Monday, July 19, 2010

AHA!! Muslim Fans Beware.

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Disokong oleh Mufti Johor, Noh Gadot
dan diangguk jua oleh Mufti Perak, Harussanassini.

Muslims wittingly or unwittingly wear football jerseys which display images of crosses, liquor brands and devils.

Aik?? Ini suda lebey.. ini mufti bola pulak?

Mana mufti 2 ketui ni nyorok time orang bincang judi bola?

Keluar la fatwa.. judi bola haram.. masuk neraka..thee he he

Mana pergi suara mufti 2 ketui ni time gula tepung naik harga?

Kalau begini caranya, kelakuannya, ini bukan mufti..thee he he

Ini tok-peti..thee he he tok-peti nak kumpul duit berpeti-peti..

Johor Religious Council adviser Datuk Nooh Gadot, according to a KOSMO! report, said wearing such jerseys were forbidden in Islam.

“It is as if Muslims are worshipping and exalting the symbols of other religions. Islam does not compromise on this matter, regardless of whether it is worn for fun, fashion or sport,” he said.

Perak Mufti Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria, who agreed with Nooh, said although Islam did not forbid its followers from participating in sports or dressing up, it has to be done within the boundaries of Islamic law.

Among the football teams whose crests carry images of the cross are Brazil, Portugal, Serbia, Barcelona and Norway, while Manchester United carries the “Red Devil” slogan on its team crest.

Published July 18 2010

Hitamlah HITAM Si Tampok Manggis,

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Sungguh pun hitam menantu ayah..


Semalam: 173 votes 64%
Hari ini: 71 votes 26%
Esok: 7 votes 2%
Pemilihan UMNO akan datang: 16 votes 5%

.....thee he he he he he he
ga gags ga gah gah gagaga!!!! 

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Lantai LEKUK Tak?

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Rosmah did not hide her anger to her bodyguard who failed to catch her hand as she was slipping. In front of the packed ballroom in a major resort and spa here, once she picked herself up, pulled away from her bodyguard and refused to be guided by the back to her seat.

She also waved her finger crossly at her female bodyguard as though rebuking and blaming her for letting her fall.

KOTA KINABALU: The wives of Barisan Nasional (BN) elected representatives have been given a special task by Prime Minister Najib Tin Razak - checking whether their husbands are doing their jobs.

He told this a group of women in Sabah on Saturday that they should ensure their husbands discharge their responsibilities to their respective constituencies and voters.