Sunday, May 30, 2010

The MAKING of...

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..A zimbabweusqe-Failed State

By the way, in case many of you are not aware of this yet, the gaming licence just awarded to Vincent Tan is to raise money for the coming general election, which is expected to cost Barisan Nasional about RM1.5 billion. It is also to pay for the cost of the recent Hulu Selangor and Sibu by-elections and the Sarawak state election due soon.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Zimbabwe bans newspapers and periodicals. To publish anything in Zimbabwe one needs a publishing licence. And if you violate the ‘terms’ of your publishing licence your licence will be cancelled and your publication will be banned.

It is the same in Malaysia. In fact, in Malaysia, even the printing company is required to apply for a licence. So the Malaysian government can take action against both the publisher as well as the printer. This is ‘one up’ on Zimbabwe.

In 2004, Zimbabwe introduced a detention without trial law. Malaysia did the same 44 years earlier -- in 1960. But in Zimbabwe you can be detained up to 30 days. In Malaysia, you are first detained up to 60 days and thereafter for an indefinite period of time. So Malaysia is, yet again, ‘one up’ on Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe does not allow students to get involved in politics. If they do then action is taken against them. Their scholarships will be withdrawn. The same goes in Malaysia. But in Malaysia they will get sacked from the university as well. So, yet again, Malaysia is ‘one up’ on Zimbabwe.

When we talk about Zimbabwe we always refer to that country as a failed state. We do not, however, consider Malaysia a failed state. This is because we only consider countries whose economies are in a shambles as failed states and Malaysia’s economy is not seen as in a shambles, just yet.

Do we need to wait until Malaysia’s economy is akin to Zimbabwe’s before we declare our country a failed state? There is many a criteria to a failed state, or a state heading in that direction. The state of the economy is just one of the criteria.

When racism and discrimination is not only rampant but state sanctioned as well, that is a mark of a failed state. And this is happening in Malaysia.more at