenal and Barcelona since sparkling performances in South Africa - and the midfielder has just a year left on his contract.


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GARY LINEKER reckons Manchester United's ageing stars may find the Premier League title out of their reach.

He said: "Rio Ferdinand is seemingly on his last legs, Ryan Giggs can't go on for ever, Paul Scholes can't go on for ever, Gary Neville can't go on for ever.

Aaaaah... "you win nothing with kids".. remember?

"History shows Sir Alex Ferguson's transitional phases don't usually last very long. But financially, where are they? They haven't spent a lot of money. Will they improve massively on last season? Unlikely."

Seven Deadly Sins

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Farmer who couldn't handle lottery wealth kills himself

SERIAN – A farmer, who won a lottery but wasted his wealth within five years, dug his own grave behind his house before committing suicide.

His charred remains were found by a nephew in the makeshift grave on Thursday.

The 63-year-old farmer, surnamed Koo, was believed to have dug his own grave behind his house at Mile 29 Kuching-Serian road before committing suicide by setting himself on fire sometime in the past week.

Koo's 30-year-old nephew, who declined to be named, said he suspected something was wrong when he spotted the burnt wreckage of his uncle’s motorcycle in front of the house.

PROTONG Terus Maju, Untuk Rakyat M'sia

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TOYOTA to Start Prius Production in Thailand

TOKYO: Toyota Motor will start producing the Prius hybrid in Thailand this year, stepping up overseas output of the fuel-sipping vehicles amid swelling global demand, reports said today.

Kalau bukan kerana MamakKutty.. dah lama 1Malaya bergelar "Detroit of the East"

Kalau bukan kerana khayalan berahi MamakKutty, rakyat 1Malaya boleh beli BMW dengan RM60,000-00.. thee he he

Sekarang berebut2 giant automaker ke Thailand..thee he he insentif bagus, urut pun bagus..

Tapi, biarkan lah MamakKutty dgn khayalan berahinya memandu PROTONG diatas jambatan bengkok menuju ke Singapooorah!!

Toyota, the front-runner in hybrid cars that use two power sources -- a petrol engine and another source such as an electric motor -- launched the Prius, the world's first mass-produced hybrid car, in 1997.

ISRAEL Will Be Destroyed If IRAN Is Attacked

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WASHINGTON, August 6: A group of ex-CIA officials have warned Washington against Tel Aviv's efforts to "mousetrap" the US on Iran, a mistake that would "destroy" Israel.

In a memo to the US President Barack Obama, a group of former CIA intelligence officers at the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity warned that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is ready to go unilateral on Iran. read more here..

Robbie Rants

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Who cares if Rooney has a fag as long as he lights up the Premier League?
By Robbie Savage

Zidane did too.

When I was at Blackburn the four words I dreaded to hear were, "Fancy a lift, Robbie?" Especially when they came in a Turkish accent from my pal Tugay.

I love the fella and what a player he was for us. But he loved a fag and, as a consequence, his car stank of smoke. You'd need to pin four Magic Trees to your jumper before you got in!

Umpan Sudah HULUR

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PAGOH: Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin today described as apt the statement by PAS president Hadi Awang on the need to retain the rights and privileges of the Malays and Bumiputeras, including the discount for purchase of commercial and residential properties.

Hah hah hah ha ha.. tengok! theee he he he umpan sudah hulur..

Tengok sapa makang umpang esok..thee he he he

Nasha.. hang jangan buat pelecey, bukak mulut luas2...

Nasru.. jgn malu2 bewok, respon jgn tak respon..

Jgn lah malukan DPM.. susah2 hulur umpan..

Muhyiddin said Hadi would have surely made reference to the Federal Constitution although his statement might seem to be contrary to the stand of the opposition Pakatan Rakyat, of which PAS is a partner along with the DAP and PKR.