Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ini Lagi Melantun LANTUN

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Alex Ferguson said: "Pasai apa? Awat?? Awat bodo melantun lantun?"

Islamic authorities have no plans to issue an edict banning Manchester United jerseys in Malaysia despite recent tabloid reports that Muslims have been urged not to wear the Premier League club's shirts because the emblem features a devil.

Cakap dolak dalik.. sekejap boleh, esok tak boleh, hari ni SELARAS, esok tak boleh SELARAS..thee he he

Ini mufti ka tok peti? ..thee he he

Habis 1Malaya kalau mufti macam ni..

Hari ini confirm raya, tup tup tarik balik..thee he he

Kalau dah HARAM..haram la, mana boleh jadi HARAMSANASINI..

Kalau HARUS..tetap harus, mana boleh jadi HARUSSANASSINI..thee he he heeee he eh he hee

"We just advise people not to wear this," he told The Associated Press on Friday. "Satan is for us our enemy ... It's the wrong value. Satan is always bad."

You SINK, SINK lah

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We can swim one, what..


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Saripah Raps Pas & PKR Leaders

KUALA LUMPUR, 22 JULY, 2010: A senator today hit out at PAS and Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) leaders in Penang for having no guts to speak up on the fate of the Malays in the state.

"Set aside your political interest. This is not a question of narrow political struggle but the fate of the Malays who are being oppressed (in Penang). Where are these Malay leaders when the homes of the Kampung Jalan Pokok Asam residents are to be demolished, whereas they vehemently defended the Kampung Puah Pala case?

Ini senator cap ayam..

Bodoh melantun-lantun sangat..thee he he macam mana jadi senator..ada orang dalam ke..

Tiba2 nak jadi juara kampung Melayu..kenapa tak jadi juara Kg Berembang..Kg Chubadak..thee he he

Malay rights pala bana sapa?

Pala bana sapa buat PPSMI..Pala bana sapa jual 2 blok minyak kat Brunei..Pala bana sapa gadai Tanjung Pagar..

Senator ni duduk rumah diam2, SELARASkanlah pala bana..thee he he he he

"Where is the voice of the other Malay opposition leaders who are supposed to struggle for their race,
religion and country? This is not about racism, but about protecting Malay rights," said Senator Datuk Saripah Aminah Syed Mohamed when debating on the Tenth Malaysia Plan in the Dewan Negara today.