Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dah TAKDE Orang Lain Ka Wooi!!!???

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Budget cipot nampak! hahah hahah!!

Liverpool re-sign Brazilian defender Aurelio

LIVERPOOL, England (AFP) - Brazilian defender Fabio Aurelio has been re-signed by Liverpool, just two months after being told he had no future at the Premier League club.

The 30-year-old left in May, but manager Roy Hodgson offered him the chance to train with the Reds in a bid to earn a return and he has now been offered a two-year contract.


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Many people are setting up profiles, uploading photos and adding friends on social networking sites. For some, it is a means to keep in touch and share events with friends. But there are those who are addicted to such sites, especially Facebook, writes CHANDRA DEVI RENGANAYAR

NOT taking their bath for days, forgetting to eat and not getting enough sleep are some of the signs of being addicted to Facebook.

It has become so widespread that psychologists in the United States have labelled it as a new mental health disorder known ominously as Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD).

The number of Malaysian youths exhibiting similar symptoms is on the increase, says Professor Dr Mohamad Hussain Habil, director of Universiti Malaya Centre of Addictive Sciences (UMCAS).


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Sunday August 1, 2010

Over 9,000 Malaysians declared bankrupt since January

PETALING JAYA: Over 9,000 Malaysians have been declared bankrupt in the first six months of the year, accumulating bad debts up to RM12.4bil.

Stroooong pala bana sapa? theee hehe he he

Strong pala bana dia ke? Dah boleh SELARAS?? thee he he

Kalau betul2 stroooong.. takde la harga petrol naik..thee he he

Takde la nak mengapor duit dapor orang dapor...thee he he tak perlu lah nak mengapor duit rakyat 1Malaya..thee he he

Tepung gula tak perlu la naikkan harga..

Kalau betul2 STROOOOOONG..thee he he he tak seramai ini la yg jatuh bengkrap..

Ini belum check bengkrap kredit kad.

Insolvency Department director-general Datuk Abdul Karim Abdul Jalil said the “new bankrupts” included individuals who defaulted on credit card payments or vehicle, housing, personal and business loans.

The debts incurred by 9,129 borrowers between January and June this year exceeded the RM9.28 bil owed by 16,228 individuals during 2009, he said.

PLASTIK Dah Tarik Keluar?

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By FreeMalaysiaToday

KUALA LUMPUR: The prosecution and defence teams are expected to lock horns over the star witness when Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy trial resumes tomorrow.

Skrip mesti sama..thee he he

Mula2 kena pergi masjid, bawak bapak sekali, tok imam jgn lupa..thee he he

Panggil media semua, cerita itu ini..thee he he "Sumpah! Pompuan tu tala saya"

Report polis pun kena buat..thee he he

Cuma 1Malaya tengah tunggu..thee he he ada tak line, "Can I f*** you today?"

thee he he.. ada tak Farah cakap kotor macam tu??

The defence wants Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan to be recalled to the stand to answer the allegation of his sexual relationship with deputy public prosecutor Farah Azlina Latif.

FMT learnt that the defence team had written to Solicitor-General II Mohamed Yusof last week asking that Saiful be called in again. However, there has been no response.

A source said if the court agreed to recall Saiful, then Farah would also be summoned to be identified by the former.

Seven, Says Study

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WASHINGTON – People who sleep more or fewer than seven hours a day, including naps, are increasing their risk for cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death in the United States, a study published Sunday shows.

Sleeping fewer than five hours a day, including naps, more than doubles the risk of being diagnosed with angina, coronary heart disease, heart attack or stroke, the study conducted by researchers at West Virginia University's (WVU) faculty of medicine and published in the journal "Sleep" says.

And sleeping more than seven hours also increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, it says.