Friday, August 6, 2010

Pemain bolasepak Jerman dikecualikan berpuasa

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06/08/2010 3:02am

BERLIN 6 Ogos - Pemain bola sepak profesional muslim mungkin boleh makan seperti biasa menjelang bulan Ramadan bermula Rabu depan berikutan satu kata sepakat telah dilakukan di antara para pemimpin Islam dan pegawai sukan Jerman.

Jerman pun ada Islam Hadhari kot..thee he he

Mana lebih teruk, main bola atau Perang Badar?? ..thee he he

Perang Badar bulan pose.. semua pose..

Main bola tak payah puasa? 

Dewan Pusat Muslim di Jerman telah membuat perbincangan bersama badan bola sepak profesional negara itu dan meminta nasihat dari ulama Islam bagi menyelesaikan pertikaian terhadap pemain yang berpuasa.

Universiti Al-Azhar di Kaherah membuat kesimpulan bahawa pengecualian dari berpuasa di bulan Ramadan boleh dilakukan oleh pemain profesional.

Pihak berkuasa terkemuka di Sunni Islam, Al- Azhar menulis, “kontrak di antara pemain dan pasukan memerlukan pemain memberikan persembahan terbaik dan jika ini adalah satu-satu sumber pendapatan mereka, yang memaksa bermain ketika puasa, mereka dibenarkan untuk makan.” - AFP

Wyclef Jean for PRESIDENT

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Wyclef Jean confirms he will run for Haiti president

Wyclef Jean the Haitian-born rap star who became one of the world's most popular hip-hop artists, has told the Guardian that he will run for president of Haiti in the country's November elections.

Freddie Mercury feat Wyclef Jean
Another One Bites the Dust

The singer-songwriter's declaration ends weeks of speculation after Jean began exploring the possibility of standing. For the past five years he has been steadily increasing his engagement with Haiti through his charity, YĆ©le Haiti, having left the country to come to the US when he was nine years old.

In an interview at his recording studios in New Jersey where he is putting the finishing touches to his latest album, The Haitian Experience, Jean said his decision to run was informed by his experiences after the 12 January earthquake. About 230,000 people died in the disaster, and Jean was involved in rescue missions amid the rubble.


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In the space of only 30 years Singapore's population has doubled and its GDP has exploded by more than 1,000 percent (making it now the wealthiest country in Asia).

Jangan mare.. 1Malaya kat mana sekarang? thee he he he

To reclaim 1 square kilometer of land from the sea, up to 37.5 million cubic meters of sand are needed -- the equivalent of filling three and a half Empire State Buildings.

Ala.... Johor kan dekat.. sungai pun banyak.. sungai banyak2 buat apa.. thee he he bukan buat ternak buaya pun..

Singapore is rated by Transparency International as the third-least corrupt country in the world, behind only Denmark and New Zealand.

A tale of two cities?. head up north to New Zimbabwe.. thee he he

Over the past five years, a further 24 Indonesian islands are believed to have disappeared under the waves.

Sinapore memang lapar pasir, Johor kena tukar nama.. Johor Darul Lubang, dah habis kena korek..thee he he

Here's the story - Singapore's business-friendly climate has seen the country grow by leaps and bounds -- literally. But it's all based on a murky, billion-dollar illegal trade in sand.


The causeway linking Singapore to the southern tip of the Malaysian peninsula is normally clogged with cars and trucks making the short international journey, but things got particularly bad on Feb. 1, when traffic came to a grinding halt. Thirty-seven trucks were abandoned where they stood on the Malaysian side, just yards away from a customs checkpoint, their drivers having simply walked away. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that they were carrying an illegal substance -- but not drugs, illegal migrants, or precious jewels. They were carrying sand.

Singapore's economy quite literally rests upon maintaining a huge and continuous supply of sand -- and smuggling has become a multibillion-dollar trade, driving a huge web of corruption and theft in a country renowned for honest business practices and corporal punishment.